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Posted by Lieutenant Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) in Sacred Heart Hospital - You Just Thought You Were In Charge (Tag CMO)

Posted by Major General Charles Tenkiller (Vice-Commander, Colonial Customs and Defense Agency) in Sacred Heart Hospital - You Just Thought You Were In Charge (Tag CMO)
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Charles grinned and said “Deal. You go do your doctor bit, I’ll do my bit for God and Country. When you’re done, you can tell me all about the future Ex-Mrs. Tenkiller.” and he laughed and winked. “I’ll have coffee here when you get back, Doc. And hey…” and his face grew serious, “… Im on your side. Remember that.”

Tenkiller, VC-CCDA

Sharah headed back toward the nurses’ desk. Might as well start with Holloway and stopped and looked back at him and laughed. “I know, that’s what worries me.” Entering Holloway’s room Fayth couldn’t help but think that someone was going to have their hands full with Tenkiller, and apparently Crockett was more than interested in finding out.

It took her two and a half hours before she was done with her rounds.

Fayth, SFCMO

The meeting with the SHH security head was productive… after a fashion. Tenkiller did his utmost to try and let the man lead and not step on his toes, but finally he had to just lay it all out and tell him how itt would be: CCDA was the sole security authority for the wing with Harris and Holloway. There would be no discussion. There would be no cooperation. CCDA was in charge on that ward, end of story.

The SHH security head left in a huff about forty-five minutes before Sharah returned. True to his word, there was coffee from Quill and Parchment and a wholly massive amount of baked goods being devoured by her staff at the nurse’s station. On the table in the meeting room where he was the coffee and some scones. He looked up from the PaDD he was typing on when Fayth arrived and he smiled. “Heya, Doc. Buy ya a cup of coffee?”

Tenkiller, VC-CCDA

Sharah slipped into the meeting room, chuckling over the amount of pastry being devoured at the nurses station and the argument of whether or not they should share with Harris and Holloway. The consensus was to hide it and keep it to themselves - maybe. Sharah pushed the door shut before she dropped into a chair, “Please.” She snagged a chocolate chip scone off the plate. “Okay so first thing, Crockett will drink coffee but her preferred drink is iced hazelnut coffee. I have no idea about the bat. She’s an excellent nurse. Specializes in long term care, and is rather free giving of her ability to remove pain.”

Fayth, SFCMO

“You’re skipping over the important bits, Doc. Is she single? And if she isn’t, is she open-minded about it?” and he grinned at her.


“Hmmm…” Fayth’s gaze turned distant as she thought, “I have never heard her mention anyone. I would say her response to your comment about dinner would indicate she’s quite open-minded.” Should she tell him about Crockett refusing to take a vow of celibacy? No..he’d have to work for that tidbit. Like ask Yavia himself. She reached for a coffee, grinning, she’d prefer hot chocolate but coffee with enough sugar was a good stand in.


Tenkiller laughed and said “Take it easy, Doc. Im just bustin’ your chops a bit. I’ve never… well, not often… had an issue talking to women.” and he gave her a wink. “But if I ever need perspective on matters of the heart , I’m absolutely calling you. And at all kinda weird hours.” and he laughed again.

Sharah laughed. “You are welcome to call at all kinds of weird hours. I can’t promise to answer.” She smirked, “Or to have sage advice. I might get you in trouble.”

“Ok, let’s get serious.” Tenkiller said. “Spoke with the SHH security director. Now, I really tried to be nice so you know. But he was a bit… let’s just say ‘defensive’… about CCDA being here. He wanted a buncha extra layers of bureaucratic nonsense that was just gonna make things.. well… the way they have been. So I lined it out to him. CCDA is now in charge of this ward, and this ward only. And we will remain in charge until both Holloway and Harris are discharged. We take our orders from you, and no one else. If your Chief Administrator has an issue with that, f#<k ‘em. I really don’t care. This is a colonial security issue, and by law we have jurisdiction. So… thats how it will be. No hospital security. No Star Fleet security. No HHI security. CCDA is the end-all-be-all of security for this ward. And no one comes in that isn’t on the list. If someone tries, they are cuffed and held for Oed Police. Period. End of story.” He leaned back in his chair and looked at Fayth. “Thougts?”

Tenkiller, VC-CCDA

Sharah shrugged, “Sounds fine to me. HHI does seem to understand the meaning of security. Every breach has been from them. Honestly I am not sure what the security director’s issue is, but I will make sure he understands and doesn’t cause problems.” She sipped the bitter coffee, grateful for the harsh flavor. It helped ground her. “Oh, there is a Jr Lt, ops uniform. He’s an engineer, not security. Name’s Kolvek. Comes everyday, well almost every day. Nurse Knapp’s husband. He does not have access, does not try to get in, but waits in the seating area down from the ward. He comes and walks home with her any day she has a shift. Sometimes in uniform, sometimes not. I just don’t want your people thinking he’s shifty or trying to impose. If there is some where else you prefer him to wait, I will inform him.”

Tenkiller sighed and said “Please extend my apologies to Nurse Knapp, but from right now forward he waits outside. Not outside the ward, but outside the hospital. He has no business here, and he can meet her as she leaves. “

Fayth waved a hand, “Neither of them will mind. I just don’t want that poor man to get arrested for hanging around waiting for his wife.” She shook her head though. “Did we not just agree you maintain the ward and hospital security takes care of the rest. I mention Knapp only because she works in the ward. There an endless number of individuals who meet parents, spouses, children, friends at the end of their shifts, come to eat a meal in the middle, people who come with patients only for moral support. I will do whatever you want for this ward and the people who work within it. I won’t change that for the whole hospital, unless you can give me a good reason why the rest of the hospital needs to be locked down as well. I am not challenging you or trying to be difficult. People are scared already. Scared people are panicky and stupid especially in groups. Like the protests, they are angry at Holloway with no justification. I do not want to give scared irrational people a reason to attempt another display unless it is necessary.”

“Just let us know if you are changing any procedures so I can let the staff know. Oh and Harris is going to be starting PT in a week, which means going down to the gym. So whatever you want to do about that. I can lock down the gym for his session but I can’t restrict it the rest of the time. We have too many patients.”


Tenkiller shook his head. “No, no changes. Only change is that the procedures are gonna be enforced from here on. People may not like it, but there we have it. As far as Harris’s PT goes yes, lock down the gym for his sessions and we’ll send a security detail with him. Oh, and one other thing. I am personally selecting the CCDA crew here. And you’ll know ow all of ‘em. If someone shows up in a CCDA uniform and you don’t know them, call me directly. I’ll handle it. Sound good?”

Tenkiller, VC-CCDA

“No problem there. I will put a personal pager at Crockett’s station that goes straight to you,” and the raven haired doctor grinned as she snapped another scone. “Once I have the list of who will be on Harris’s PT team I will send their names and I formation to you. I will do the same for Holloway once we get to that point.”

Fayth, SFCMO

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