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Posted by General Calvin Harris (Command General- Colonial Customs and Defence Authority) in Attack at City Center - Sacred Heart - Calvin Harris (Tag Medical)

Posted by Civilian Eryn Romanov (Colonial Intelligence Agent) in Attack at City Center - Sacred Heart - Calvin Harris (Tag Medical)
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“Annoyingly Likable…” Harris smiled once more. “… likely the most appropriate description I have ever heard for that man!” The CCDA General motioned after Tenkiller. Then, shaking his head while chuckling still, Harris got back to the topic at hand. “Now that my Exec isn’t bothering you two… where were we?” Calvin’s bright attitude would tell both medical professionals that the former Marine had had rough goes before and just considered it part of the job. “Oh yes… what exactly did happen to me after Lucas & I were unceremoniously shot out of the sky?” The man’s eyes were bright and aware as he looked to both for answers. “Molly gave me the cliff notes but I’m curious as to what the love of my life left out.”

Harris, CCDA

Fayth shook her head the grin turning to a smile. The easy warmth of the banter soothing to her over worked mind and nerves. “We don’t have all the details of the crash. We were not part of the first response team. When you came in, the paramedics said when the door was opened you tried to crawl out of the shuttle. Ms Holloway told us later that you actually spoke to her. You were conscious briefly.”

Eraras finished making notes and looks up with a grin, glad to see Harris awake finally and so alert so quickly. “You were certainly in bad shape. Two broken femurs and a broken arm, in several places. Along with a bad bump on your head causing a concussion.” He proceeded to explain in specific detail, the surgery and continuing treatments he was receiving. The whole time Eraras and Fayth we’re watching for signs of confusion to judge the current extent of complications from the concussion. “These are serious breaks General. You will have a long time with physical therapy. I have been informed you might fight me on that.”

Eraras finished his exam and was pleased with the results. Harris was restricted to the bed for an additional 12 hours before he’d be allowed to get up.


In that twelve hours, while Holloway and Harris’ daughters were gone getting food, sleeping, or what not, Eryn decided to pay a visit to the head of the CCDA. She had made the appropriate contacts and clearances. She didn’t need an incident and she was there officially. Dr Fayth had escorted her in and went into the room first.

Fayth walked over to the Harris, offering her hand. “Gen Harris, this woman is Eryn Romanov,” she announced as the other white blonde haired woman stood outside the room. “She’s with Colonial Intelligence and is helping with the investigation into the shuttle attack. She has passed all the clearances and claims time is essential. However if you don’t wish to see her, I will have her removed.”

Eryn thought it rather amusing that anyone would ‘remove’ her, but she had a feeling the tiny doctor would do just that, rather successfully. She placed her hand to the bioscanner to give identification. “Agent Eryn Romanov, Human, Resident OED V.” She waited to enter however until Harris gave his approval. Sometimes a delicate and straight forward approach was best.


Harris smirked as he sat up slightly and shook his head. “I don’t think that will be necessary Chief. I’m actually rather curious as to the illustrious CIA’s insight into me getting my ass shot out of the sky.” There was a sparkling twinkle of mischief in the man’s eyes as he raised the back of his bed up to the point he caught Fayth’s disapproving glare… backed it back down slightly then motioned to the pair. “Please, Agent Romanov… come on in.” There was a trace of the General’s Okie accent

Eryn stepped through into the antiseptic entry and waited while the cycle completed and then through into the room. “Thank you, General. I vill try zo keep zhis short.” The woman’s soft Russian accent carried seriousness with it, but genuine regret for having to disturb him. Fayth nodded and walked out with a soft “I’ll be right outside” for Harris and a warning look at the Agent.

As the Agent entered, Harris motioned to the chair normally occupied by either Molly or Ali. “Please grab a seat” The words had barely left his mouth before his old black lab Boomer jumped down from the bed to greet the new arrival with a cold, wet nose and bright eyes. “Hell…” Harris chuckled. “… it’d be nice once in a while to greet someone first but his furry butt currently moves faster than I do!” Harris extended his hand. “Calvin Harris… nice to meet you Agent Romanov.”

Harris, CCDA

Romanov dropped one had to pat the dog and ruffle his ears while the other reached for his hand. Her shake was firm and confident; her hands slightly calloused from years of work of one sort or another. She took a seat and smiled at the dog, scratching him one last time before turning her attention to Harris. She pulled a mini PaDD out of her pocket. “Your people are handling zhe main investigation, but zhe current assumption is zhat the attack vas specifically for your companion, Lucas Holloway. Colonial Intelligence has been monitoring communications and zhe like. Zhe person zhat fired the missle was on a roof top and transported out immediately. So far ve have been unable to trace zhat signal. However, a comm signal was intercepted, heavily encrypted. 6 hours later another transporter signal was detected, large enough for several people, right across from zhe crash site. The signal is quite unique and belongs to a ship captained by zhis man.”

Harris listened closely to what the CIA Agent had to say. He never really cared for spooks before his own time at ‘The Farm’ and after what happened to Molly, he was even more… cautious… in his dealings with the Intelligence community. At least they figured out the point of origin The General thought and watched closely as she revealed her suspect.

Eryn turned the PaDD around showing the face of Ryan York. “I know you have only just voken up, but have you seen him or know anything about him?” Eryn knew, in her gut, in her pulse, without a doubt that York was involved with this and it made her blood run cold. She also knew that there was no way she could talk to Molly Holloway about it. The risk was too great. Unfortunately for Molly and herself, York may not be the man they thought he was.


Calvin looked as though he was fighting a sharp reaction to the image. For a moment, his face contorted slightly and then a… laugh… exploded from the man. “Ryan York!” Harris shook his head and sat up a bit straighter, tears in his eyes. “Listen Agent Romanov…” He began, catching his breath. “… I am already aware of Colonel York’s presence in orbit. His team arrived shortly after the attack. I can assure you…” Harris smiled. “… Ryan York didn’t try to kill me, much less Lucas Holloway. He knows he’s as mortal as the next person… and understands the ferocity by which Molly protects Lucas.” The former Marine smirked. “I don’t trust that dashing son-of-a-bitch for 30 seconds alone with Molly…” He huffed and rolled his eyes. “… but only because he & Molly have a past and I have just recently got to the point where I believe the man can keep his hands to himself! That said…” Harris said flatly. “… he knows anyone making a move against Lucas will be swiftly found and… dispatched… by Molly personally. The man has no death wish, Agent Romanov. York is here to help… though I recommend staying out of his way. Of everyone in the universe, I would say that man is the only one that loves Molly Holloway as much as I do.” Harris sighed. “Which is why he’s here.... to keep Molly from getting hurt looking for the bastards that put me and Lucas in this damned building.”

Harris took a deep breath before continuing. “Look, I appreciate your Agency’s concern over this situation… but if York and his people are on it, OED’s network could be as much as a couple days to a week behind their investigation. In the end, the CCDA… ie, me… is well aware of the Colonel and the Thresher’s arrival. If there is an issue or if you would like an update, you will have to speak with York about that. But I promise you, his resources are far more vast than your own. He and his people mean no harm… but I can assure you, if they’re here… this is a mess likely beyond the capability of the CIA. That’s not an insult to you, understand… it’s just the truth. CCDA can’t even match his intel capacity.”


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