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She was about to answer when the bartender gained her attention, now free to cater to her as a customer. Astrid smiled warmly. “A martini please, double, extra olives.”

As he turned to work on her drink order, she turned her smile to Conrad. “I needed a change of scenery. I have been at work and home pretty much exclusively and though my home is relaxing and lovely… it is a bit lonely and quiet. Sometimes it is nice to be around other people and in a more chaotic place. Refresh the mind and indulge the senses.”

Rousseau, HotJ

Michael looked her over once and grinned. “So you were a bit bored eh?”

She flashed him a grin. “You could say that. One can only look at legal briefs for so long before one needs a change of pace.” It had been far too long since she had left the safety of her home and work and she needed to stretch out. The feeling of being cooped up had started to gnaw at her over the last month. She had ignored it until the feeling had made her leave her house and come out to this place.

He turned, his back to the bar as his elbows rest on the ledge. “Its funny. There are times I wish my life was much less chaotic. Don’t get me wrong, I love having fun, but it would be nice if the trouble would leave me alone.”

“It would be nice if trouble would leave OED V alone. Then maybe I wouldn’t work so hard.” It was hard to be sardonic with loud music and people shouting at each other to be heard, but somehow she accomplished it.

He then looked back at her and then hollered to the bartender. “Rum and coke for me!”

Then speaking to Astrid, “The basics are always nice. So you came here to be around other people eh? You meeting any friends here? Or was this more of an experiment?” he inquired.

“This is the first time I have come in here, but I have passed it a few times and liked the music so I thought I would come in tonight. You could say this is an experiment though. I don’t know if a bar is my scene. To be honest, I am a bit of a workaholic and I don’t know what my scene is outside Juris.”

Her drink appeared beside her and the rum and coke beside it. With obvious pleasure, she picked out one of the soaked olives and popped it in her mouth.

It had been far too long since Karina had done anything that wasn’t related to the schools and university. It took up most of her time, but tonight she had nothing requiring her immediate attention. Not wanting to sit in her apartment, Karina changed into a calf-length grey skirt with a lot of sway and bounce to it and sleeveless lavender blouse. Then she headed out, wandering the now open dome and staring out at the sky that could now be seen. Oed V had been a temporary assignment when she’d arrived over a year ago, but the colony and people had quickly grown on her and now this was home. She wandered the streets a bit speaking to those she knew. Eventually she found herself outside the Night Club. It wasn’t something she usually found herself doing, but with a shrug and a grin she pushed the door open and went inside.

The lights assaulted her eyes a moment before she blinked them to adjust to the brightness after the dark outside. The music was loud but she liked it even though it might make communication a little tricky. She glanced around as she made her way over to the bar where she slid onto a stool to wait for the bartender.


The bartender strolled up with two drinks already in hand. “And what would you like to start off with my dear?” he said with a genuine smile.

Karina was looking at the bottles behind the bar considering when the bartender came by. She gave him her order, but it wasn’t heard over the noise, her voice too quiet. She cleared her throat, touching her neck to check if she felt the vibration in her voice enhancer and then spoke again. “A Lemon Drop Martini, please,” she asked with a smile in return.

Hoka watched the billiards game with enthusiasm. He always wanted to learn the game but never could because they don’t make poll tables low enough for him. He sipped on his local brew, which was actually pretty good. He overhead the comment about business and Latium.


Meanwhile Kanok finished his game and then moved off to a table of his own. He pulled up a menu padd and scrolled through the dishes of the evening.

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparow CO


screw it Hoka said to himself. He put his drink down and went over to the pool table. He pulled a chair up so he could stand on it and rack the balls like he saw the guy before do. This was going to be difficult, he thought.


Karina glanced around the bar as she waited for her drink. She saw a few familiar faces from around the colony, but not anything that really drew her attention at the moment. She could hear the sound of a pool table in the next section and more conversation and noise coming from the opposite direction. By the bar seemed to give the most advantage to see what was going on.


Hoka kept playing and even took off his suit Blazer to get more comfortable. He was really starting to just have fun for once. Nothing could ruin this moment for him he thought.

Zerbo walls into the bar and after a very brief hesitation at the door to find the bar, he walks over and says, “A bottle of Port, the older the better my good man.” He then noticed Enger there. “Well hello Miss Enger. Fancy meeting you here.” He put up a fat hand in opposition. “I am just here to get a drink and relax. Nothing more. Honest.” She could tell he was more relaxed and not nearly as arrogant as he used to be and that he was actually telling the truth.

Karina did not have the smoothest acquaintance with DaiMon Zerbo. He was pushy, arrogant, and thought he could boss her around. She much preferred his assistant DaiMon Hoka. They had quite a lucrative business arrangement and she considered him a friend. She knew that the Governor had met with Zerbo and could surmise that an arrangement had been made because the small, round Ferengi speaking to her had not returned to the school to threaten her again.

