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Posted by Lieutenant Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) in Attack at City Center: Four Days Later - Protests (Lucas’ Room) // TAG CIA, Police, CCDA, Medical, and anyone interested

Posted by Civilian Molly Holloway (CEO - Holloway Industries) in Attack at City Center: Four Days Later - Protests (Lucas’ Room) // TAG CIA, Police, CCDA, Medical, and anyone interested
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It was more than two hours later when Ilena returned. She came with a small cart that most of the nurses were seen pushing around. It lacked the medical equipment, but had a small table top, a basket underneath, and was adjustable. “I hope this works.”

Somehow, during the two hours that Ilena had been gone, the yells of the crowd outside had subsided. The governor had spoken, the crowd had dispersed, and everything seemed to have slowly returned to normal.

Hearing the nurse come in, Molly looked up from a PaDD with surprise. “Oh, it’s perfect. Thank you so much!” She said as she helped Ilena setting it up next to the chair she was using.

Ilena seemed somewhat conflicted, as she paused to look at Molly. Her mouth scrunching up as she tried to decide her words. “Dr Fayth will not be here today. She became ill earlier. Nothing contagious, mostly over work the doctors think. She’s been ordered to rest. So Dr. Eraras will be in to check on Mr Holloway. Dr. Pendak is our head cardiologist will be with him as well.”


“Oh… I’m so sorry to hear…” There was genuine concern in Molly’s tone. “I hope it’s nothing serious and that she gets better soon. If there’s anything I can do around here to ease things, even if that’s just moving to a different corner of the room, let me know. You all already have far too much to worry about…”

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

Ilena smiled, “Thank you. Positive thoughts will go a lot further than anything. Dr Fayth is....unique, even among Betazoids.” Ilena was worried, they really had no way to know if it was serious or not, Sharah was the exception to everything. However Ilena couldn’t talk about another’s medical history.

Molly’s brow raised slightly at the information. She was, of course, not sure about what Ilena meant by the doctor being unique, but she didn’t comment, simply assuming that the woman had some particularity that was uncommon and got in the way of her own personal health. More than anyone else, Holloway respected that private matters should remain that way. Private.

Nodding, she added. “I’ll try to send my positive thoughts her way then.” She smiled softly. Telepaths were very still a mystery to Molly, even if Intel required her to know about them in detail. But she hoped she could do even a fraction of what Doctor Fayth had done for her and her family.

Eraras and Pendak arrived. Pendak introduced himself. “I’m here, as I’m sure you can surmise, because of your uncle’s heart. I am going to run some basic scans before we start and then will monitor him, his heart specifically.”

Eraras smiled at Molly, “Hello again Ms Holloway. Do you have any questions before we begin?”


Standing up from her chair as the two doctors walked in the room, Molly nodded in way of greeting, mostly to Doctor Pendak since they hadn’t crossed paths before.

“Uh, yes.” She replied to Dr. Eraras’s question. “I was just hoping to know what are your expectations and what will the procedure entail…” It would be apparent that Molly wasn’t exactly sure about what to ask, and yet she wanted to know everything that could make her understand what was going to happen in order to ease her mind. “Are you hoping to just get some scans done, and maybe removing some of the neuro-suppressors, or are you hoping to have them all removed if his condition is stable enough?” She gave Eraras an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry… I’m just trying to temper my expectations…”

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

Eraras nodded, his permanent jovial expression still there but seeming somewhat tempered. “I’ve been following your uncle’s case, consulting on the treatment of his broken bones, so I am current on what Dr Fayth has been doing. My expectations for right now is to see significant bone and tissue regrowth/repair. When we lower the neurosuppressors I will expect to see neural activity that indicates the mind is aware of the rest of the body. That does not mean we will completely remove the suppressors or put them back on.”

