Plaza Exchange - A Night On The Town

Posted Sept. 27, 2022, 6:13 p.m. by Major General Charles Tenkiller (Vice-Commander, Colonial Customs and Defense Agency) (James Sinclair)

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Posted by Major General Charles Tenkiller (Vice-Commander, Colonial Customs and Defense Agency) in Plaza Exchange - A Night On The Town

Posted by Civilian Yavia Crockett (Nurse - Sacred Heart Hospital) in Plaza Exchange - A Night On The Town
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A ground slider came to a stop outside of one of the apartment buildings near Sacred Heart Hospital. It was a taller structure, just over twenty stories, with a small grove of trees and landscaped lawns surrounding it. A path led to the front door in a graceful rise from street to the lobby of the building.

The driver’s door opened and out stepped a handsome man in a dark blue suit. His hair, long and obsidian black, was tied back and set in a long braid that hung down the middle of his back almost to his waist. His earthen red skin was freshly showered, and he smelled very slightly of oak and lemongrass. His face held a broad smile and a his hands a bouquet of iridescent bright yellow and orange flowers. He shut the door and walked briskly up the path and into the lobby of the building.

As he entered, the guard at the front desk looked up and said “Can I help you?” in a somewhat tired voice. Tenkiller said “You bet. I am here to see Ms. Yavia Crockett. She is in apartment 15D.” The guard looked at the notes on the display in front of him and then he looked up at him. “Your name, sir?” “Charles Tenkiller.” he replied. The guard pointed and said “Second lift on the left, sir. When you arrive on the 15th floor, you will turn left and it will be the second door on the right.” Tenkiller nodded and said “Thanks.” and he walked to the lift, whistling a soft melody.

A scant few moments later, he stepped off the elevator. The hallway was lit in a natural light and was painted in a soft gray with dark blue and gray tiles making up the floor. Quite tasteful, from Tenkiller’s perspective. He walked up to the door and checked his chronometer… exactly on time. Foregoing the chime, he rapped his knuckles on the door and then rocked back and forth slightly on the balls of his feet.


It didn’t take the door long to open. Framed in the door way with soft light behind her, Yavia was freshly bathed, smelling gently of frankincense, bergamot, rosemary with an overlay of ylang ylang. Her almost skin shimmered like soft satin. Her bald head was adorned with a delicate filagree chain, wrapped in magenta ribbon that fell in short pieces against her temples and long tails down her back. In stark contrast to her scrubs and lab coat, she was wearing a calf length dress in a deeper magenta than the ribbon that hugged and framed her figure. It would flow and move with her rather than being restrictive. Accenting the dress was a narrow chain belt that fell against her hips. More a piece of jewelry than functionality. Yavia smiled looking mysterious. She inhaled the scent that arrived with him, indulging in the sensation of the scent. It was natural and distinctive. Her brown eyes slid over him. “Well, don’t you look dashing. Would you like to come in?”

Tenkiller smiled as he very blatantly took in all of the woman before him. “You scrub up okay, you know that?” and he handed her the flowers. “These are for you, I hope ya like ‘em. And yes, I’d love to.” and he followed her inside.

She smiled, “Thank you,” and then grinned, “You should see me scrub for surgery.” She took the flowers and held them to her nose as she moved further into her apartment. “These are pretty.” The word, rather than carrying a little girl’s endearment of something colorful and girly seemed to carry the weight and genuineness of someone presented with a priceless jewel.

Her apartment was no different than the many others, basic layout and clean lines. It was furnished very minimally with cool neutral tones for the structure. The furniture was each piece unique, Earth tones and pastel neutrals, accented by bright bold colors, but carefully chosen. The fabrics and material were indulgent and softened the space making it comfortable and welcoming rather than just a cookie cutter space.


“Nice. I think your place is nicer than mine, actually.” and he chuckled. “Not that it matters, I’m not there a lot anyway.” and he nodded appreciatively. He looked at her and said “I’m glad you said yes to dinner. Any woman who carries a bat to work at a hospital is a women I really want to know more about.”


