Plaza Exchange - A Night On The Town

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Posted by Civilian Yavia Crockett (Nurse - Sacred Heart Hospital) in Plaza Exchange - A Night On The Town

Posted by Major General Charles Tenkiller (Vice-Commander, Colonial Customs and Defense Agency) in Plaza Exchange - A Night On The Town
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Tenkiller smiled and chuckled softly as he looked down and tapped the rim of his glass with his finger. “You know, I worked with a few Deltans in my time in Star Fleet. And I’ll be honest… I always found that whole vow of celibacy thing to seem more like a defense mechanism than an actual need. One of my Security officers on the Chimera was Deltan, and he felt much the same way you do. But between the Deltan official stance and Star Fleet regulations, he was forced to take that vow. And he hated it. He fell in love with another member of the crew, and it was reciprocated. But they couldn’t do anything about it unless they both left Star Fleet. They asked for special permission and it was declined.” and he shook his head with a syern look on his face. “I really think those two could made it of it wasn’t for bureaucratic nonsense.”


Yavia looked sad for a moment, but her hand flexed as if she thought someone needed to be out right decked in the mouth. “I am very sorry for your friends. What you describe, denying two people deeply in love and wanting to make a commitment, even briefly, is considered a great crime on Delta. I considered joining Star Fleet in order to leave my homeworld to practice medicine, but I refused to take a vow that I knew I didn’t believe in. I understand the historical necessity of such rules. When we Deltans first encountered the Federation rumors of our skills and telepathy and our penchant for indulging our senses in pleasure was far exaugurated and created problems and conflict. But to leave it in place or to put such a strict restriction.” She shook her head. “Was no necessary. The Deltan government wanted to believe that because our race was older that we must be superior and so acted as such. I don’t believe it. Yes there are risks that should not be ignored, but you have the same risks with Vulcan mind melds, which are very common, and intimate relations with Betazoids or Haliians. Humans are not an inherently telepathic race, but that does not mean they are weak of mind or spirit.”


One of several reasons I left Star Fleet. For an organization based on the principle of the self-determination of sentient beings, they do tend to try and direct that determination how they want it to go.” Tenkiller said with a hint of acid in his words. “Individuals should be able to forge their own path for themselves. And if some of those individuals want to make a life with others, as long as everyone is of an age to make an informed choice, then so be it. As Star Fleet and the Federation, we aren’t supposed to judge. We aren’t supposed to dictate. But yet… here we are.” he took a sip and looked at Yavia and smiled. “Maybe if you had been able to Join Star Fleet, we would have met in entirely different circumstances. Of course, that wouldn’t guarantee the bat.” and he winked.


“Did you know that to use my natural ability to remove pain, a Deltan officer has to have consent of the CMO, the patient or their proxy, and the CO. No, I don’t think Star Fleet was ever a good place for me. Ah but if I had, I would have been strictly prohibited from doing this.” Yavia reached a hand across the table. Gentle, but work worn, from nursing the sick and batting practice. She laid her hand in his, and there was nothing but the warmth of another’s touch. “See not so scary is it? Just two people holding hands, but Delta and the Federation assume I have no self control and neither do you. It could be much more,” her brown eyes stared into is, a teasing question and maybe a dare, “if we wanted it to be, or not if that is what we decided.”


Tenkiller grinned as his fingers tightened just slightly around hers and he said “But that should be left up to us to decide. Not some faceless administrator millions of miles away… right?” At that moment a server arrived to take the plates and refill the glasses, but Tenkiller didn’t look away or budge; he just kept looking back at Yavia.


Yavia smiled, a look that conveyed understanding of points of view. “Right.” She was aware of the server arriving and refilling her glass, but her attention was given completely to the man across from her. She leaned forward slightly and moved her glass with her other hand from where the server had sat it back down. All the while holding his gaze. Then the server moved on. “So now you know the particulars about my name. What other information would you like?”


Tenkiller stared at her for a long moment and then slid slightly closer to her and said, very softly, “Everything. Tell me everything about you.”


Was that anticipation that ran from her palm to his as her cheeks turned rosy? Her voice was just as soft as his. “Everything will take more time than we have in an evening.”

“Indulge me as much as you can, then.” he replied with a smile.

Her eyes searched his for a long moment. “There is a reason Dr Fayth chose me for the security ward. Because I have a history of becoming attached to my patients, of becoming too compassionate and too involved. I won’t step aside or back down from what is best for my patient, even if the family doesn’t agree. Especially anyone trying to harm them. To the point it has gotten me into difficult situations.”

“Oh, I can empathize with that. Thats how I ended up leaving Star Fleet.”

“My passion is end of life care, no matter the age of the patient. To give enjoyment and comfort where everything seems so bleak. To listen to the stories they have to share when no one else will, but it took a lot out of me. I gave too much of myself to it and I left my position when my last patient passed on.”

Tenkiller said nothing, but gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

“I hate shopping in the way most Deltans do. If I have a specific goal or purchase to be made I can spend all day, but I find it annoying and inane to simply wander from shop to shop with no purpose.”

Tenkiller chuckled and said “I’d normally agree, but I think the right company can help.”

“I adore long hot baths with bathbombs because I like the way they fizz and bubble against my skin. It is something I do for simple indulgence and just for me because I can.”

“I’m more of a hot shower followed by a cold bath guy, myself.” Tenkiller said with a shrug.

“I have never had a pet, but I think I would like having one if I didn’t work so much. Perhaps a beagle. My great great grandfather had 3 of them.”


Charles smiled at that. “We always had animals. Dogs, cats, horses, pigs, goats, cattle… I don’t remember a time I didn’t have animals growing up. Haven’t had any since I left, though.” and he felt a pang of homesickness. He hadn’t thought of the animals in years, and a shock of guilt followed the homesick feeling. “Wow… thats a memory long quiet.”


Her fingers curled more firmly around his. “Share it with me,” she recognized homesickness, felt her self at times even though she chose to leave. “But only if you wish.”


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