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Urg took a long pull from his goblet, small rivulets of wine dripping on either side of his unkept mustache, and then he looked at Dasca… and chuckled heartily, his eyes alight.

Laughter from a Klingon in such a circumstance usually meant one of two things: you had won them over at least a little bit, or they were about to pound you into the ground. Since the latter was highly unlikely (what a diplomatic incident that would be), Eela felt confident that she had done or said something that resonated with the man.

“There it is!” he roared and slammed his fist down on the chair arm as he shot forward in his chair. “Finally!! Someone from Star Fleet who takes responsibility!” and he laughed once loudly. “Kvaar’ton told me you would be different. And you are.” and smiled and shook his head and took a drink. He looked up and over Dasca’s left shoulder. “Yes… I will… Of course I know that… Yes yes, as stubborn as the Council.” and he waved off… whatever he was speaking to.

Right, she had read about that. Still, having a Masters degree in psychology made her mind turn for a moment as she processed whatever was going on with him. Unlike others though, she wasn’t going to write him off as delusional. No, her own experience with the mystic had opened up a strange realm she couldn’t quite make sense of and wasn’t sure she should dare try.

His eyes focused again on Dasca and he said “I am going to help you, Captain. Don’t worry. No no… no thanks necessary.” and the door to the room opened.

Stepping inside was a human male. He was not a big man, far from it. Barely over a meter and a half tall and weighing less than forty five kilos, the light brown skinned and black haired man nevertheless wore the armor of House Duroc well. He came in and faced Urg, slammed his fist on his chest and said “Lord Duroc, I live to serve the House Duroc.” He then turned and faced Dasca and stood straight and gave her a small bow. “Madame Lieutenant Governor.” and he fell silent. Urg stood and moved past him laying a large hand, made even more so by the small frame of the recipient, on Vargas’ shoulder as he passed. He picked up another chair and set it between his own and Dasca’s. “Sit.” Urg said, oddly not as a command but as if he was talking to a friend. “The Lieutenant Governor would like to ask you some questions.” and he took his seat. Vargas nodded once and did so. He looked at Dasca directly. Even if she wasn’t an empath, it was obvious the smaller man held no fear or shame.

House Duroc

Eela reached down and set her glass carefully on the floor next to her chair, though it was clear she could not bend very well. For a moment she just gazed at Luis Vargas, her eyes intensely studying him until they shifted with emotion. She shook her head. “What a strange situation we have here, hmm? I am not here to make demands, but I would very much like you to tell me about your decision to leave Starfleet. And I need to know who you spoke with and what exactly you were told when they denied the request. These details are actually very important, so as much as you can remember about the exchanges would be very helpful.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Vargas inclined his head slightly and said “I think the situation is very straight forward actually, Ma’am. My decision was one I made after careful consideration and reflection. When I decided, I told my Department Head and filled out the requisite documentation. My Department Head, Lieutenant Hdla, told me that my decision wasn’t ‘appropriate’ and declined my request without forwarding it as is required. I refiled the request, told her again, and demanded she follow the appropriate regulations. She then told me that if I submitted one more request for Dismissal From Service that she would have me arrested and thrown in holding for dereliction of duty. I then went to station’s Executive Officer and explained what was happening and he told me I need to, and I quote, ‘Suck it up’. I requested a meeting with the Commanding Officer, but he refused to discuss the matter having been ‘briefed’ by both the XO and Lieutenant Commander Hdla. Any second thoughts I had at that time about leaving were firmly put down with their reactions. I was left with no option and no recourse. I waited for six months and then took a week’s leave. And I never went back. Almost eighteen standard months later, I was introduced to Lord Duroc. I told him everything I just told you, Ma’am. Are there any questions you have that I can clarify?” he asked clamly and professionally.

House Duroc

Both her experience as a counsellor and a captain made indignation rise up within her, though she kept careful control over her outward reaction. She measured her words, but not because she was worried about saying the wrong thing, but more because she was double-checking the perspective she was channeling them through. In this case, it was highly mixed. “It’s important for me to have as full an understanding of the situation, and you don’t have to reveal anything that you shared with them, but I understand you experienced some significant losses. So, I do need to know if you received any counselling after that fact or if a counsellor spoke with you at all during the process of requesting the termination of service.” While not every Starfleet ship and facility had counselling staff available, the majority did these days and that was because of a lot of people like Eela herself had insisted.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Vargas stiffened slightly and the pain of the memory of the death of his friends rang out sharply. But his visible self remained mostly stoic. “I did, Ma’am. As was required to be cleared for duty. I asked for additional time with the Counselor, but it was deemed unnecessary by my Department Head. And no, Ma’am. I was not sent to the station’s Counselor after I submitted my request. Either time.” He added the last with a noticeable edge to his words. At this point Urg spoke up. “He has been seeing a therapist for the past six months. At his request, Captain.”

House Duroc

When Eela turned her gaze upon Urg, there was something different in her eyes than before. It was not the look of the commander and diplomat, but of a woman who knew pain and who had sat in it with others many, many times. She nodded slowly.

Meeting Vargas’s gaze again, Eela breathed out audibly and for a moment looked at a loss. “Okay. That helps frame things for me. And I’m sorry to have brought up a painful subject. I really do appreciate you being open with me. It helps more than you know,” she said gently.

“As you both can understand, I have to do my due diligence and investigate this matter more deeply. But Luis, if there is anything else you can share with me that might be relevant to this situation, please tell me now. I’ve already been been left out of the loop in various ways and it only makes things more complicated than they need to be.” She was sitting here fully giving both Urg’ton and Luis Vargas the benefit of the doubt, but Eela Dasca knew all too well that people could leave out details or outright lie if they needed to protect themselves or someone else. Could someone be misleading her here? Most definitely. Had she detected any deception thus far? Not a shred. She was proceeding cautiously, but everything she had said and done here had been absolutely genuine.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov

Vargas looked at Urg, and Urg nodded slightly. “Kvaar’ton says she is trustworthy. Show her.” Vargas nodded and said “Yes, My Lird Duroc.” He reached in his left bracer and pulled out an optical disk. “Here, Ma’am. Take this.” Urg stood and moved to the desk and then came back with a reader and handed it to Eela.

When the chip was inserted, it was blank for a moment. Then a text-based message appeared. It was sent from a Star Fleet comm relay to a non-Federation address. “That was my only active comms after I left. I received that a few months after I was gone.” Vargas said. The message said “You are pathetic. And a coward. You know I saw you a few weeks ago. Begging in the street. You were an embarrassment in uniform, and you’re still an embarrassment. Star Fleet is better off without you. Go crawl in a hole and die.” It was signed Lieutenant Jyn Hdla. “She knew where I was, Ma’am. And she did nothing.”

House Duroc

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