“I’m not here much either, but when I am, I want it to be a space I want to come to.” She moved into a small kitchen and pulled out a glass vase and filled it with water and then slipped the stems of the flowers inside. The kitchen wasn’t quite as neat as the rest. It was an area that was well lived in. It was clean but things were left out, clean coffee cups in the sink, a cabinet door slightly open, a sprinkle of sugar granules that missed being wiped up, a cotton shopping bag crumpled on the end of the counter.

After observing the kitchen, one could see similar signs in the living area. Cushions on one end that subtly held the shape of where she liked to sit, her bag plopped on a side table, practical well worn working shoes half under the coffee table, and a light blanket pooled on the edge of a seat and hanging to the floor, probably from night she fell asleep before making it to her room.

His comment made her laugh, “Well Ilena wouldn’t let me bring the bat home. That’s okay though, I have more.” She nodded her head down a side hallway, as she arrived the case over and sat it on the coffee table. Visible from the living area to the hallway there was a bat rack with a odd set of bat types lengths and weights, with various gloves above them, a few baseball hats with different logos on them, and several team pictures. And a single baseball on a stand on the shelf above the hat rack. “I’m glad you asked. Anyone who doesn’t baulk at a nurse with a baseball bat is someone I would like to spend some time with.” She smiled, seemingly calm, but her eyes carried a twinkle. “So what do you want to know?”


Tenkiller smiled and said “All in good time. But I guess first is what do you like to be called? I mean, I’m happy yelling ‘HEY CROCKETT’ whenever, but I would prefer to call you something you prefer to go by. So Yavia? Yav? V? The Notorious N-Y-C? What?” and he chuckled.


A playful smirk tugged at the corner of her mouth, “Oh dear, The Notorious N-Y-C makes me sound rather outlandish. I do prefer Yavia to my last name,” there was a delicate lift of her shoulder, “Though if you prefer to yell HEY CROCKETT, I’ll still answer. No one has ever really shortened my name, but V has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it. Like Zorro leaving behind ‘Z’s sliced into surfaces.” Her brown eyes gazed at him a moment, “And what about you? I simply can’t see you as a ‘Charlie’.”


Tenkiller laughed and said “My friends call me Skip. Nickname I picked up at the Academy. But I’m fine with Tenkiller. But only my Ma calls me Charles.” and he winked. And I like V… we’ll see if that sticks at all as the evening progresses.” and he smiled at her… not a typical cocky smile, but a genuine one. “I hope you like where I picked for dinner. Not many folks know about it. And because of that, I gotta ask how long you’ve been on Oed? And how familiar you are with the city?”


Yavia laughed turning a little red. “Well I certainly don’t want to be your Ma.” If they were going with letters, she wondered how he felt about “T.K.” She’d have to ask him later. She moved over to a chair and took a light weight sweater off of it and draped it over her arm. With the dome gone the temperature could be a bit of a gamble some times. “I’ve been here about a year and half probably a bit longer. The dome was still up when I first came. As for my familiarity, I know the best coffee shops and fastest take outs from here to the hospital, and am deeply familiar with the larger green spaces within the old dome. I’ll tell you a secret, I tend to work a lot, unless I have something to distract me.”


“Well then allow me to be your most current distraction, then.” Tenkiller said with another smile. He offered her his arm and said “Shall we?”

They walked to the lift and Tenkiller said “Have you heard of the Public Exchange at all?” while he smiled and mischievous smile and looked at the floor indicator.


Yavia slipped her hand onto his arm and picked up a small wristlet as they passed out of the apartment. She raised a brow at his smile. “I’ve heard of it, but never had occasion to go there. It’s somewhere I’ve been meaning to go, but I’ve heard it’s not somewhere to venture alone or at night.” She grinned, “Am I to assume you feel big and brave enough to venture to such a place?”


Tenkiller shrugged and said “Oh, I think I can probably handle it if things get too ugly. Besides, my date is handy with a bat, so I figured if I can’t talk our way outta trouble, you can at least hold ‘em off long enough for me to get away.” with a cheeky grin as the doors opened. They stepped inside and soon were stepping out and walking past the guard. “Don’t wait up. We’ll be late.” Tenkiller said and waved at the guard as they left the building. He walked her towards the car, opened the door, and said “Your chariot awaits.”


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