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Posted by Civilian Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc (Klingon Warrior) in House Duroc Embassy - When Cultures (And Laws) Clash (Tag Lt. Gov.)

Posted by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) in House Duroc Embassy - When Cultures (And Laws) Clash (Tag Lt. Gov.)


Dasca’s eyes were alit as she sat back upright again, her back protesting the previously held position, though she managed to not react outwardly. “What has changed is me. A new Lieutenant Governor, and one who is Commander-in-Chief but not an active duty officer? People see the writing on the wall, that things are changing and I’m not hiding the fact that I am here to help the Governor continue the process of making Oed Five less reliant on Starfleet. That has got to piss a few people off, and sowing enmity allows them to discredit me. I’ve been here only a few days. People don’t know me yet, don’t trust me. Hell, you two have learned more about who I am as a person- what drives me, what I believe in- in the short duration of our conversation than I’ve been given an opportunity to show to the people of this colony I work for. If someone is trying to force me to make a big enough mistake that they replace them, then they believe they have a better option. Sadly, they’re wrong, but that’s another matter entirely.”

She took out the optical chip, holding it up between her fingers, and focused on Vargas again. “Luis, the incident at the gate, the maneuvering going on here? It’s political. But you and you’re well being are not. And I will not let you be used a pawn. You’ve been through enough and you don’t deserve that. “

“I’m going to take this chip with me, as I know you’re smart and this isn’t the only copy. And I’m going to do my due diligence, comb reports and files and gather my evidence.” Eela forced out a breath as her hand came to rest in her lap. “Like I said, I’ve been here only a few days. I am one hundred percent willing to battle this on your behalf, the way someone should have long before this point, but you both”-she looked between Luis and Ug-“have to keep in mind that I am involved in politics now. Whether we like it or not, I need good will in order to be effective here. My end goal here is to get you that discharge so that you can move about this colony freely, so that Oed can be your home too beyond the walls of this embassy. I have the clout and connections to make it happen, but I’m going to make waves doing so. I can’t act until I am damn certain I can survive this politically. And that only matters because to be quite honest, I am responsible to millions of people. Luis, I want to do the right for you here, but it also can’t be at the expense of the entire colony. You both understand that, yes?”

~Eela Daca, Lt. Gov.

Urg looked at Vargas and said “Trust her. And know that you are my House. You will be protected. Now go.” Luis stood and slammed his fist on his chest and said “Yes, Lord Duroc.” He turned and looked at Dasca. “Ma’am, I trust no one related to Star Fleet. Not anymore. But I will give you the opportunity to prove me wrong about you. I wish you good fortune in your investigation.” and he turned and left the room.

Eela simply gave him an understanding nod. She had expected no different. The man had experienced trauma and then had it doubled by negligence and outright wrongdoing. She wanted to tell him that it had never been the uniform at fault, but the people, but that wouldn’t help the situation right now. Or him.

Urg looked at Dasca and said “You are thinking too small, Lieutenant Governor. This isn’t about you. This whole thing… the investigation, the Security team waltzing in here, the attack on that Holloway guy and the CCDA General… I think they are all related. I think someone has it out for the colony. The entire colony. Oed’s strength has always been its belief in itself. And who ever is at the core of all of this is seeking to undermine that. This is an attack, Lieutenant Governor.” and he took a drink, his eyes never leaving her.

Despite being sorely tempted to pick up her wineglass and down a good deal of it, Eela knew she needed to be clear headed when she left here. This day and her work on the matter were not even close to being done.

“Soneone has decided to destroy this colony.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

Leaning back in her seat, Dasca allowed herself to close her eyes and sigh. “If I make it through this week without a migraine I will be extremely astonished.” Kenzo and here were waiting for the Intelligence folks to do what they needed to, but it was becoming more clear that they were being far too reactionary, and someone else was crafting a path and forcing them all down it. Well, Eela Dasca had never taken well to being manipulated or given ultimatums in the past and she certainly didn’t abide it now.

She gave herself a moment to gather herself and then opened her eyes, once again meeting Urg’s. “What you say is very possible, perhaps even true. In which case, it is even more vital that we tread carefully. If there are people working several steps ahead and trying to fix an outcome of their choosing, it tends to not go well for those that try to create a different pathway. You said it’s not about me. Sure. But we both know that I am an excellent scapegoat right now. Blame the new woman who doesn’t know whats what around here. Shift the focus elsewhere while they set us up for the next blow. I can weather a lot, Lord Duroc, but I can’t do it alone. Which means that regardless of what the Governor and I decide to do on a grander scale to tackle this issue, for now, it needs to look like just a spat between Starfeet and your House. Because either way I still need to continue my investigation. But know that I appreciate that you are protecting the colony with more than just ships in orbit. I understand the concern and I hear it loud and clear.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

“That is why I think we need to address the incident here together. Take away the ammunition they are trying to create from the beginning. And when we do… we watch and see who gets disappointed by the outcome.” Urg said flatly, but with a predatory grin. “we can make the statement right now. Nothing specific, I know you have an investigation to to do. But something simple. ‘We are aware of the incident that occurred on the Grounds of the Embassy to House Duroc today. This was due to a breakdown in communications between various departments and we have apologized to House Duroc for the inconvenience.’ or something like that and I respond with ‘Large organizations have many wheels in motion. Sometimes that motion is counter to what needs to be done. And that leads to the small matter here today. House Duroc harbors no anger or hostility to Star Fleet or it’s fine personnel for a simple mistake, and we stand ready to assist them should they ever need to call on us.’” and he took a drink.

“Or some such garbage. Whatever, it takes the wind out of the sails of whatever they were trying to accomplish here.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

Urg, Lord Duroc

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