Connections Make a Populated Colony Feel Like a Little Village

Posted Nov. 9, 2022, 8:58 p.m. by Civilian Samikah Jaxsyn (Administrative Assistant, Medical & Social Services) (Mika Jackson)

Posted by Civilian Aiofemi T. Oshiro (Director of Medical and Social Services) in Connections Make a Populated Colony Feel Like a Little Village
Ai walked into her new office at Sacred Heart Hospital and took a moment to assess it. It was built with fresh air and health as a priority. Fresh air from the outside arrived in floor vents and left through the ceiling directly above, lowering the risk of exposure to potential airborne extraterrestrial viruses. The building itself was a different kind of medical supplement to complement the precise delivery of healthcare to the citizens of the colony. She wasn’t certain how she would split her time between her two offices, the other office being at the Government Building, but she was grateful she had the option to do so.
Mikah walked in after her carrying two laptop-sized PaDDs. She handed one to Ai, the other she placed on the desk as she walked over to it and began typing on a seemingly invisible keyboard. It took Ai a moment to realize that the keyboard was a state-of-the-art wireless laser projection Bluetooth virtual keyboard that acted very much like a real one in that you could shift it around the desk as needed.

Ai Oshiro, DMSS

“I am going to get you all set up.” She said as a holographic display monitor appeared in thin air. Her eyes never left the monitor as she continuedspeaking to Ai. “You already have some work. A transmission was sent from the Governors’ offices. You must review it and send back a response.”

Mikah, Admin Assistant DMSS

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