Aboard the FMMS Nostromo to Oed V (Open to all)

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Carsyn sat across the table from her boss Samuel in the Starport lounge waiting for the announcement for the shuttle to take her to the Federation Merchant Marine Ship Nostromo. Samuel looked at Carson and said “Traveling on a federation merchant marine ship? I thought after what happened to her husband You would never travel on an and FMMS ship again.” She smiled at him, “I do not blame the FMMS for his death, he was a Captain in the FMMS after all. It was not fault of the FMMS that his ship was destroyed by Breen raiders. Also, the FMMS Nostromo is captained by an old friend. My husband was Bonnie Hayes first officer for six years before he got his own ship. I know her and her crew, there like family.” She took a sip of her Long Island Iced Tea. He sighed” You know this reassignment is not a punishment, that article was a fine piece of investigative journalism. We really do need a top-notch reporter on Oed V. Then there is the bonus that it gets you out of the old apartment you and Rowan had.” He was about to say more when the overhead announcement came across =^=All passengers for the shuttle to the FMMS Nostromo please report to the departure gate. =^= “Well that is me, funny though how many passengers are using the Nostromo, she is a Cargo ship, not a passenger ship?” she said aloud. Chuckling Samuel stated “If I know you; you will snoop it out and have a story or two from it. See you haven’t even landed on Oed V and you’re starting to wonder what is going on.” Carsyn rolled her eyes at her boss and grabbed the hover handle attached to her family heirloom steamer trunk. “Well, I’ll let you know if there is a good story to be had on my trip there. I’ll check in once I arrive on Oed V.” with that she made her way to the departure gate. Her household goods and FNN equipment already packed and placed in storage aboard the Nostromo. As she boarded the shuttle, she was surprised to find a female Ferengi, a Horta, and what at first appeared to be an Andorian female, but on closer inspection proved to be an Aenar. The Aenar and Horta appeared to be together. Carsyn made her way to a seat and sat down well this may prove to be an interesting trip after all she thought.

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, (Reporter, Federation News Service)

OCC: Open to anyone that needs to have a Character transported to Oed V

At the back if the line was a couple wearing clothes that looked like a throwback to another era. They looked perfectly comfortable in their traditional garb, nor were they phased by any looks they were getting. The woman was clearly not thrilled about boarding the shuttle. She kept adjusting the pack in her shoulder, which messed up the shash she was wearing, which meant she was also having to fix it.

This was stupid. Revna ran off back to her own little ‘obligations.’ (Ragna was conviently forgetting Revna and Mike were on their way home) and left her and Seamus in charge. Now they were being sent off to some gods’ forsaken barren planet. She was not happy, and unfortunately for the massive Scot beside her, she had taken every opportunity to voice her opinion. And as they headed toward the gate she did so again. “We have perfectly good homes here. Why are they sending us to this place? Who is supposed to take care of things if we are gone. It’s idiotic. What will Angus and Aurora think with us gone?”

Ragna, future citizen

The Scot she was speaking to was massive… almost seven feet in height and well over three hundred pounds with bright red hair and a full beard; and he sighed heavily, as if he was exhausted from saying the same thing again and again… which he was. “Ach… fer tha last time.” he said, a thick brogue coloring his words. “The Clan is moving, lass. At least the majority are. An I dunnae care to keep having this argument. The Chief, my brother and your brother-in-law for all intents an’ purposes, an your own two sisters told us this is happenin’. I already got tha job I applied fer. Capall even landed a good spot fer him and ya sister. And the Clan will be following us in the next few months and I made sure the fox and that devil-possessed sheep are on the first ship. So ye have a choice, love-of-my-life… ye can look forward ta building somethin’ anew with me… or ya cannae come.”

The woman was 5‘10” and still short next to her husband, her white blonde hair a stark contrast to his red. Her ice blue eyes flashed at him. He should know better than to issue her an ultimatum. Enjoy it or let him go alone. That was one time! One Time! she walked away from him. It was a disaster of a misunderstanding and she swore she would never do it again, no matter how much her temper flaired. They hadn’t even been married at the time…okay well they had been. And he really just told her she could stay here! Without him!! She opened her mouth, her Nordic lilt more like icebergs cracking. “Seamus don’t ev…”

He stopped and looked down at her, putting both hands on her shoulders and looking her dead in the eye. “I love ya, Ragna McKenzie… but I dunnae relish spending the rest of our lives listenin’ to ya whine about s#!t that is already settled and done with. Now get your hind end on the shuttle, or I’ll throw you over ma shoulder and carry you in maself.” and he grinned at her. He knew she was trepidacious and that this was huge change for her. He also knew that if he tried to coddle her or played the empathic support role she would probably stab him.