“Good Evening, Mr. Zerbo.” She glanced about the area with a shrug, “It seems a good place for drinks and relaxation tonight if you like a crowd.”

But he was wrong as he saw the fat Ferengi walking in and going to the bar. “By Princess Celestia what is that fat gorbon doing here! A whole planet and he walks into a small dive bar where I am at!” He was just ranting to himself.




Her eyebrows rose as she heard the Ferengi make a comment as he came in about Hoka playing pool. She rolled her eyes as she chewed her olive, having dealt with them a lot in the last few months. Hopefully the Ferengi would shut up and leave him alone.

Rousseau, HotJ



“Yes Miss Enger. A good place indeed.” Looking around and seeing how some of the beings were reacting to him and not Hoka, he knew the time was not right yet to be in public. After all its only been a few days gassy he denounced the Ferengi Alliance and to up a job to help this planet and even fewer people knew of that. Not even Hoka. He picked up his drink and downed it with one swallow and gave the bartender a hundred for his troubles. Bowing to Miss Enger. “But it not a good day for me yet. I haven’t earned it. Goodnight Miss Enger.” He bowed again and didn’t even wait for a response and left.


“Good night, Mr Zerbo.” Karina thought the behavior very strange indeed. Zerbo didn’t strike her as the type to retreat, but perhaps he had not found what he was looking for at first glance? She didn’t know him well enough, nor was she so inclined, to inquire to as what might or might not be going on with him.

Hoka was walking over when he caught the tale end of the discussion and was worried a bit. That didn’t seem like him at all. He walked up to Enger. “What was that all about?”


Seeing the familiar presence of another Ferengi, Karina turned on the stool and smiled. “Hoka, how pleasant to see you.” She glanced at the door where Zerbo had exited. “I have no idea. He came in, ordered some old Port, told me he was here for a drink and to rela…relax, ‘honest’. I agreed this was a good place for such things. He downed his drink and left.” She shrugged confused by the behavior. “What brings you here tonight?”


“Oh! Wow. That is not like him at all. I will go and see him tomorrow. He actually looked.... sad. And oh. I have been here for an hour. Learning to play pool....I think that is what it is called, or Mallards or Billyards. Something like that. It is fun so far.” Turning to the bartender. “I will have a bottle of what Mr. Zerbo just had please. ” Turning back around to Enger. “Sorry about that. Zerbo always had great taste in Port. But how are you doing tonight madam. It is also great to see you again.”


“I am sure Mr. Zerbo has great taste in many things.” Though how often he would splurge on such things Karina wasn’t sure. “I remember trying to play once in my youth. I am very bad at it. The university students seem found though, and have re…requested tables be placed in the student lounges.” Karina took a sip of her martini with a shrug. “A free evening away from planning and schedules and budgets, and requisitions, and hiring. I have almost forgotten what it was like to go out and be social. And yourself Hoka? How are things going? How is the Zoo?”


“Any evening away from the downing atmosphere of work is welcomed. I would be happy to purchase the tables for the students. Just send me the ones you think is right and I will pay it. But to get back to wear you said. We need to recharge after all the work we do. How do you feel about giving the teachers and higher staff a paid two week vacation that they can go to anywhere, to be used every six months?”


Karina tipped her head from side to side. “I was thinking finding the tables and the funds might be a good project for the economic and business students. As for the rest, I say come by my officer later. I’m not working right now.” She smiled, “Though paid vacation is always welcome.”


“Oh. Sorry. I am used to throwing money at things. Yes! Great idea for them to learn. And my mouth is quite about work.” He made a motion with his hand as if locking his mouth with a lock and throwing away the key.


Karina waved a hand in dismissal. “I don’t mind talking about work too much, but for the topic you suggest I would need access to my files and I don’t really want to walk all the way home and back to get it.” She lifted her glass and took a sip of the sweet-sour drink. “You do tend to throw money at things. How are your other endeavors going, Hoka? Are they still turning a nice profit for you?”


She finished her olive and sipped her drink. “What about you Captain Conrad? Is this a usual haunt or an experiment?”

Rousseau, HoTJ

OOC: I know this thread took off while I was away, so I thought I would inject myself back in at this point. :P

IC: Conrad leaned on the counter, his eyes on Astrid as he grinned at her question. “You know, I don’t typically do ‘a usual’ anything. Place, drink, food. Best to keep people guessing. Don’t get me wrong, I make my rounds to places I enjoy, but I do love trying new things.” Perhaps there was a hint of flirtiness to what he was saying? How she took it was fine with him, so long as he was able to keep her interest.

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparrow CO

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