Plaza Exchange - A Night On The Town

Posted Sept. 27, 2022, 11:06 a.m. by Major General Charles Tenkiller (Vice-Commander, Colonial Customs and Defense Agency) (James Sinclair)

A ground slider came to a stop outside of one of the apartment buildings near Sacred Heart Hospital. It was a taller structure, just over twenty stories, with a small grove of trees and landscaped lawns surrounding it. A path led to the front door in a graceful rise from street to the lobby of the building.

The driver’s door opened and out stepped a handsome man in a dark blue suit. His hair, long and obsidian black, was tied back and set in a long braid that hung down the middle of his back almost to his waist. His earthen red skin was freshly showered, and he smelled very slightly of oak and lemongrass. His face held a broad smile and a his hands a bouquet of iridescent bright yellow and orange flowers. He shut the door and walked briskly up the path and into the lobby of the building.

As he entered, the guard at the front desk looked up and said “Can I help you?” in a somewhat tired voice. Tenkiller said “You bet. I am here to see Ms. Yavia Crockett. She is in apartment 15D.” The guard looked at the notes on the display in front of him and then he looked up at him. “Your name, sir?” “Charles Tenkiller.” he replied. The guard pointed and said “Second lift on the left, sir. When you arrive on the 15th floor, you will turn left and it will be the second door on the right.” Tenkiller nodded and said “Thanks.” and he walked to the lift, whistling a soft melody.

A scant few moments later, he stepped off the elevator. The hallway was lit in a natural light and was painted in a soft gray with dark blue and gray tiles making up the floor. Quite tasteful, from Tenkiller’s perspective. He walked up to the door and checked his chronometer… exactly on time. Foregoing the chime, he rapped his knuckles on the door and then rocked back and forth slightly on the balls of his feet.


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