“We are going to start with basic scans of his injuries and will compare them with the scans and images taken when he arrived. Right now I am setting up the EKG to run on his heart. I will do one now while he is resting and another after Eraras has finished the orthopedic exam of the injuries,” Pendak explained. “The test will run while we lower the neurosuppressors. At any point if his heart seems in distress then we’ll replace the suppressors.”

“After we take the images, I will be performing a stress test on his bones and muscle tissue. That sounds worse than it is. What I will be doing is bending and flexing his leg and arms. While I do that we will be taking scans to make sure that the bone and tissue is holding and flexing the way it’s supposed to. Now,” Eraras held up a finger, “I do not expect full range of motion because his treatments are not finished. But I do expect that there will be no structural strain on the bones. I will also be running a special blood test to make sure that the new bones in his arms have started producing red blood cells.”

Eraras pointed to a specific reading on the bio bed screen that was currently sitting at zero. “The very last thing we will do is begin to lower the neurosuppressors. This is the K3 indicator monitor which will tell us how much pain he is in. That may sound awful but we want him to start feeling something, even if it’s pain, not a lot, we don’t want it unbearable but we want his heart and nervous system to start taking over the management of the body. I don’t want his K3 to go over .75 but if his heart seems unable to handle it we’ll stop and try again in a few days.”


Molly nodded along with Dr. Eraras words. The knot in her stomach tightening with each mentioned test, but somewhat loosening back with his somewhat reassuring words of what they were expecting to see. Despite only being a few years away from his fifties, Lucas was generally in good shape, and had led a healthy lifestyle for as long as Molly could remember. This, together with the fact that she was not aware of her uncle suffering any major health problems in the past, brought her some solace, and made it easier to reason that everything should be okay.

With a deep breath, Holloway stepped aside to allow the doctors to work. “Let me know if you would prefer me to stay outside. Otherwise, if possible, I would like to remain here…”

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

“Of course you can stay. If you want to observe I suggest the end of the bed, we’ll be blocking side views,” Eraras told her. “How is General Harris today?” Eraras had seen him of course but it was simply a question to relax Molly and let her think of anything other than the tests.

Procedures and tests:
EKG for a base line on his heart before beginning - Normal
Basic scans of his injuries and compared with the scans and images taken when he arrived. - Noted improvement as expected
Special blood test to make sure that the new bones in his arms have started producing red blood cells. - A little way to go to reach ideal levels but have started
Stress test on his bones and muscle tissue - Normal
Scans to make sure that the bone and tissue are holding and flexing the way they’re supposed to. - A little stiff but positive progress
EKG again after Eraras has finished the orthopedic exam of the injuries above - Level and normal
Begin to lower the neurosuppressors.
EKG while neurosuppressors are lowered. - Slight, expected spike but leveled quickly
Monitor the K3 indicator for how much pain he is in while lowering the neurosuppressors. - Detected but normal with minimal stress on patient

OOC: Any results you want to report or we can go with he’s fine.

Fayth, SFCMO

Molly smiled. “Thank you, Doctor. Let me know if I’m ever in the way.” Holloway didn’t necessarily wanted to see the doctors at work, but rather being in the room eased her mind more than being outside of it. It gave her perspective about what was happening. Something that being outside worrying about what she couldn’t know didn’t give her.

“He’s fine. Getting back to being himself a little bit more every day.” Molly’s smile grew wider. Even though it would seem that the pair spent a great deal of time bickering ‘like an old married couple’, it was clear that Holloway and Harris loved each other deeply. A lot of times, however, the couple’s unmatched stubbornness got in the way, but they dealt with it, and it worked, especially away from the public eye. The truth was that both had jobs to do and an image to maintain (as well as egos to keep even though neither would admit it), but most of the time, away from the daily pressure, their evenings at home were filled with playful banter and laughter.

