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Urg’s face took on a somber and serious look. “I want what is best for the people of Oed V. And I am willing to dedicate time, personnel, and resources to that. As you represent the line between lawfulness and chaos, you are important to the people. And so… you are important to me. When I learned of the attack on you, I knew that I could not stand by an do nothing. As I am sure you would disapprove of me and my associates finding the party who invaded your home, nor would appreciate a retinue of Warriors guarding you, it was decided that we would do the next best thing. Ensure that you were trained and equipped to deal with anyone who should deem it necessary to try and force their will on you. Now then…” and he took a step back and gestured at the room and everyone in it.

She practically snorted at the idea of having even more of a security entourage than she already had. The small retinue she had already made her feel like a spectacle. He was right though, she would not feel comfortable with vigilante justice and Astrid appreciated that he understood that about her.

“This is now yours to use however and whenever you like. And there will always be someone aboard who can take the time to spar with you, teach you techniques and train you to use any weapon you can think of.” He reached into his belt and pulled out a small metal disk with the House Duroc crest on it. “Take this.” and he held it out to her. “It is a two-fold gift. First, should you find yourself in the presence of anyone of my House, this will show that you are a friend of House Duroc. Second… it is a transporter beacon. Twist the top half to the left and it activates. When the signal is received, my Security teams know that you need aid. A shuttle, or indeed this vessel if need be, will be sent to your location and you will be beamed aboard. Your Police Commissioner has one as well… as does his wife. House Duroc holds it friends close, Justice. And no… there is no reciprocity expected. As a friend of this House, we will never put you in position to lose your honor.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

There were very few things that left Astrid speechless. Very few things touched her gentle heart hidden deep underneath a lifetime of skepticism, emotional discipline, and experience with duplicity. This did. She took the metal disk in hand and looked down at the crest. She held it reverently, understanding the deep honor he had just bestowed upon her. Had he not mentioned reciprocity, she would have never taken the gift but he had, putting her mind at least somewhat at ease concerning the hidden dangers behind such a gift. Her job demanded that she never favor someone or something to the detriment of the law she so carefully and studiously guarded. It seemed Lord Duroc understood this.

Slowly she nodded, returning her blue eyes to his. “I…” She cleared her throat and continued. “I am greatly honored by your friendship Lord Duroc. This is a mighty gift indeed. I will gladly count you as my friend as you count me as one of yours.”

Then she turned to the others gathered. “Shall we drink on it then?”

Rousseau, HotJ

Urg grinned… not a wholly pleasant act to anyone observing it, but it was at least genuine. “Indeed.” and he looked at Dri’Hul who simply turned and went to a Abington and brought back a bottle and glasses, pouring a bright blue liquid in each. “Romulan ale.” Urg said and grinned again. “Yeah yeah yeah… illegal in Federation space blah blah blah. This is a Klingon vessel, Justice. And according to OED law, we maintain the ship as a temporary embassy. And this-” and he raised his glass to her, “- is legal in the Empire.” He then laughed and yelled “A toast! To the Chief Justice! May her wisdom and judgement be as as precise and effective as her punches!” and the assembled raised their glasses in turn.

Lord Duroc

Astrid laughed. She appreciated that he made sure not to do anything illegal in front of her and to be cognizant of her worries. She took a glass as it was offered. She had not had Romulan ale in a long time. Her glass was raised in good spirits with everyone else. “And to Lord Duroc who’s friendship, and by extension all of yours, is indeed a boon to this far too stiff and straight laced lady.”

Rousseau, HotJ

The large Scandanavian man laughed. “You think you’re stiff now, wait till tomorrow. You’re gonna feel like you really were beat up.” and he grinned and then threw back an entire glass, downing it like it was water. Urg laughed and looked at Astrid. “I have seen that man drink five Klingons under the table… in a row, not at once. I sometimes think he isn’t human at all.” and he roared with laughter again.


She grinned and drank a good large gulp of the liquid. Romulan ale was not her favorite beverage, but she didn’t mind it. Astrid nodded. “Oh I imagine I am going to feel it quite keenly Big Man. I took tomorrow off and the second day. ITs always worse the second day. I think I will be making use of a masseuse and my hot tub. What do you do to recover?”

Rousseau, HotJ

Sven lifted another glass and said “You’re looking at it, Judge.” and he winked at her. “Although a hot tub sounds good, too. Maybe we coul-” and his voice was cut off by a massive Kling9n hand falling heavily on his shoulder. “She is the Chief Justice of the colony, not a strumpet.” Urg said and Sven winced as the hand squeezed the shoulder. “Yes M’Lord. Apologies, Your Honor.” and he grinned past gritted teeth. “But intelligent and beautiful women have always been my undoing.” he added quickly before stepping back and giving Urg a small grin and a shrug.

“Incorrigible.” Urg said and chuckled.

Urg, Lord Duroc

Astrid laughed heartily and shook her head with chagrin. It wasn’t often she was flirted with and she liked it even if it might never go anywhere. “Only intelligence and beauty are your undoing? Surely a quick wit, a strong will, and the physical prowess to best you in a sparring match would also be your undoing. Yes…” She said with a grin. “I imagine there are many aspects of women that could be your undoing.”

Rousseau, HotJ


Breathing women are his undoing.” Urg said and laughed. Sven shrugged and said “He isn’t really wrong.” and smiled and walked over to confer with the other trainers. Urg looked at the group and then down at Astrid. “Justice, I can provide you with a security detail, if you wish. And something subtle, not a force of armed Klingons equipped for battle.” and he thought for a moment. “Although that would be a deterrent, wouldn’t it.” and he looked at her and winked. “But the offer remains. I know the Oed Police offered as well, but i wanted you to know that you… have friends. We, my House, want to see Oed thrive. And the rule of law is paramount to that.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

She shook her head ruefully and looked up at Lord Duroc as his tone turned more serious. His offer was a good one and she would be stupid to refuse, especially considering the unrest as of late. She could tell that he was being genuine. His concern for her was real enough to him that he projected it. Astrid reached up and touched the large Klingon’s arm. “How can I say no to that.” she replied softly, more a statement than a question.

She gave him a soft smile and squeezed his arm a bit before dropping her own. “You will need to coordinate that with the Chief though. I don’t want conflicting Security staff. And I would want to meet each of them so I know who they are when they are watching over me and I will have final say over each one. If I do not trust my staff, I cannot feel safe enough to be me and do my work.”

Rousseau, HotJ

“So shall it be.” Urg said and then looked up at the trainers. “Get me the list right away.” and Sven nodded once and turned and left the gym. Urg looked at Astrid and said “I will send the list of candidates to you and you can select whom you wish. And I will speak to Karlson in person and make sure we are not getting in each other’s way. Once you have your potential candidates selected, we will set up a time for you to meet them at your home. You will have the final say in who works for you, absolutely.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

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