She glared up at him, her hands wrapped - more like resting - around his wrists. He could feel the frustration and anger and trepidation vibrating through her. Then he threatened to toss her over his shoulder and all the tension drained out of her as she laughed. “Don’t tempt me, Seamus.” She reached up on her toes and kissed him in a way that should be reserved for when they were alone.

“I love you, Seamus, and you know I will go wherever you do.” She still didn’t want to get on the shuttle, but she did anyway with unspoken curses at both her sisters.

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Carsyn sat back in her seat as the shuttle left the pad and began making altitude towards space and its rendezvous with FMMS Nostromo. She was sadly nostalgic the crew of the FMMS Nostromo were like family. It was where she first meet her late husband Rowan Kolckak, he was first officer at the time. Hell, Bonnie Hayes had performed the marriage. She sighed inwardly when she thought of that day. To distract her she turned her attention to her fellow passengers a fully clothed Ferengi female traveling by herself; it was still not a common sight in the Federation, Carsyn made a mental note to see what her story was. She then looked over at the Horta and his Aenar companion, another sight not often seen in the Federation, and she again made the mental note to find out why they were travelling to Oed V. The Shuttle made a very soft connection with the Nostromo. The forward hatch opened and a svelte female Caitian came forward from the shuttle cockpit “Welcome esteemed beings to the Federation Merchant Marine Ship Nostromo. Please follow me and we will assign you your berths and show you the areas of the ship you are allowed to be in.” She then turned and walked through the forward hatch. Carsyn chuckled, M’Riia was showing her usual efficient and straight forward manner. Carsyn got up from her seat and grabbed the hover handle attached to her family heirloom steamer trunk and walked forward through the hatch.

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, (Reporter, Federation News Service)

Seamus stood up and picked the couple’s four bags as if they were pillows and he looked at Ragna. “C’mon, my love. We have a couple weeks on here. Let’s make the most of is, okay?”

Seamus McKenzie, Conservation Specialist

Ragna stood and clenched her teeth as her head pounded once, twice, three times and then stopped. She approached the hatch staring at it like it might be a dragon ready to snap its jaws shut and not let her out. Then they were on the ship and she muttered a quiet prayer in Norwegian. Idun help her, she was in space.

Ragna McKenzie

As Carsyn stepped onto the FMMS Nostromo she immediately saw Captain Bonnie Hayes conferring with a male Bolian. The black skinned captain turned when the passengers started entering the ship, M’Riia continued up to the captain and the Bolian. Bonnie Hays spoke in a Jamaican accented voice “Welcome aboard honored passengers. You happen to be very lucky to be joining the FMMS Nostromo in its voyage to Oed V. While normally we do not transport citizens of the Federation, yet Federation Merchant Marine Command has made an exception and outfitted a few select few ships with civilian transport pods. Your quarters, or berths as we call them, are on this deck, known as deck Alpha. Deck Bravo is where you will find the lounge, and dining facilities. Finally Deck Charlie is where the recreation areas are; there is an infinity pool, two holo suites, and a gym. You are restricted to these three decks unless you are invited to the upper numbered decks and are escorted. This is my First Officer Lieutenant Commander Maiq’si Lynad, her she indicated the Bolian, and he is also the Quartermaster of the ship. You meet my Flight Control Officer Lieutenant M’Riia,” here she pointed to the Caitian. “The rest of my senior staff is currently getting the Nostromo prepared for departure, with the exception of Chief Warrant Officer 1st Class Lakkak Thenis;” here she pointed to a large, bald Orion standing in a corner. “Chief Petty Officer Chan Ming Kong will be your ship steward and remain with you all on the three decks. If you need anything or have questions direct them to the Chief,” here she pointed to an Asian man standing next to the Orion, he had a PaDD in his hand.

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, (Reporter, Federation News Service)

The Chief Petty Officer stepped forward and looked at his PaDD; “Emissary Cr’A’Ska and Dragoman Lahvishri zh’Zoarhi please follow me.” With that the Horta and female Aenar followed the young Chief Petty Officer. Carsyn made a mental note of their respective names as they walked away and were shown to their berths.

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, (Reporter, Federation News Service)

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