“I’ve told this to Dr. Fayth and to Nurse Ilena but… I’m incredibly grateful for everything you guys have done.” Molly paused for a moment. “Calvin and I have gone through so much together that honestly it never occurred to me that he might do anything else but to recover… but the more I see him get better, the more I realize how badly everything could have gone…” Holloway shook her head. “I know there’s no point in thinking about it but I still wanted to thank you too, Dr. Eraras.”

Dragging her chair to one of the corners of the room closest to the end of the bed, Molly sat down and let the doctors to their work.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

OOC: I ran it by Jerome just to be sure: Lucas should be okay through all the tests. His biggest complications are past, and he should recover as expected, so all the tests should indicate him to be right where the doctors would expect him to be. – Joana

OOC: Thank you both!
Eraras and Pendak made several notes into Holloway’s file as they worked and then they stepped back allowing Ilena to go about making sure he was comfortable and everything was situated to her nursely specifications. Pendak spoke first, “His heart is doing extremely well. Better than expected actually. Some strain and delay to adjusting to the pain levels would have been normal, but his heart compensated for the strain quite well. If he stays that way, I am inclined to recommend taking him off the cardiac support unit all together tomorrow. It’s only been on standby, but I don’t think that should be needed after tomorrow.”

As the words filled the air, Molly let out a relieved sigh. Everything was going well. For a moment, she allowed herself to feel hopeful… joyful almost. Looking expectantly at Pendak, she offered the doctor a small smile.

Eraras took a seat next to Molly and turned to face her. “We lowered the neuro suppressors by a quarter. More than that and his K3 went higher than I like. Right now he is resting at .62. We don’t want it over .75 for right now. A slight spike to 1 is okay as long as it comes back down. What is happening with those spikes is that he is now getting nerve impulses being sent back and forth from his body to his brain and back. So you will notice some small movements or twitching as his body process some sensation and the need to move. So as these small movements happen and the impulses move through his nervous system it may tweak or twinge his injuries so the pain will spike. With the neuro suppressors still in place though, those spikes should go back down as quickly as they happen.”

Turning to face Eraras, Molly listened quietly to what the doctor had to say, glancing at Lucas when he mentioned twitching and small movements. She nodded in understanding, preparing herself for the change and hoping that she didn’t accidentally hurt her uncle while speaking or merely holding his hand.

“You may even notice when you speak to him or hold his hand that his fingers or mouth might twitch in response to the stimulus. His skeletal injuries are healing as expected. The muscle and tissue are integrating with the prothetelic arm very well. No signs of rejection for the new bones. It will be a long road to full recovery, range of motion, strength, flex, etc. But he’ll get there.”


No signs of rejection for the new bones. That was good, just like with Pendak’s evaluation of Lucas’s heart, the results had been positive all around. And then Eraras mentioned the time that would take for him to recover. It was something that Molly hadn’t considered before. Her heart dropped.

“Dr. Eraras… assuming all the next steps will go well…” Molly smiled hesitantly. “And judging by today I am assuming there’s no real reason to think they wouldn’t but… after my uncle wakes up… what will he need to do? Is there any expectation on how long it will take for him to return to how he was before? Or…” Holloway’s words faltered for a moment as it was clear that she didn’t really want to say out loud what she was about to say. “… is there anything that should be expected him never to recover? I assumed he’d be able to return to full mobility and… well… you are not a psychology team, so the psychological implications of such an event are likely out of scope. I meant, anything else… chronic pain, muscle issues, anything that should be expected to remain really…” She smiled apologetically. “Again… I hope I am making sense.” Mostly she was trying to come to terms with the fact that her uncle might forever be changed by the incident in more ways than one.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

Eraras gave it some thought before he answered. “I would say very minimal. As you say the psychological impact can’t be measured until he is fully awake and processing what happened. Physically though I don’t see where he would have chronic pain. Unless one of the damaged nerves wasn’t healed correctly. That will show on the scans though as we lower the neuro suppressors. And that is an easy procedure to go in a fix. Of course as he ages he may develop aches and stiffness in his leg where it was broken. It happens as the body gets older and slows down, old injuries begin to ache or get stiff. That’s normal and there are medications and exercises to help with such things, but that is a few decades off.”

