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Eela nodded to Tenkiller. “Good, we’ll need those,” she said before sitting more upright and taking in everyone in the room and Harris on the screen. “If you haven’t seen the video footage or heard the news yet, a few hours ago there was an incident at the House Duroc Embassy wherein a group of Starfleet officers tried to enact an arrest warrant for an AWOL officer, one Lieutenant Luis Vargas, who was known to be hiding out at the Embassy. This might have been fine if it were not for the fact that the Lieutenant Commander leading the four-person team showed up armed in contravention of standard protocols and arrangements we have with the Embassy. When questioned about this, the leader became belligerent and aggressive and insulted the Commander of the Klingon security force there. Let’s just say that he was damn lucky that the response was as… gentle as it was, or things could have bene much worse.

“As the Commander-in-Chief of the Starfleet forces stationed here, I of course was informed about the incident shortly after it happened and went to see Lord Duroc. In the subsequent conversation, many disturbing details came to light. Yes, Luis Vargas is technically AWOL, but not without just cause. In my subsequent investigation I have discovered that he was all but forced to that action due to the negligent and cruel behaviour of those above him in the chain of command. Lord Duroc even said he’d have allowed the arrest to happen, despite the fact that Vargas has been accepted into House Duroc, if it were not for the Starfleet commander’s actions at the gates. In order to not intensify the animosity between Starfleet and the colony, Lord Duroc and I have since issued a statement explaining that it was a misunderstanding. I’ve apologized on behalf of Starfleet and Lord Duroc has expressed that they have no ill will towards the organization. We have done this because Lord Duroc has pointed out that the timing of this incident is suspicious. It’s very close to the attack that happened in the city centre,” she said, gesturing to Harris. “And it’s hard to know just now if it was just a convenient time in order to offer someone a distraction from other matters, or if there is a more serious threat to the colony occurring. That is what we all need to discuss here.

“As far as the Starfleet side of it, rest assured that I am taking care of it. I have spent the last three hours digging through records and speaking with someone with first hand knowledge of the wrong doing of several officers. That part of it will be handled by myself, Commander Cattaneo here and Captain McBride, after I’ve consulted with Judge Rousseau. I’m no legal expert but I do know the Starfleet Uniform Code of Conduct and off the top of my head I have three Lieutenant Commanders, one Commander and one Admiral who could and should all be charged with a mixture of the following-“Eela counted them off on her fingers as she spoke-“Conspiracy, Cruelty and maltreatment, Falsifying official statements, Communicating Threats, Conduct Unbecoming, Negligence, Noncompliance with Procedural Rules and Misallocation of Resources. And I have less than a month to deal with this before some of those officers are put in a position of authority on a deep space mission where they could very well cause the deaths of many. I’m not about to let that happen, so know that heads are about roll and I’m definitely not going to be on people’s good list but I frankly don’t give a sh!t since these officers have made a mockery of Starfleet and are a disagree to the oath that so many swore and believe in.” She managed to keep her cool, but it was clear by the ferocity in her eyes that Dasca was nothing short of furious.

She gestured with her hands. “That’s the situation. Let’s discuss how this impacts Oed and our fundamental security if Lord Duroc is indeed correct about someone outside the colony interfering here. This might actually just be a Starfleet issue, but I think it would be prudent to take all precautions going forward.” Eela cast a quick glance at Tenkiller with something of an apologetic look. All she could think of was that comment he had made in their private discussion at the art gallery about her making her security team’s life difficult. He wasn’t wrong.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Nicholas massaged his temples. He inhaled deeply and then turned his focus to what was being said. “It would make sense, to me, if all of this had an outside author. The protest would make a good cover for other activities. Maybe prepping for this Embassy foolishness. Likely more. They had our undivided attention for a couple hours and that is more than enough. We need to sweep every entry log and security camera around then.”

-CIA Director

“Agreed, Mr. James. Please see to that as soon as we are done here. All departments will, of course, cooperate with you fully. And coordinate with Commisioner Karlson, if you would. I’m sure his personnel will be of assistance.” the Governor said. “Does anyone have any suggestions as to who would the resources, ability, and motive to want to do something like this? And for what specific purpose?”

Hyrushi, Gov.

Joseph nodded at that as he continued to consider the implications of what was said. “You’ll have full access to the Colonial surveillance system on my floor whenever you need and any other resources.” He turned to the Lieutenant Governor “In regards to House Duroc, Ma’am, there was a memo I wrote some time ago that perhaps didn’t arrive during the change in senior staff at Starfleet, myself and another member of the Police force have been inducted as members of the House of Duroc so if Starfleet ever needs to approach them for any reason I offer my services” He smiled that same grandfatherly smile, looking over his spectacles “I have a unique relationship with the head of the house if you will” He didn’t mention his involvement in the creation of said house and its subsequent rise to power.

