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Vonn was watching the crowd, and it was clear the Governor’s were having some effect. Vonn opened a secured comm channel to James and Romanov. =/\= Recommend we take the instigator now. The crowd is about to make a strong swing one way or another. Extraction avaible for Agent Romanov and the target. One block to the east. City power truck. =/\=

Vonn, CIA

Nicholas spoke quietly =/\=Take him.=/\= His hand moved silently to hover over a phaser pistol attached to his belt.

Eryn glanced at the target in front of her and slipped the small PaDD out of her pocket and then nodded once, very slightly as she slipped it away. Her gaze turned on the man, and in two quick steps she was next to him. With a practiced ease that was scary even to her she lashed out at the man’s mind creating pain and disorientation that didn’t abate. If that didn’t work, a quick jolt of almost too many volts went through him at the small palm sized weapon she pressed to his side. The man was suddenly doubled over in pain, his head splitting, the pain intense enough to make him sick to his stomach. Eryn caught him around the waist draping an arm around her shoulders and led him east away from the crowd. “It’s alright, I’ve got you. Let me help.” All the while the pain didn’t subside. As they made their way she glanced around for Vonn and made straight for the city power truck.

Romanov, CIA

Nicholas nodded watching Eryn do her job well. He turned his attention to what to do about the remaining malcontents. Especially on the off chance they meant harm on the Governor.

—CIA Director

At the front of the crowd, the man lowered his megaphone and smiled, slowly reaching out to Hyrushi’s held out hand and shaking it. “Yes Sir. We are OED V together.” The change might come as a surprise to many, but unbeknownst to them, it came at the exact time Romanov shocked the man in a leather jacket.

Always aware of all details around her, Eryn did notice. She wanted to swear in about 10 languages but she didn’t have time for that. Speaking into the private comm “We need a telepathic inhibitor at the extraction site.” She had to keep him from reconnecting with Megaphone.

“Now and always, my friend… now and always.” Hyrushi said and shook the man’s hand.

The pain was unlike the man had ever experienced, making it impossible for him to respond. Weak, he allowed himself to be dragged by the woman away from the crowd.

“Who are you? What do you want from me!?” The pain didn’t subside, but the shock was wearing out, and he managed to utter a few words in a strained voice. “I was just watching the protests like anybody else! Let me go!”

The Protesters, Megaphone Man, and Leather Jacket Man

Her voice was soft, concerned, she seemingly struggled under the weight. “You almost fell over, you’re sick, let me help.” The pain increased with lightening precision, and the palm sized taser pressed to his side again. She spotted the truck, “20 feet.”


The man opened his mouth to protest that he wasn’t sick and didn’t need help, but he never had the time. Instead he screamed at the pain, allowing Romanov to keep dragging him away from the crowd.

Confused, he didn’t know who she was nor what did she want with him, but he was too weak to fight.

Leather Jacket Man

A human female in the dress of the Oed Police approached the two people. “What happened? Is he hurt?” she asked Romanov. “Tell me what happened. And bring him here. We have medical personnel on standby.” and she took the other side of the man to help move him…

The quiet, soft spoken woman, struggled under the wait of the man. “I don’t know. We were listening to the Governor and he suddenly bent over in pain. I didn’t see anyone hurt him, but there were a lot of people.” She straightened some as the other woman took half the weight and hurried toward the van and the police officer’s assistance.

Directly towards an Oed V Public Works Power panel truck.

“Ma’am, do you know his name? Where he is from? Can you tell me what happened?” the officer asked. “Here. Bring him here. He can lie down in here till the ambulance arrives. She opened the back of the truck and, with startling amount of strength, lifted the man up and onto the floor of the back of the truck. “Come, help me Miss.” and she gestured Romanov into the truck as well.

“William,” Eryn threw out the random name, “I think he is ill, he’s favoring his right side and moaning in pain.” Continuing to ‘struggle’ with the weight she heaved a sigh of relief as they reached the van. “Please help him.” There were one or two others from the protest nearby but seeing the man cared for by a woman who looked so obviously distraught over the man and a police officer, they continued on, assured everything was at hand. Eryn felt Vonn take the full weight of the man and then nodded, “Of course, Officer,” and climbed into the back of the van.

Sounds of protest came from the man’s mouth at the mention of the name ‘William’ but they were not clear enough to make sense of. He struggled slightly but not strongly enough to change his current predicament. Any telepath around him would sense genuine confusion, anger, and fear coming from him.

Once Romanov was inside, the police office dissolved and the familiar armored figure of Kodek Vonn was seated next to the prone man. They wasted no time. A strong jolt of electricity from one of their gloves coursed through the figure, a taser-like charge meant to subdue the worst the former bounty hunter had to deal with. He pounded on the wall of the truck and it began to move. Vonn then produced a small medical kit, opened it, and extracted a small device he pressed into the man’s arm and took a blood sample. Vonn next pulled a hypospray from their belt and pressed it to the man’s neck. A soft pop, and heavy sedative was delivered to the man, all in under thirty seconds.

The man’s eyes widened in terror as he saw the female police officer shifting into the Breen. Or was it because of the sudden electrical charge passing through his body? It was impossible to tell. Regardless, the heavy sedative took its effect and the man lost consciousness.

The Breen’s helmet swiveled to face Eryn. “Tricoder behind you. Check the sample against the database and let us see who our friend is. And not to worry, the truck is a Faraday cage. No signals out from here.” The Breen then held his other glove over the man and began a detailed scan to see if there was anything in or on his person that would need to be dealt with.

