Starfleet Complex- Senior Staff Meeting

Posted Sept. 26, 2022, 9:11 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Tiberius Cattaneo (Chief of Star Fleet Security) (Clayton Strong)

Posted by Captain Jonathan McBride (CO, USS Centurion) in Starfleet Complex- Senior Staff Meeting
The appointment of Lieutenant Governor Dasca presented Starfleet Command with something of an unusual situation they had not had before: the Lt. Gov was not an active duty officer. And thus they had quickly found a solution to the situation and enacted it while Dasca was en route to Oed.

A day after Dasca had been announced, Starfleet sent notice that a new commanding officer was on their way. Captain (Ret.) Dasca would oversee Starfleet operations on the colony as Commander-in-Chief.

Two days after that, all senior Starfleet staff were asked to meet in the Primary Conference room at 1000 hours the next day.

And so it was that Captain Jon McBride had found his quarters shortly after clearing customs and getting his security clearance verified and activated. And with that, he headed over to the Complex to go meet his new crew and his new boss.

In the large Conference Room, support staff to the senior staff milled about, making sure there were refreshments available. And then they just waited for folks to arrive.

OOC: We don’t have a lot of people playing Starfleet characters, so McBride is a fill-in until there is someone to take over the role (if needed). But we an always use NPCs to play the other senior staff roles we don’t have filled currently. Feel free to jump in!

Captain McBride, CO

OOC: I Hope this is where I am supposed to jump in.

Tiberius heard the request to join the command staff in the Conference Room. He looked up from the document he was reviewing and stood up and decided he would meander his way to the Conference Room. After a few moments of walking, he arrived at the Confrence Room and walked through the open doors. He noticed a nice spread of food on the table along with Captain and stated, “Lt Cmdr Cattaneo reporting as requested.” Tiberius then walked over to a chair and sat down. He took a small piece of fruit from one of the trays on the table and took a bit or two while awaiting a response.

Lt. Cmdr. Cattaneo
Chief of Star Fleet Security

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