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To Those Interested:

The Oed University is offering a 2 week stay for anyone interested at one of the archaeological dig sites outside of Oed’s Dome City. Training and tools will be provided. Please pack enough for a couple week’s stay outside of the city.

This 2 week trip can count towards credit to your own degree at Oed University! Housing, food, and drink are all provided.

Please sign up with Nathan Carlisle either in person in the archaeology wing or via communique to his office. He can answer any questions you may have as well! We look forward to the trip and what you may discover!

Archaeology Department, Oed University

It was perfect! She needed a lab credit for her degree program and classes hadn’t yet started, so she could accomplish this while she was waiting. Kristina headed on over to the archae wing after a brief meeting with one of her future professors and, after a couple minutes looking for his office, knocked on his door.

~Kristina Cosgrove

OOC: Linds, if you want to RP this out, we can split from this reply. Snip and all that. :)

IC: Within the confines of his new office, Nathan Carlisle was leaning back in his chair having already read and replied to responses to his invite for the dig. He had requisitioned proper equipment, and still needed to do some detailed recording of some new artifacts that had been found. However, as he was about to stand up, a knock resounded on his door. As any proper gentleman should, he moved to open the door.

“Ah, hello there,” he said with a kind smile. “How can I help you?”

Ragna was not happy she missed Bømlo, but she ached for Scotland. She hated this alien planet, but this was where she was. She tried to make the best of it, and she had more than enough work to do for the clan to keep her busy till she died, and her work for the actual colony. The notice of the archology dig brought a sense of excitement and in typical Ragna fashion, she didn’t think about it. She signed up, despite whether she should or not. “”Seamus! I’m gonna be gone for two weeks. The university is sponsoring an archeology dig.”

Ragna McKenzie

A deep Scottish brogue boomed from another room bellowed “Aye, ‘cause it’s not like ye dunnae have enough goin’ on here that ya need ta be rootin’ around in that dirt fer weeks!” and then there was a pause.

“Take that blasted sheep with ya!”

Seamus, Ecology and Conservation

A message appeared in Nathan’s console.

Prof Carlisle.
I hope that preparations for your excavation are going well. Are there any materials, equipment, gear, or whatnot that you still need? Please let me know directly or you can submit the request through the finance department.

If you still need volunteers, we can send out the notice through the colony media channels.

Director Enger

Enger, ED

After having spoken with Kristina, Nathan had decided to let the director know of additional supplies they might need. Tents, food, water. Much of the proper equipment for excavation and care of artifacts were already within his wing of the university. He was also sure to thank her for her assistance.

Zerbo was online and checking out the university. He was doing OK in his new job but wanted something else to do for a bit. A way to recharge his batteries and learn something new. He stumbled upon the Archaeology site and the posting. “Intriguing.” He began to send the proper message to the Professor Carlisle and CC Director Enger.

Dear University Staff:

I wish to be part of this expedition. I am not a registered student however I will gladly pay the required fees plus some more to cover costs of two students. I will behave and I will learn and take direction. For what it is worth, you have my word on that. Thank you for the consideration.

Director of Finance for OED V (or whatever it was that the Governor told him)



The director of finance? he asked himself curiously. He raised an eyebrow as he made a reply to Zerbo. “If that is your desire than it is hereby granted.” he typed along with the intended start date.

-Nathan Carlisle, Archaeology Professor

OOC: I greatly apologize for the massive delay in starting this PRSIM. It has been a heck of a time the last few months. Anyone else wishing to join, now would be a great time to comment here! I’ll be making an introduction/beginning to the new PRSIM after the weekend.


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