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Urg nodded to the desk and said “Comm panel is there. Secured. Call him. See what he says. I’ll be outside.” and the giant form rose from his chair and walked out without another word.

Urg, Lod Duroc

In the chair, Eela sat there for a moment and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. This week might just do her in… and yet, even as she thought that, she knew she was made of sterner stuff. And every word she had said to Luis Vargas had bene honest. Was is strange to think of him as her crew? Even if technically he was still a Starfleet officer, she knew every part of him had given that up. And that was okay. But still… she had been honest that she would fight for him however she could. It began right now.

Rising, she moved to the large desk and sat down, accessing the comm system. Eela confirmed it was indeed secure and put in the call to Kenzo’s office, suspecting it might raise a brow or two at the Governor’s offices.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

The first face to appear was that of Hyrushi’s receptionist, Dorma Fen. She began speaking =/\= Good afternoon, Lord Duro- =/\= and thenher eyes opened slightly in surprise. =/\= Oh! Lieutenant Governor Dasca! I’m so sorry, the comm said it was coming from Lord Duroc at the House Duroc Embassy. How may I help you, Capatain? =/\=

Fen, Governor’s Aide

=/\=I understand the confusion, so no worries. I am calling from Lord Duroc’s office. There is an urgent situation I was called in to deal with and I need to speak with the Governor immediately. It shouldn’t take too long, but I want to fill him in before anything hits the public more than it might have already,=/\= she said, the perfect image of calm and in control.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Fen arched an eyebrow and then gave the Lieutenant Governor a conspiratorial smile. =/\= If you are referring to the ‘miscommunication’ that happened at your location earlier, the Governor is aware. He is actually on a call about it right now, but I believe you mave some more current information; so please allow me to interrupt that call. If I am not mistaken, I believe there was interference on the line.=/\= and the screen shifted to a holding icon.

Oh great, someone got to talk to him before her. But there was little she could have done about that. But she couldn’t help but smile At Fen’s method of interrupting Hyrushi’s current call. Let no one be fooled, her and Kenzo had power, yes, but it was the assistants who controlled the show. And she was grateful for each and every one of them.

A few moments later, the face of the Governor filled the screen, seemingly nonplussed as was normal. =/\= Eela… it is good to hear from you. I trust you have been in talks with Lord Duroc concerning the…” and he made a blatant motion of lifting a PaDD and accidentally showing her a headline from one of the colony’s more sensationalist ‘news’ outlets as he read aloud “… ‘egregious overstep and blatant abuse of well-respected diplomatic relations by Star Fleet ‘Security’ officials.’” and he looked at her and added, “And yes, they put quotes around Security. Please tell me this happened on one of Lord Durocs good days? I don’t relish a religious war being started before tea.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Dasca snorted. =/\=Well, fortunately for me we seem to have an understanding. As for the situation, let me fill you in…=/\= she said before walking him through the unfolding of events and the speculation from Duroc that was hard to dismiss. She tried to contain that spark of fury when she relayed how Vargas was treated, but it still showed briefly in her eyes.

Once she laid it out, Eela huffed. “I am definitely going to be talking to our Lieutenant Commander who instigated the incident and he’s not going to like that conversation, I assure you, but if Lord Duroc is even a tiny bit right, we’re on shaky ground, Kenzo. One misstep would be all it took. I am in agreement that a calm statement from him and I is the best next step to take, but in the background we have a whole lot of ways that things are precarious.=/\= She leaned in towards the screen. =/\=Someone is playing a long game and is steps ahead of us. My being new allows for things to slip under the radar because there was a gap in leadership. I can fix that, but not if I don’t know what damage has already been done.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Kenzo was silent a moment and then gave a small but brief smile. =/\= Welcome to Oed V, Lieutenant Governor. First rule is that thee is always someone or some someones trying to disrupt our barren little paradise. But yes… this is concerning, and I am never one to dismiss Lord Duroc’s intuitions when it comes to subterfuge. He has survived over a hundred assassination attempts, after all. =/\= and he smiled again briefly.

=/\= Make your statement, Captain. Sooner rather than later. I agree that it should not sound reactionary, but more as a mild surprise that the situation was blown out of proportion. I trust you and Lord Duroc to craft an appropriate response. When you finish there, I think a meeting with some of our Law Enforcement and Intelligence personnel is in order. My office in three hours. I would recommend your new Fleet Security Director attend as well. This does, after all, effect us all. See you then, Eela. =/\= and the screen went blank.

Hyrushi, Governor

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