Molly nodded, somewhat relieved. Expecting nothing but normal aging sounded like a good prognosis.

“Some patients, not all,” Eraras held up a finger to emphasize his point, “that have received artificial organs, bones, tissue, etc sometimes complain of ‘not feeling quite right.’ There is no pain or illness or weakness, but they just say they don’t feel…themselves. Others never experience that sensation. I’m not sure how much of that is psychological and how much is physiological and the body processing that the new body part isn’t the original.”

“As for how long his recovery will take, at first it will be slow. No matter how hard he pushes himself because we will want to make sure his heart can take the strain. All tests today are very positive, but we will proceed with caution anyway. There will be more EKGs and stress tests in his future. Making sure his heart is strong and recovered will be first priority before physical therapy. It will be at least 3 months though. A lot will depend on how much his muscles have weakened from being in bed and his first PT assessment. But plan on a few months before he starts feeling and acting like himself again.”


At least three months. Once again, the Doctor’s words made Molly’s insides twist. She should have known Lucas’s recovery wouldn’t be instant, especially with her own history of visits to medical facilities. He always had so much life in him, it was hard to imagine Lucas bedridden for three months… even if unlike Cal, Molly knew he wouldn’t protest it. Still, regardless of how long it would take him to recover, she feared who he would become. It was one thing if Newton and her bunch wanted to get at her or Cal. They had training, they could handle it. It was another thing completely if they wanted to attack a civilian like Lucas.

Holloway sighed but she smiled warmly at Eraras. “Thank you, Doctor Eraras. Regardless of speed, it’s a relief to know that he’s recovering well.” She paused. “And thank you for taking the time to guide me through the process and answer all my questions. I really appreciate it.”

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

Eraras patted her hand. “We are always here for you Miss Holloway. Whatever you need. For your uncle and General Harris as well.” Eraras was incredibly insightful for a man who was the most jovial Bolian anyone had ever met, and that was saying something. “You look concerned, Ms Holloway. Do you have more questions? Or is it something else?”


Taking a deep breath, Molly shook her head. “No, Doctor. Just… regular concern for the whole situation…” Her smile saddened slightly. “Even if his recovery is going well, I can’t help but wondering if my uncle will ever be the same.” The pang of sadness was audible this time. “Events like this change us…” She shrugged. “I’ve been through my fair share of them. Well… not missile strikes but… things just as bad.” Molly chuckled nervously. “And even with all the training in the world, they changed me in many ways, no matter how much I like to pretend they didn’t.” Holloway chewed on the inside of her cheek, pondering for a moment. “My uncle has no training like the one I have… and he had never been involved on anything of this nature. I know that this will inevitable change they way he sees the world. I just hope it doesn’t change who he is…” She sighed again. “Part of me wonders whether despite his recovery, I still lost my uncle in that shuttle accident.” Pausing, she chuckled again. “Calvin would tell me I’m being melodramatic. It’s like I can hear him.” Her smile cheered a little. “Maybe I am being melodramatic. I know that the answer is that we’ll have to wait and see, and well… if you ask any of the people closest to me, you’ll know patience is not what I’m known for.” Molly shook her head in a dismissive gesture. “It is what it is. I know I’ll get through this and so will Uncle Luc.” Glancing at the biobed, Molly smiled softly, before turning back to Eraras. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you.”

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

Eraras shook his head slightly, “You aren’t keeping me. And as you say until he wakes up we don’t know how it will affect him long term. We can guess and speculate based on our knowledge until then. I can have someone from psychiatry come speak with you if you’d like. Help you get a solid idea about the possible ways this might affect your uncle. I would also remind you, Miss Holloway…I know you are an experienced captain and have seen your share of trouble, but this will affect and change you too, so give yourself some time and a lot of grace.”


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