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The appointment of Lieutenant Governor Dasca presented Starfleet Command with something of an unusual situation they had not had before: the Lt. Gov was not an active duty officer. And thus they had quickly found a solution to the situation and enacted it while Dasca was en route to Oed.

A day after Dasca had been announced, Starfleet sent notice that a new commanding officer was on their way. Captain (Ret.) Dasca would oversee Starfleet operations on the colony as Commander-in-Chief.

Two days after that, all senior Starfleet staff were asked to meet in the Primary Conference room at 1000 hours the next day.

And so it was that Captain Jon McBride had found his quarters shortly after clearing customs and getting his security clearance verified and activated. And with that, he headed over to the Complex to go meet his new crew and his new boss.

In the large Conference Room, support staff to the senior staff milled about, making sure there were refreshments available. And then they just waited for folks to arrive.

OOC: We don’t have a lot of people playing Starfleet characters, so McBride is a fill-in until there is someone to take over the role (if needed). But we an always use NPCs to play the other senior staff roles we don’t have filled currently. Feel free to jump in!

Captain McBride, CO

Things at the hospital were crazy with all the happenings and Sharah was not happy leaving with the security around her patients. However in the end it didn’t matter how she felt about it, she was an officer and had to report as ordered. So she had gone in for a few hours and then gave over her patient load to Eraras and Wythok for the day. Within the fleet complex things were crazy as well. There hadn’t been a CO when they arrived only the most ranking officer. Hopefully things would smooth out now. But exactly how was the dynamic between a fleet CO and a civilian politician going to work out?

The diminutive doctor with the jet black hair and obsidian eyes entered the conference room, greeting the few officers she had managed to meet and looking for a familiar presence. Taking a glass of ice water from the offerings she moved toward the table.


Things hadn’t been nearly so busy around the science department. Though the place had been practically mothballed for a while it seemed. Dust covers over all the equipment, and a thin layer of dust over everything. He was surprised nobody had contacted him after the attacks about any forensic analysis, but he supposed security were relying on their own expertise for that. Made sense, if they were trying to maintain as much operational security as possible.

Mark came in moments after Dr Fayth and flashed her a warm smile there was no mistaking. In one hand was a mostly-sealed large mug, one could detect the familiar aroma of coffee from. He made his way over to her and slipped his free arm around her in a brief embrace. ~Hey pretty lady.~ Even though they lived together it felt mostly like ships passing in the night lately with all the craziness. He was glad they’d taken the time to have some serious time just the two of them before getting settled into their new duty stations.

The answering smile on Sharah’s face couldn’t be missed either. ~Hey cowboy.~ She leaned into his shoulder, one arm slipping around his waist for a brief moment. The trip to Deneva was still fresh and refreshing, and she was grateful they had been able to take the time before they reported to Oed. It had been good for them, individually and as a couple. The last few days they had literally passed each other between shifts and her calls for the hospital. ~Let’s cook tonight.~

Drawing back a little but not quite breaking contact, he sighed. “Any idea what’s goin’ on,” he asked, some of his Texas accent popping out just for a moment. The dark circles around his eyes spoke to the lack of sleep the last few days, in addition to the slip, showing just how tired he felt.

Lt Cmdr Woods, CSFSO

The continued contact was more refreshing for her than a pot of coffee. It cut the overwhelming noise to quiet buzz and gave her room to breath. Looking up at him she gave him one of those critical once overs. ~You need sleep.~ Out loud though, “No sure except I do know the new Lt Gov has arrived. Halian, retired captain, Eela Dascos.”

The door opened while she was talking and NL Gavble entered, “Woods. Fayth.” He said by way of greeting before snatching an apple of the table and took a bite. After a moment he sat and cleared his throat. “New CO of the Centurion arrived as well. This will be fun.”

Fayth, SFCMO

Other staff had arrived and were either sitting or leaning against walls. It was a larger conference room than say one on a starship, but still wasn’t meant for a crowd.

A moment later, a man in a command uniform and four pips stepped in and flashed the group a smile as he took them all in. His brown hair was slightly unruly but just short enough to not be a hindrance, and there was an ever so slight swagger to his walk. He had a youthful energy to him, though he was clearly experienced enough to have made it to the rank of Captain. “Good morning everyone,” he said as he beelined for the coffee and poured himself a cup, waiting till he had had a good sip before moving to the head of the table where he remained standing.

“Alright, a bit of a whirlwind today, but a ‘day in the life of’ right? I’m Captain Jonathan McBride, your new Commanding Officer. And yes, I know there will be questions about the logistics of how operationally this will all work but I’ll leave that to Lieutenant Governor Dasca. She’ll be here shortly but I’ve been told she’s running a little behind today. So I’ll cover a couple of other things before she arrives.”

“A little about myself. I started out as a pilot until I switched to a command track. I got my first command seven years ago, where I’ve been until I was reassigned here to work with you fine folks. This is a very different posting than most of us are used to, and I know some of you are newer as well, so we’ll all be settling in together. I’ve only been here two hours so you’ll have to forgive my lack of knowledge in some areas.” He took a sip of his coffee. “Any questions so far. Who knows, I might be able to answer some of them,” he said, flashing a grin.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO


OOC: I’m assuming I’m a little behind due to just joining.

Tiberius heard the request to join the command staff in the Conference Room. He looked up from the document he was reviewing and stood up and decided he would meander his way to the Conference Room. After a few moments of walking, he arrived at the Conference Room and walked through the open doors. He noticed a nice spread of food on the table along with all the other folks. “Lt Cmdr Cattaneo reporting as requested. Looks like I’m a little late for the party.” Tiberius then walked over to a chair and sat down. He took a small piece of fruit from one of the trays on the table and took a bit or two while awaiting a response.

Lt. Cmdr. Cattaneo
Chief of Star Fleet Security

“Welcome Commander,” McBride said. “I was expecting people to trickle in, so no worries.”

NL Gavble stood with a nod to his new DH. He was glad to not have to sit in on this meeting. He left the PaDD with the department logistics on it and excited out the door. Fayth nodded in welcome to the new arrival and then turned back to McBride. “How are we going to handle staffing both locations. The facility here on the colony and the Centurion? I know for medical, and I am sure the other departments as well, there are protocols and responsibilities that can conflict. It’s not like we are all on board and we go to red alert or get paged to the bridge and I am in the middle of surgery so I report when I’m done. When I’m done the bridge is gone. Do you have a specific expectation and protocol you want followed or will that be left up to each department head?”. Given the recent attack on Lucas Holloway this was a matter that was at the forefront of details Fayth needed to get worked out.

Fayth, SFCMO

Captain McBride nodded. “Medical is definitely the department where the situation is a bit more tricky, but the way I see it is that we have a skeleton crew on board at all times. Every day, there is a rapid response team on call. When you are on call for the Centurion, you can’t be on call anywhere else. So for the hospital, maybe that’s your admin day. I don’t know for sure, but we can discuss it in more detail later. But there are a lot of officers and crew stationed on Oed. We should not have a problem staffing the ship in an emergency. And keep in mind that an emergency is most likely going to be a defence situation. In which case, let’s also keep in mind, there is a Klingon battleship also working with us to provide protection. We may not have a ton of time, but we will have more than we might if we were here on our own. All other missions, including patrols, will be planned and you will have advanced notice. Other scenarios we can hash out and create plans for.”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

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