Plaza Exchange - A Night On The Town

Posted Sept. 28, 2022, 12:10 a.m. by Civilian Yavia Crockett (Nurse - Sacred Heart Hospital) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Major General Charles Tenkiller (Vice-Commander, Colonial Customs and Defense Agency) in Plaza Exchange - A Night On The Town

Posted by Civilian Yavia Crockett (Nurse - Sacred Heart Hospital) in Plaza Exchange - A Night On The Town

Posted by Major General Charles Tenkiller (Vice-Commander, Colonial Customs and Defense Agency) in Plaza Exchange - A Night On The Town


Tenkiller steered them onto the road and said “I was hired for the CCDA out of Star Fleet. I’ve been here all of about six months. I don’t think I had even really heard of Oed before Cal… General Harris… had been given command. He hired me a few months later.” He put the car on auto and looked at Yavia. “What brought you here? The promise of daring adventures? Or maybe the massive amounts of overtime you all put in.”


She turned slightly in her seat toward him. “I found myself in need of a new job. At the time Sacred Heart was struggling. They have a great teaching program, but they weren’t pulling in enough experienced staff. Oed like any colony on the edge of the Federation is rough and dangerous at times. After the need for the dome the colony was, is still trying to rebuild. I’m a d@mn good nurse, and I could do good here. So I came.” She brushed one of the ribbons at her temple back. “And out here there is always the chance for adventure…if you don’t work too much.”


“That is always the catch, isn’t it.” Tenkiller said with a grin. “Trying to fit in adventures between meetings, disasters, and patients.” The car veered off the main road and onto a side street. Tenkiller looked around. The buildings had a rougher look around them than a lot of Oed. The streets had fewer people out. And the car garnered looks from more than a few people. Tenkiller looked at Yavia and said “Don’t worry. Its not as bad as it might look.” The car turned a corner…

And they drove into a carnival.

She met his gaze calmly, with a hint of curiosity to her voice, “I’m not worried.” Her gaze locked outside the window as they turned the corner. There was almost too much to see. Lights, sounds, colors, people were everywhere.

Lights abounded, and people were busy buying and selling wares of all kinds. The car turned slightly around the perimeter and came to a stop by a door with a Naussican standing by it. “Thats the place.” Tenkiller said with an excited smile. He got out and trotted around the car and opened the door for Yavia.


Yavia slid out of the car, one foot followed by the other before she stood and stepped to the side so he could close the door. She paused for a moment enjoying the assault on her senses. The lights and movement, the cacophony of voices and banging and shuffle of wares being examined, packaged and packages juggled. The confusing mixture of food aromas, scents of various bases and perfumes. Then her gaze landed on the door and the Naussican and the stark stillness compared to the life moving around him. She slipped her hand onto his arm. It had not escaped her notice earlier that unlike most that made a big deal of coming into contact with a Deltan, Tenkiller did not. It was refreshing. “And what is this place?” she asked as they approached the door.


Tenkillet looked at the Naussican and said “Heya, Jorg. How’d you do on that Grislein-Abcar game?” The Naussican shook his head. Tenkiller smiled and said “Told ya, my man. Abcar starting defender was out and they were the lynchpin of the whole defense. Without them, Abcar was D-U-N done.” and he chuckled and pulled a slip of Latium from his pocket. “Here, cover your loss and make sure you stop betting! Mannix will have your ass if they found out!” Jorg smiled, a wholly unpleasant sight in a Naussican, and said “Thanks, Skip. I’ll stop. You’re right.” and he opened the door for them. “Carrie has your table ready.” Tenkiller nodded and patted the hulking form on the shoulder and he led Yavia inside.

‘Inside’ was a narrow flight of stairs that went steeply down for about ten meters and opened into a large space filled with tables, booths, a massive bar, and a stage. The air was filled with the aroma of fresh cooked food and exotic spirits, and the place was almost empty. Here and there sat a couple or an individual, but for the most part it was quiet. The place was lit, but not too brightly, by sconces and shaded lights hanging from the ceiling. The tables and booths were just far enough apart to allow for private conversation. And the bar, setting on all four sides of the large square, sat on a raised section in the middle of the room.

Tenkiller looked at Yavia and said “This is one of Oed’s best kept secrets. Welcome to Diamond Jim’s Speakeasy.”


Yavia looked, waiting for the stairs to open up into the main area. There was a lovely aroma of food and the heady scent of spirits, coupled with the still noticeable woodsy scent of Tenkiller’s cologne or maybe soap? The climate was pleasant but the shaded lights and polished wood made the place feel warm and welcoming with the soft light and on dark wood. The plush velvet covered seats invited a person to relax and soak in the atmosphere. “Now this is lovely.” Her fingers trailed across a panel of the wood. “And a very well kept secret, at least from me. I’ve never heard of it. How did you find out about it so quickly?”


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