Dasca nodded. “I will keep that in mind Currently Lord Duroc and I have… an understanding,” she said with a slight smile.

Eela shifted her attention to Charles. “General Tenkiller, you said you had some projections and risk assessments?” Those might be useful right now to help understand the different variables at play.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Harris cut in as he lifted a PaDD and scanned it. “Charles, are these the projections that you sent over to me before lunch?”

Harris, CCDA

“Yes, sir.” Tenkiller said. “But updated right before I left with all the current chatter and Intel we could parse together as relevant.”

A holographic display materialized over the center of the seating area. It was a map of colony in green, but with certain areas highlighted in red and yellow. “Yellow are critical infrastructure… power distribution centers, water treatment, traffic control centers and the like. Red are places that are high risk for someone trying something to make a statement. This tower, schools, military and civilan centers and such. This is the normal map. Nothing out if what the CCDA, Police, and Fleet Security don’t always have. Current chatter across the board changes nothing about this. And that is what we find disturbing… there is no talk. None. CCDA and CIA, correct me if I’m wrong Director James and Commisioner Karlson, have almost nothing. We have heard nothing. And the suspects we have in custody seem more like dupes and pawns than actual players. Someone put this in play, and they did it without raising a single red flag. And that takes time and resources and a level of foresight that rules out ninety-nine percent of terrorist and rogue independents. Whomever did this is backed up by something… some organization that can keep crap this on the DL. Which means our risk is severe.”


Joseph nodded “If we take for example the riots of ‘91 following the Kidnapping of the governor we had the standard chatter within criminal circles right before things went ballistic, and during the Ghost incident just a few years ago we had incoming chatter regarding a hostile criminal takeover before it took place. We don’t have the Intelligence network that Starfleet has but we do share information with other civilian law enforcement agencies, this attack is largely unprecedented, especially when the target is such a highly prominent Federation Citizen without anything putting the pieces together, even if only in hindsight.”

Commissioner Karlson

“To me it suggests that the top person is far away. There may be a rumor about someone acting suspicious, but they’re keeping away from us. It’s impossible to move silently, especially on this scale. The best they can hope for is blending in. By the time their money and people get here, they raise no more red flags than anybody else.”

-CIA Director

Eela nodded slowly, deep in thought. I’m inclined to agree so far as the attack in the city centre, but I’ve seen no evidence so far that this situation with Lieutenant Vargas is connected. At most it seems to be a useful smoke screen to distract us from the pressing issues that General Tenkiller is outlining. My gut is telling me that this Starfleet matter is related to nepotism and egos and gross negligence, not anything to do with Oed specifically. The timing though, while possibly coincidental, was likely carefully chosen to be close to the previous incident to draw us away from manipulation. That all being said, a grave insult to House Duroc has been committed rather publicly, and while Lord Duroc and I have sorted that out as far as the press is concerned, I on behalf of Starfleet will have to take steps to make proper amends. I am concerned that other parties might want to take advantage of the situation further to exacerbate any tensions between Starfleet and Oed’s Government.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

“Of course they will. If they can drive Starfleet off entirely… when the cat’s away…” Too much was in question for Nicholas’ comfort. And he would just have to see how connected all of it really was. If there was a master plan, maybe someone had left a copy of it lying on a coffee table somewhere.

-CIA Director

“If there is some unknown operator behind this it may well have been a miscalculation” Joseph said in a considering manner “Starfleet’s position within the Oed politics is more secure than it has been for some time, especially with the creation of the CCDA, from a PR standpoint they are seen as a necessary buffer between Civilian life and military” He said the word military as if he didn’t agree with Civilians that Starfleet was a true military force “Pitting Starfleet against house Duroc would have been a good move if it was led by your standard Klingon High Lord and not a clinically insane oddball who hears whispers from his own personal god” He spoke of his good friend’s insanity as if one would a quirk, like peeling a banana in a different way, odd but not necessarily wrong

“If there is an organized effort to drive a wedge between Starfleet and the Oed government I see at least three things to watch out for. Scandals involving Starfleet in relation to the Cabinet, CCDA or the police. Relations between Starfleet Security and Oed Police have, historically, been bad” Having been the Head of the Police force on Oed for most of the last ten or so years on and off he spoke with some authority on the subject “In the past, my personal relationship with SF’s Security Chief usually smoothed things over but with the recent personnel change I can no longer utilize that asset.” the Commissioner said matter-of-factly “The CCDA is the wildcard, they haven’t been established long enough to guess how relations are going to be between the services.” He scratched his chin thoughtfully “General Tenkiller, does the CCDA have any analyses on Oed internal politics?” He asked with genuine curiosity “The Police force, in general, does not but I personally do and so does my staff. Until now I hadn’t considered it that soft a target so I’ve never devoted any resources toward it, which I now realise may have been an error”

Commissioner Karlson

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