[Attack at City Center] Colonial Intelligence Agency Headquarters/Warehouse

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With the amount of people on the street during the week prior’s protests and the amount of crosschecking required, scanning through the footage of the events, even with the help of the computers, had proven to be a lengthy task. Yet, so far, three people had seemed suspect enough to be tagged, but the search kept on going.

In one of the many terminals still going through the footage of the protests there was a beep. And then another, and another. They were all transporter signatures pertaining to a certain Colonel Ryan York, as well as several other members of the Thresher’s crew. The last beep was that of a site to site transport between a location near Sacred Heart Hospital and an abandoned warehouse in the industrial area of town. It included the signatures of both Ryan York and Molly Holloway. If further investigated it would be easy to extract the exact coordinates of the warehouse from the datapoint.

Tom, the Terminal? (or rather… me… not knowing how to sign this off)

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Eryn sat up watching and knew what York was doing. He was always a showman. Thinking it added mystery and shadow to his work. It made him easy to track once it was realized. “Vonn! James! Ve have a location incoming.” She had switched over from a micro PaDD to a wrist control, smaller and not as all encompassing as Vonn’s wrist computer, but her forearms weren’t the size of his. She placed a small spider looking device on the desk too and with a few taps of the wrist band, it disappeared in a soft blue glow. As much as she wanted to go she wouldn’t risk York recognizing her, or their sudden appearance risking lives and arguments. She was more interested in finding out what they were up to.

Romanov, CIA

The location itself was one of the many mentioned in the data taken from the Thresher. It had been listed as one of the several possibilities for a Syndicate hideout. The data also contained detailed bios of suspected Syndicate members, including its leader, Agent Ashley Newton, even though not much was written about her.

As the small robot spider streamed the events happening in the old warehouse, if anyone watching had had the time to read through the Thresher’s files, they would be able to recognize the woman currently being featured in the video as Newton herself. After the commotion, as the small spider dutifully connected to Newton’s terminal, Romanov would be able to see a small progress bar on her wrist control indicating how much of the data had been downloaded. When it was done, it scurried off successfully.

A few seconds later, the words ‘upload successful’ blinked on the wrist control before a small indicator let Eryn know that the robot’s power was off. In a corner of the terminal where Romanov had just been watching the video stream, the data upload counter flickered to a large number of bytes before returning back to zero.


The wrist band beeped in warning several times, and Eryn looked down at the display. The wrist band was only programmed to connect to her terminal so she could deal with it second. She had just enough time to reach down and yank the power supply out of her terminal before anything spread from there to the rest of the network. She yanked off the wrist band, flipped it over to remove the casing and yanked the battery out if it too. Then she picked up the computer desk terminal and grabbed the band and carried them into a side room. This room was nothing more than a massive Faraday cage. She set them on a table and shut the door behind her. “Vell done, but you are not zhe only one vith experts, Newton.” Without a video feed Eryn waited an hour to retrieve the small spider. She slipped it into a small envelope sized Faraday cage when she picked it up off the transporter pad and then locked it in the room with the other equipment.

Romanov, CIA


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