A Little Help From a Friend- Thanks A Latte Café

Posted Nov. 28, 2022, 11:10 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Tiberius Cattaneo (Chief of Star Fleet Security) (Clayton Strong)

Passing the undecorated window three times, Orlando finally noticed a middle aged Kelpien of generous height reaching through a small slot of an opening, returning with a generous sized cup of hot liquid. Piercing blue, nearly transparent eyes gave him a once over before bowing her head slightly and moving deliberately slowly around him. Everyday the wonders of OED never ceased to amaze him. The planet had quickly become a melting pot of diversity. Perhaps it was the trade routes or the exotic fantastical ideas of being on the leading edge of something new, exciting and brave. With a silent smile, the woman moved on, leaving Orlando next to the window which was completely closed and mirrored to prevent seeing through the looking glass.

“Hello?” Orlando called turning his head and body together side to side. A small beam of red light emanated from the centre of the glass, and across his forehead it what he presumed was some sort of scan. With a small hiss, the window slid open, followed by a medium sized cup, steam circling from the top of the frothy liquid contents, onto the small ledge of a counter. Carefully picking up the drink, Orlando brought it first to his nose taking in the sweet scent of cinnamon and vanilla and few other spices making up his favourite chai latte. He took a sip and raised his eyebrows and lips in pleasant surprise. Perfection. “Uh, thanks a latte?”

As he turned to leave the magically latte window, Orlando nearly tripped over a small barista table with two chairs on either side. Shrugging, he took a seat. Must have been in a hurry and missed it he mused. Pressing his toes heavily against the pavement, he began rocking his heel up an down. A decade had passed since he had last seen Tiberius. Given Orlando and his brothers fall from disgrace with Starfleet he wasn’t sure how the newly appointed Chief of Security would react to his request for a meeting. Perhaps he wouldn’t even show. Orlando took another sip and watched the few stragglers mingling about looking for shopping bargains from the many stalls and vendors in the quite corner square, reminding him of a recent trip to Venice.

Tiberius had been contacted by an old colleague, Mr Richards. The last time Tiberius had heard anything from Orlando was when he was removed from Starfleet due to the mess with his twin brother a number of years ago. Orlando had only reached out one other time and it was to apologize. Tiberius was not expecting to hear from him again but he was happy to hear. He was hoping Orlando had been doing alright. He decided it would be best to meet up with Orlando at Orlando’s request. He had some free time during the time when Orlando wanted to meet so he made his way to the Thanks A Latte Cafe. He arrived at the cafe and looked around. He saw who he believed was Orlando. He first went up to the counter and obtained a water, as he was not the biggest fan of coffee. He then walked over to the table where Orlando was sitting and said to Orlando, “Hi Orlando. Your contact with me was very unexpected. It has been too long. I hope things are going well for you. Is it alright if I sit down so we can chat?” He then waited for a response from Orlando.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

“Good afternoon, Tiberius. Or should I say, Lt Commander Cattaneo? Congratulations on the promotions. Can’t say I am surprised. You were always best in the class at, well, everything,” Orlando said grinning as he stood up to greet the other man. While Ori still had the same smile and bright blue eyes, his trade mark long wavy hair was now short and neat enough to pass muster of any military regulations. His face had filled out with the sharpness of male maturity, replacing the softer boyish cheeks and facial features. “Thanks for agreeing to meet with me. I really appreciate it. Most people I served with won’t return my calls. Not that I blame them. Anyway, if you have a few minutes to sit and chat that would be great.”

Tiberius looked up at Ori and responded, “Yes, I have some free time. What brings you to Oed V? I know you haven’t been in Star-fleet in a while. I was very surprised to hear you were coming back and that you wanted to speak with me. I am not sure what I can help with but I can try.” He then waited. Tiberius was very curious about what was going on and what Ori had gotten into this time. The last time something major happened, Ori was getting kicked out of Star-fleet and Tiberius had not heard from his friend since. Tiberius had tried to reach out but was never able to get hold of Ori and really missed the friendship.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo


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