Vonn, CIA

The scan would show a human male in his late twenties, even though outwardly he looked to be much older. There was nothing out of the ordinary with the exception of what seemed to be a small neurostimulator implanted in his brain. At first sight it would look just like a regular medical device, but if further inspected it would be clear that the integrated circuitry had been crudely modified, providing readings somewhat similar to the cortical implants used by the Breen, but not entirely the same.

Eryn twisted and grabbed the tricorder, flipping it open, and placed the vial on the tricorder and started the scan.

“As soon as I disabled him, megaphone man’s behavior changed. It’s possible this man is a telepath or was being used as a telepathic relay. A telepathic suppressor will keep him from sending anything when he wakes, but that won’t stop another telepath from reading him.” She took several deep slow breaths, calming her mind and letting the intent and purpose slip away from her.

Eryn turned to the panel behind her, opened it, and plugged into a shielded comm relay to reach James, remembering to pick her accent back up. =/\=Ve need to identify zhe man at zhe protest. He vas mumbling about being paid credits. If he has already been paid, zhe techs at zhe varehouse can identify and trace zhe money.=/\=


=/\=Noted.=/\= Nicholas responded, though he didn’t hide that his curiosity was piqued.

-CIA Director

Eryn’s scan of the vial of blood would reveal all the expected readings of a human blood sample, although some readings would reveal that the man was not the most healthy of human specimens. There was no match for him on the database.

Leather Jacket Man

If the helmet could scowl, it would have. “Neurostimulator. Appears to be a crude copy of Breen technology. That is… problematic. Our physiology isn’t compatible with humans. And this individual is much younger than he looks.” The helmet swiveled to face Romanov. “Black market biotechnology and facial aging and modification, put in a crowd to incite and promote dissent and anti-government sentiment that didn’t exist a week ago.” and the synthesized voice was quiet for a moment before it said:

“This is an Intelligence operative. The question now is… whose?”

Vonn, CIA

Eryn scowled at the tricorder. “No match for him in our database and his health readings aren’t great. Being paid to feed his habits maybe? It says he’s human. Our database has no ID for him. We might be able to access other sources from the warehouse. But this Neurostimulator....could your friend Hashirk at the Plaza Exchange have an idea of where such things might be done? Or our Veterinary friend?” Eryn looked down passively at the unconscious man. “The techs should be able to track his movements from all the cameras and surveillance around the colony. Whoever he is, he will need to be interrogated.”

Romanov, CIA

The helmet swiveled to look down at the unconscious figure. “Hashirk would know… or could find out.” and it swiveled back to Romanov. “The issue then is one of extraction. Removing the device would require medical expertise that we simply do not have. And taking him to a hospital would mean questions.”

Vonn, CIA

Eryn was still and silent for a moment. “We’ll ask James. He’s been on Oed for quite some time, he should know someone. Taking him to the hospital is risky, but one of the doctors there may not be. Everyone knows about the protests and the shuttle attack. Asking them to remove such a dangerous device is not putting the prisoner at risk.” Eryn shrugged, “We’ll deal with it when it comes. For now we need to get him somewhere secure.” What Eryn wouldn’t give to be Vulcan right then.


There was a slight nod from the helmet and the Breen stripped the prisoner bare and began restraining him in ties and cuffs. Lastly, a black hood went over his head. “The fabric will prevent any use of telepathy as well as block any signals from the device.” they said as they turned and opened a panel in the truck’s wall. He pulled a plastic square out of it and tore open the packet to reveal a body bag. “Help me get him inside.” the voice said as they unfolded the bag and laid it on the floor of the truck’s cargo area next to the prone form.

Vonn, CIA

As Vonn stripped the man, Eryn searched him for any identifying marks they would use to identify him, scars, moles, twisted or damaged joints, tattoos, piercings and the like. Eryn pulled the zipper on the bag and flipped the two sides open. Kneeling by the man’s feet she leaned forward, grabbed him around the ankles and lifted moving his lower half to the bag. Tucking his legs in and then closing the bag. She had a fleeting comparison of a living and mostly uninjured body n a body bag and her nearly dead body in a Breen armor suit. She decided it wasn’t worth dwelling on.


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For the most part, the man looked unblemished. There were no visible tattoos or piercings. He did had a few moles sprinkled through his skin, the most distinct of them sitting on his right shoulder blade. He looked just like it would be expected of any regular human Federation citizen, with the exception of a 5cm scar on his left shoulder around his clavicle area. If scanned, the scar would prove to be about three years old and it would be consistent with a stab wound.

Leather Jacket Man

Eryn reached into one of the cabinets and pulled out a medical tricorder to scan the scar. Three years. They could see run medical records for Sacred Heart but there was no record of the man anyway, and Eryn’s own recent medical forays wouldn’t be listed at Sacred Heart. They would just have to wait and see if Hashirk or any other contacts she and Vonn had knew anything.

The utility truck moved along the streets in a steady manner, avoiding the crowds from the protest and the people heading to late starting shifts, running errands, and the every day movement of the colony. The truck turned and Eryn felt the vehicle slow down and come to a stop. There was a patterned knock on the truck panel that separated them from the cab. They had arrived at a black site. It wasn’t knew and it was not old. In the edges of an established residential section of the colony inside where the dome used to be. Crouched over, Eryn stepped toward the back door and opened it and jumped to the ground turning and stepping out of Vonn’s way.

There was other news that Eryn hadn’t had the opportunity to give Vonn either. Having just confirmed it the night before she hadn’t seen her elusive house mate. “When we have him secure, we need to talk.”


Nicholas waited inside for their… guest. He had thought better of previous plans and gone to meet his operatives. Like any black site it wasn’t much to look at, function over form. But it had a cage for whomever it was ready to receive him.

Once they were all inside, and the doors shut, Nicholas asked “Any leads on an ID?”

-CIA Director

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