Sacred Heart Hospital // Harris’s Room - The Mannings Come to Visit

Posted Sept. 29, 2022, 1:02 a.m. by General Calvin Harris (Command General- Colonial Customs and Defence Authority) (Jerome Davis)

Posted by Captain Amelia Manning (Visitor) in Sacred Heart Hospital // Harris’s Room - The Mannings Come to Visit
Six years had passed since they had last been on OED V, and a lot had changed during those six years. However, despite their absence, the Mannings’ estate was well managed and well taken care of, and even though the couple might not be present to use it, they enjoyed being able to lend it out to anyone that needed a place to stay. The place had a full staff on call if necessary, and as such, with Amelia having taken the opportunity to organize everything during their week long journey, when the group arrived to the mansion, it looked like the Mannings had never left.

Still, Pete and Amelia allowed for a day or two to pass before making their way to see Calvin, not wanting to get in the way of family visits. Which was why, it was the middle of the second week after the incident when the couple finally made it to Sacred Heart.

With their names on the list that Molly had given the medical staff before hand, they went through the security protocols with no issue whatsoever.

“Knock knock!” Amelia said peeking through the door before walking in with Peter following her inside. A grin lighting up her face as she saw Cal sitting on the biobed. He looked well considering, and much better than what Manning had imagined. The relief showed in her features.

“Oh my God, it’s so nice to see you!” The words were genuine, with no sarcasm or jokes, as she walked around the bed to hug her former Commanding Officer. “How are you doing? You look great!”

Capt. Amelia Manning

Calvin beamed at his former Exec, his eyes misting very slightly. “Amelia! Peter! Goddamn it’s good to see you both!” As he spoke, Boomer made a beeline for Amelia… almost running into her but stopped at the last moment before gently rubbing his head on her stomach. Calvin motioned to a young redheaded woman in a hoodie and jeans. “Amelia… Peter… this is my daughter, Alexis. Ali… this is Captain Amelia Manning… my Exec on the Dresden and her husband…” He paused and said with a slight nod. “… Lord Peter Manning. Lord Manning worked in Starfleet before deciding the life of a college professor better suited him.” There was a big smile on Calvin’s face as Peter rolled his eyes and offered Ali his hand. “It’s nice to meet you Alexis…” Peter said warmly and Ali immediately blushed. “… your father’s always spoken fondly of you. He’s incredibly proud of you.”

Ali blushed brighter still and smiled. “Please, my Lord, it’s just Ali.” There was a brief pause before Ali said rather sheepishly to Amelia after she looked down at herself, obviously embarrassed. “I do apologize, m’Lady, had Daddy mentioned I would be meeting nobles today… I’d have put more thought into my attire.”


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