Sloane Square- Saturday Farmer's Market

Posted Sept. 29, 2022, 3:49 p.m. by Lieutenant Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) in Sloane Square- Saturday Farmer’s Market

Posted by Lieutenant Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) in Sloane Square- Saturday Farmer’s Market

Posted by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) in Sloane Square- Saturday Farmer’s Market
Before the planetary shield was in place and the colony existed under the first dome, Sloan Square was dead centre. Open, park-like, it was the place from which the administration of the colony circled around. Eela had observed when she first arrived that if you did administration, or worked at the hospital or the new university, you would pass through or close to the square on a pretty regular basis, and thus she saw it as the heart of the public spaces. There were plenty of places to sit, including grassy areas, all nestled amongst water features and planters full of plants and flowers.

One of the larger spaces allowed for the market to be erected every Saturday (just as Tenkiller had said), and the wide variety of vendors sold everything from produce to gourmet food items, to arts and crafts, and, as Fayth had pointed out, plants as well. There were also food stalls and as Eela stepped out of the slider with her new detail in place, she took in the medley of sights, smells and sounds. It was fantastic.

A part of her would just like to be just a woman going about some shopping but the reality was that even now dressed casually in stretch blue slacks and a loose boatneck sweater in black, she was still the Lieutenant Governor and people would still expect her to be that even if she were more approachable. Still, that didn’t preclude her from having downtime or a personal life and so she was intent on making the most of this precious time she had available to her.

Looking about, her mind settled on the one familiar presence and she grinned as she stepped towards Sharah, a bag with more cloth bags draped over the crook of her arm. She might not be moving energetically today, but she was sans cane and walking smoothly. “Morning,” she greeted warmly.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

The raven haired doctor had only arrived a a handful of minutes earlier, crossing the park from the hospital side. She had taken the time to she’d her lab coat and change from her uniform into heather grey leggings and a knee length sweater dress with a wide collar the opened asymmetrically across her right shoulder and crapped over the opposite. She carried a solid bottom basket stuffed with other cloth bags. Sharah had felt the distinct presence of Eela Dacos approaching the square. Around her the presences were different. She had a new security detail today. The presences were different, unique, but their focus and mentality were the same as security everywhere. She could tell no more from the well trained individuals. Much like standing two people side by side and by vision alone know they were not the same person, but specifics were unattainable with just a brief glance.

Feeling the woman wanted to be just herself, she’d the mantle of Lt Gov if only for just a moment, to be seen as a person and not the job, Sharah smiled warmly and addressed her by name. “Eela. Good morning,” She took and squeezed both the woman’s hands in a welcoming and warm friendly manner. “Isn’t this wonderful? I’m not sure where to start. But I think I smelled coffee and hot chocolate coming from that direction, and pastry.” Her eyes danced, a rare moment of care freeness she wasn’t used to having.


Eela squeezed Sharah’s hands briefly in return and the whole exchange felt very reminiscent of her childhood on Halii. She had been so used to maintaining a careful distance, especially on duty, that it really did feel nice to broach that touch barrier and feel connection with someone. “Onwards to the coffee! And then we get to do that thing that other people do. I think they call it meandering…” she said, her eyes alit.

“You may have to slow me down. I’m not sure I remember how to not rush from place to place.” While the sentiment was accurate, by way of her gifts Sharah’s gait fell into step of length and speed of Eela’s. Even without her empathic abilities, Sharah still would have allowed Eela to choose the pace they set. It was difficult to turn off ‘Dr Fayth’ but it was near impossible for Sharah to not be the caring, comforting, empathetic person she was.

Moving towards a sister-stand to the coffee stall outside the Government Tower, Eela simply joined the line, turning to Fayth, her plain-clothes security unobtrusive but close by with all the people milling about. “So, other than this market, any plans for today?”


Stepping into the line, which was moving a pace considering the crowd, Sharah gave it some thought. “I have rounds this afternoon to check in with a couple of patients, and after that, I’m supposed to be off duty. Unless there is an emergency or some situation that requires me to be there. I hope not though, Cmdr Woods and I are supposed to be cooking tonight.” The mention of the chief science officer brought with it a deep well of love and affection that was obvious in both Sharah’s feelings and on her expression, as well as peacefulness. At the mention of cooking though her face took on an almost child like delight. At the cart she ordered a hot chocolate, paid and moved out of the way for the next person. “What about you? Any other plans other than shopping?”


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