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Posted by Civilian Eryn Romanov (Colonial Intelligence Agent) in Attack at City Center: Four Days Later - Target Extraction) // TAG CIA and anyone interested

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For the most part, the man looked unblemished. There were no visible tattoos or piercings. He did had a few moles sprinkled through his skin, the most distinct of them sitting on his right shoulder blade. He looked just like it would be expected of any regular human Federation citizen, with the exception of a 5cm scar on his left shoulder around his clavicle area. If scanned, the scar would prove to be about three years old and it would be consistent with a stab wound.

Leather Jacket Man

Eryn reached into one of the cabinets and pulled out a medical tricorder to scan the scar. Three years. They could see run medical records for Sacred Heart but there was no record of the man anyway, and Eryn’s own recent medical forays wouldn’t be listed at Sacred Heart. They would just have to wait and see if Hashirk or any other contacts she and Vonn had knew anything.

The utility truck moved along the streets in a steady manner, avoiding the crowds from the protest and the people heading to late starting shifts, running errands, and the every day movement of the colony. The truck turned and Eryn felt the vehicle slow down and come to a stop. There was a patterned knock on the truck panel that separated them from the cab. They had arrived at a black site. It wasn’t knew and it was not old. In the edges of an established residential section of the colony inside where the dome used to be. Crouched over, Eryn stepped toward the back door and opened it and jumped to the ground turning and stepping out of Vonn’s way.

There was other news that Eryn hadn’t had the opportunity to give Vonn either. Having just confirmed it the night before she hadn’t seen her elusive house mate. “When we have him secure, we need to talk.”


Nicholas waited inside for their… guest. He had thought better of previous plans and gone to meet his operatives. Like any black site it wasn’t much to look at, function over form. But it had a cage for whomever it was ready to receive him.

Once they were all inside, and the doors shut, Nicholas asked “Any leads on an ID?”

-CIA Director

“None.” Eryn shook her head, “Scans show he is human late twenties, but he has been altered to look older. Scans also showed that he has a small neurostimulator implanted in his brain. Vonn scanned it. He can tell you more. But we vill need someone trustworthy to remove it.” She moved along at a brisk pace, following as they moved the man into the back of the area where they had cells and locked rooms.


Nicholas considered for a moment. “I know someone. I’ll have to bring her here. In a hurry.” And it’ll cost a fortune. He pulled a small PaDD out of his pocket and typed out a message. =Urgent Case. OED V. Warehouse district. Come quickly. Payment on services rendered.= The months of cybernetics surgeries he had previously had done on himself flashed through his mind. She was the best. And good at keeping secrets.

-CIA Director

Vonn came over after having secured their ‘guest’. “Director, about the device. It is a copy of Breen technology. It shouldn’t be at all compatible with human physiology. And they tend to do more damage coming out than going in.” the helmet said flatly.

Vonn, CIA

“Ve need to run records of zhe man from zhe protest. He vas being paid. Follow zhe money.” Eryn said as she rejoined them. “A look at zhe colony’s security footage vould be wise. See vhere the people were zhe last few days. Who they saw and spoke to. Most of the people dispersed easily. They vere simply sheep.”

Eryn, CIA

A response came through. It would cost a fortune, but she would be there. “Doctor will be here in an hour.” Nicholas looked to Vonn. “You’ll need to talk her through what kind of device it is, where it’s positioned, that kind of thing.” He assumed Vonn understood why he was asking a Breen to help with a Breen device. He turned to Eryn. “You run the security footage. And I’ll start with banking records. Anyone we do have a name for.”

-CIA Director

The helmet nodded once and Vonn moved to prep the man for his ‘appointment’.


Erin moved through the building toward the bank of computers and terminals. She sat down and slipped an old fashioned headset interface on. Not really necessary but it blocked out the other noise and let her speak directly to the computer without disturbing anyone else working. She pulled up the footage outside the government tower and the hospital. The first thing she did was have the computer run facial recognition and identify all the people in both crowds. Then she cross referenced all those identified against the Oed residency records. Those not identified were added to a seperate screen, those that were not residents to another (and their files and arrival screenings pulled). Those that were residents and related were flagged in matching color groups. Then she started the computer back tracing everyone else through the feeds for the last month to see where and when they crossed paths before. It was a lot because any time two people, not family, crossed she had to watch and see if there was any significant (no matter how short) interaction.


Nicholas sat down behind a different terminal and began sifting through the financial data of anyone they did have an identity for. He was looking for any person or organization funding the protest, finding similar sums from the same people in different accounts without due cause.

-CIA Director

OOC: responses to our queries, if any can be added later, I’m just gonna keep this rolling to when the doc arrives.

IC: An hour of work passed. And then there was an ominous knock at the door. Nicholas rose slowly and walked to check who it was. A moment later, he ushered in a tall, thin, brunette human woman. She wore a doctor’s medical coat over a light suit and had a kind smile. “Nicholas. It’s good to see you.” She greeted him in a gentle voice.
“Yeah. You too. We have a real problem here-” he was cut off.
“And discretion is key. Your payment buys not only patient care, but absolute silence on the matter.”
“Good.” It had better for what it cost. He led her back to where Vonn had set up. “The Doctor is in.”

-CIA Director

The large Breen stood next to an obviously sedated, but still restrained, human male. The Breen handed a PaDD to the doctor and the helmet said “All scan data. The device is a very poor-copy of Breen neuro tech. If it was actual Breen make, removal would be difficult but not impossible. This… well… you apparently do get what you pay for. And someone did not pay nearly enough.”

Vonn, CIA

The doctor grimaced. “Indeed. It shall be removable. But I wouldn’t put him under significant duress immediately after.” She walked over and positioned the sedated figure so she could best have access, and then opened her bag and withdrew an assortment of tools. She set to work, cutting carefully and working slowly.

The device was indeed crude, and crudely fused to the man. Detaching it took time. The doctor pried it loose from the man’s body and dropped it in a small tray before beginning the work of closing up the surgical wound.


The tray was taken immediately and put into a small Faraday cage by Vonn. The helmet turned to face one of the lead CIA techs and the synthesized voice said “Complete scan and forensic work up. Trace all vomponent serial numbers or chemical tracers. I want to know where the device was made and, failing that, where the parts were procured.”

Vonn, CIA

Later when Eryn caught a glimpse of James she waved him over. “I vent and talked to Calvin Harris. You might find vhat he had to say interesting.”


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