[Attack at City Center] One Week Later: Sacred Heart Hospital // Lucas's Room

Posted Sept. 25, 2022, 12:01 a.m. by Civilian Lucas Elliot Holloway (Business Owner) (Jerome Davis)

Posted by Civilian Molly Holloway (CEO - Holloway Industries) in [Attack at City Center] One Week Later: Sacred Heart Hospital // Lucas’s Room

Posted by Civilian Lucas Elliot Holloway (Business Owner) in [Attack at City Center] One Week Later: Sacred Heart Hospital // Lucas’s Room

Posted by Civilian Molly Holloway (CEO - Holloway Industries) in [Attack at City Center] One Week Later: Sacred Heart Hospital // Lucas’s Room
The week had been exhausting.

In the first few days, Molly had ran almost solely on adrenaline. The accident, Lucas and Cal, Hudson and Halloway sending her home, Newton and the Syndicate, Ryan showing up, the bickering between the CCDA and HHI’s security, the protests, having to fight with her own company to be given something to do… and through all of it, the Sacred Heart’s medical staff had been more than accommodating, working tirelessly to make sure that Calvin and her uncle were progressing well, and that her needs and the needs of her personnel were met. They had been nothing but outstanding.

Finally, after a long week, things seemed to be starting to wind down. Calvin was finally up and about, although not as much as he would like, but Ali, Jersey and Boomer kept him busy. Lucas was still unconscious, but finally free from support units and neuro-suppressors, and resting on his own. Dominique would come by every morning to check on him and update Molly on company business. Other than that, the younger Holloway worked, trying to take her mind off of things, hoping to make the wait more bearable. She slept when she felt tired, and ate when Nurse Ilena reminded her to do so, which after a week was quite regularly. It was not unusual for her to be found working at 3am under the soft light of a small desk lamp, and found asleep in the afternoon.

Today was no different. Having figured out the pattern of the bioregenerative field and having gotten acquainted with the soft beep it produced when it was about to restart, Molly had fallen asleep propped over the side of the biobed. Her hands and head resting peacefully on its edge. Her slumber, however, was far from a peaceful one, the events surrounding the shuttlecraft accident slowly bringing back memories of events that she had spent the last few years in therapy trying to cope with. She rustled in her sleep, as screams she hadn’t heard in a long time slowly filled her mind again.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

“Missile Launch!” Sensor Tech First Class Eveline Guenièvre barked in a panicked tone. Lucas’ eyes grew wide then clamped tightly shut as his 50 million credit Executive Shuttlecraft rolled suddenly hard to Starboard and dove nearly straight down. The next voice he heard was that of veteran HHI pilot Neil Ramsay, who snapped the comm open. =A= This is Holloway One… declaring an emergency…=A=

Holloway couldn’t believe it, it was a nightmare! Screwing his eyes closed, the magnate fought to not lose his lunch after the craft killed the Inertial Compensator. He was thankful he had on his safety belt. Harris… the love of his Gracie’s life… was not as lucky, the former pilot flying across the cabin after his belt failed… slamming first into the Port bulkhead then, as the craft snapped into a dive that would make any pilot proud, fell straight down… nearly falling through the cockpit hatch.

The pilot’s voice sounded strained as he dutifully reported. =A= … Missile inbound! Bearing 247, mark 3 nin…=A= Then… came the explosion. The violence, the heat… in that moment, Lucas’ life flashed before his eyes. In the sudden blackness… Lucas’ thoughts went first to his parents… then his brother… his beloved nieces… and, of course, Mary. He saw fleeting moments of them all… good and bad… Gracie’s first breath… sweet Mary’s last. He didn’t want to die… but… he thought, he must be. Then, a warm light embraced him. “Lucas…” Though it had been over two decades, he knew the voice instantly. “Mary!” He turned, his eyes full of tears. “Where… where am I?!” Mary just shook her head, putting a single finger to his lips. “You have to go back Luc’, our girls need you.” Lucas’ tears flowed. “But Mary… I NEED you! I…” Mary once more put a finger to his lips. “I’ll be here, my love… when it is time. But Molly & Erin need you… your strength… and your love.” Lucas wanted to scream, to reach out, to hold her once more… he felt numb, like he hadn’t in years. “Please Mary… don’t make me go!” He pleaded. The beautiful redhead he had seen only in his dreams for over 20 years smiled, her eyes sad. “You’ve done more than I could have ever asked Luc’… but you have to go back. You still have many years… but I will be right here, waiting for that walk in Central Park.” Holloway was now on his knees sobbing. “Please… Mary… please!” Then, Lucas felt a pair of hands on his shoulders and looked up into the most beautiful eyes he knew he’d ever see. Without a word, Mary leaned forward and kissed him, softly, exactly as he remembered. As they kissed, Lucas felt a single hand slip to the center of his chest. Opening his eyes once more, Mary smiled. “I love you Lucas” She said softly… then a jolt of electricity struck out from her hand.

Lucas Holloway shook violently from the defibrillator, a gasp escaping him before his world once again… after a burst of pain and noise… went completely black.

It was mid-afternoon when the Nursing station received the very gentle tone indicating Lucas Elliot Holloway was waking up. In his room, Holloway slowly opened his eyes… letting them slowly focus. Seeing the hospital room, the man figured out rather quickly what had happened after the explosion and was about to attempt to call the doc when a soft sound got his attention. Gracie was right there, he’d know the top of that red head anywhere. Lucas smiled slightly and lifted his hand on top of her head, gently rubbing his niece’s head, a single tear fell as he said in a rough voice. “And… exactly how long… have you been there… Gracie?”

Lucas Holloway

There was an unintelligible mumble and a muffled sob before the voice and the touch brought Molly back from her slumber. As she inhaled deeply and rose her head from the edge of the bed, the younger Holloway found herself staring at a pair of eyes she had not yet expected to see just yet. She blinked, confusion visible on her frame, as the clearly only half awake Molly thought she was still dreaming.

“Not much…” She replied nonchalantly, stretching her back and straightening herself up in her chair as if it was the most natural conversation in the world. “… about a week I think… time does fly–” And then reality settled down around her. Her eyes widening as she took in the man talking to her. “Uncle Luc… you’re awake!” There was a wide smile, one of the widest Lucas had ever seen on his niece’s face, before Molly took his hand in hers, the same way she had done almost every night for the previous week. “Oh God, you’re okay! You’re okay, you’re okay…” The last words were muffled, as the CEO of one of the largest companies in the sector buried her face in her uncle’s palm and cried.


Lucas lifted his other hand onto the top of Molly’s head. “Now now Gracie…” The elder Holloway said in a rasp. “… I’m… I’m ok. That’s…” He smiled softly. “… nothing to cry about. Please…” Holloway took a slow, steadying breath. “… I’m here. I’m ok. That’s what matters.” He then looked suddenly very concerned. “Oh Gracie…! Did… did Calvin make it? Why aren’t you with him?” Lucas’ tone was strained and the cardiac monitor indicated an increase in heart rate as the thought of Harris dawned on him. “Please tell me he’s ok!” The magnate said in a focused tone.


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