Meeting Members of the CCDA

Posted Nov. 28, 2022, 3:48 p.m. by Major General Charles Tenkiller (Vice-Commander, Colonial Customs and Defense Agency) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Tiberius Cattaneo (Chief of Star Fleet Security) in Meeting Members of the CCDA

Posted by Major General Charles Tenkiller (Vice-Commander, Colonial Customs and Defense Agency) in Meeting Members of the CCDA

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Tiberius Cattaneo (Chief of Star Fleet Security) in Meeting Members of the CCDA
Tiberius left the meeting with the rest of the department heads and thought about what he needed or wanted to do at this point. He decided he needed to go introduce himself to the Colonial Customs and Defence Authority. As he walked towards the headquarters for the CCDA, he looked around and kept his ears open to hear anything which might be important from a security standpoint. After a number of minutes of walking, Tiberius arrived at the main office of the CCDA. He straighten his uniform before he walked in. He entered the building and looked around.

OOC: I’m assuming the GM can say something here of what Tiberius sees or is what is present. Is there a secretary at the desk or whatever? Just curious because I don’t want to go off something I am unfamiliar with.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

OOC: Just a quick reminder, there are no GM’s on Oed V. And with things like this, its good practice to just let the people most involved in whatever group you are interacting with to set the scene. Just like they would let you do if they were coming into the SF Security offices.

OOC; I’m a little new with this PRSIM thing so I wasn’t sure. That is why I didn’t want to step on y’alls feet.


It had been a quick transport trip from the CCDA Security checkpoint on the planet up to the orbital platform where the main CCDA Operations Center was. Well, quick after a background check and identity verification before the armed and armored CCDA agents allowed the Lieutenant Commander into the transporter room.

As he materialized on the transporter pad, a single human figure stood in front of the control panel. He was dressed in an officer’s working uniform of dark blue shirt and trousers, black boots, and with the two-star insignia of a Major General stars on his collar. His long black hair hung down past his collar to between his shoulder blades, and was tied in a very tight and precise pony tail. His dark red skin and dark eyes marked him as having First Nations heritage of Earth. He smiled and said “Lieutenant Commander Cattaneo. Major General Charles Tenkiller, Vice-Commander of the CCDA. Welcome. What brings Star Fleet Security to our neck of the woods?” and he held out his hand to the Star Flet Security Chief.

Tiberius shook the hand of the Major General. Tiberius then responded, “It is nice to meet someone from the CCDA. I am the new Star-fleet Security officer assigned to Oed V. I am here to provide an olive branch from the Star-fleet security department and let the CCDA know we are here to help you out when needed and we are not here to over-step or under mind the decisions of the CCDA and other aspects of Oed V. I also wanted to introduce myself prior to an incident occurring and the CCDA not knowing who they might need to reach out to or who to expect to respond. I know there is tension between the command staff of Oed V and Star-fleet. I want to try and start mending this relationship in any way I can.” Tiberius hoped this would be a welcome exchange or discussion with the CCDA in this instance. He then awaited a response.

Lt Cmdr Cattaneo

Tenkiller chuckled and said “Well that was a mouthful, fer sure.” and shook the man’s hand twice and let go. “C’mon then, Commander. Let’s go talk in my office. And after that, if’n ya like, I’ll give ya the nickle tour.”

He led them out of the transporter room and down a corridor to yet another security checkpoint. The agents saluted the Major General and he nodded. “This here’s the new head of Star Fleet Security. He’ll be accompanying me to my office, and then I’m gonna show him around a bit. Dig me up a CCDA cap, will ya?” and he looked at Cattaneo and grinned. “Can’t have ya come all this way and not get some kinda present, right?” and he laughed and led them through the checkpoint and down another passage.

It took them about five minutes and at least two other checkpoints to get to a secure turbolift. They took the lift up and exited into a large office. The office was spacious for a station workspace, and the far wall was a window that looked out over the platform in a sweeping panoramic view.

The office was organized and efficient, as one would expect, but the personal items inside were unique. On shelves around the room were items most would be unfamiliar with past the basics: Various pieces of leather decorated with paint and beads. Feathers of some large bird. A hide drum. Pictures of people who shared the complexion of the Major General… a weathered reddish-brown skin and deep black hair and dark brown eyes. A large skull of some black-horned animal hung high on the wall behind the desk. Below it, in a transparent case, was a large hide-like shirt with intricate bead-work and adorned with feathers on the shoulders. A beaded necklace hung around the neck. On a shelf next to the door sat an odd-angled club and some kind of axe-like tool. Unlike the rest of the items, these seemed to be both easily accessible… and well cared for and used.

“C’mon in and take the load off.” Tenkiller said and directed the Star Fleet officer to a chair in front of the desk. Sitting down behind the desk, he looked at the Lieutenant Commander and said “So… come to bury the hatchet, huh?” and he laughed. “Didn’t know the CCDA had existed long enough to actually have a hatchet to bury to begin with, but ok. Tell me what’s on your mind, Commander.”

Tenkiller, VC-CCDA

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