The Situation Just Got Complicated (Tag Vonn)

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Posted by Civilian Kodek Vonn (Colonial Intelligence Agent) in The Situation Just Got Complicated (Tag Vonn)

Posted by Civilian Eryn Romanov (Colonial Intelligence Agent) in The Situation Just Got Complicated (Tag Vonn)
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The car returned around an hour and a half later. Eryn slipped out of the car carrying bags containing heavily insulated and cold containers. “Put zhe trunk inside zhe door, Matar. Zhank you, ve won’t be needing you zhe rest of zhe day. Let me know vhen his packages arrive. Do not disturb him.” The large Orion gave a little bow after setting the trunk inside. Eryn secured the door behind her and set the bags down. This location was huge, far beyond her actual tastes but it served their purposes quite well. She moved into another room and returned with two anti-grav straps. She was never going to lift that trunk herself. She carried the bags of food down the stairs and set them outside Vonn’s door and then returned a few minutes later with the trunk. She opened the door to the dressing room and with the help of the straps set his trunk down quietly. Then she set the food by the inner door. She knocked loud enough to be heard if he was still awake, but soft enough to not disturb his rest. Then she left. She would check in a couple of hours to make sure he had retrieved his things. If not, she would don the suit and, at least, set the food inside.

Eryn made her way to the very top floor where the master suite took up the entire space. It was hers…it was Eryn’s. She sat down on a sofa that faced the windows and the sprawling lawn and watched. The disk Vonn had obtained was safely in her pocket, but it could wait. It needed to wait, until she was more centered and able to be calm about what she may or may not find.


It was late the next day. The sun was setting low on the horizon; long shadows cast by the tress around the ‘artist’s‘ home. There was a beep on Eryn’s comm and a synthesized voice said “Thank you. I am awake now, but my suit is in need of some small repairs which I will do in my quarters. But if you wish to talk, I am available.”

If Eryn hadn’t been so worried about them, she might have teased Vonn about being bored or lonely. Instead she was simply relieved to hear the synthesized voice. It wasn’t Kodek’s real voice of course, but after their long acquaintance she had learned to recognize the slight nuances to it that conveyed so much. When they had first arrived on Oed, when she had finally woken up, she had maintained the character of Eryn religiously. It was too easy to slip when recovering from such extensive injuries. But now, when it was just the two of them, Eryn dropped the pretense. No one else was in the house. Having sent the security outside to leave her in peace. She’d made quite the eccentric show of it. It was exhausting. “I will be down in a moment.”

Eryn made her way down the main staircase from the top floor and then around to the door that led to the basement stairs where Vonn’s rooms were. She entered the outer room and slipped on the heated suit. It took a moment for the suit to calibrate. She wondered briefly if she should put a blindfold on out of respect. Then dismissed it the worry. She was sure the helmet would be equipped with such if Vonn wanted to maintain the custom. She slipped the helmet onto the suit feeling around for any such function and then pressed the chime and entered when the door opened.

The inside of Vonn’s quarters were, to put it simply, hostile and frozen to anyone that was not Breen. There was a faint tinge of ammonia in the air. Not enough to cause a headache, but enough to be noticeable to those with a more than average sense of smell. The walls were covered in sheets of white ice, and white icicles hung from the ceiling in places. The air was dry, and there seemed to be not a hint of heat in the place; with the temperature hovering near minus sixty degrees Celsius.

Vonn’s quarters were divided into several rooms. A main living room much like the one they had on the Leviathan; piles of furs and hides surrounding a central stone pit with multicolored stones that radiated heat in waves that were visible to anyone looking through the pit to the other side. One door led to Vonn’s sleeping quarters. A space off of the main living area was dedicated to food preparation, and currently housed two large circular tanks with transparent lids. Inside was some kind of algae. Another door led to their communications room; and finally another, much larger and very well secured door led to Vonn’s personal armory.

Eryn liked it. Oh she couldn’t live there that was certain, but it was beautiful. The ice reflecting the multicolored stones with the icicles providing depth and texture. The air, even filtered through the heat suit, was dry and cold and had a slight ammonia odor. It didn’t bother her, and she liked the suit didn’t completely block things as it gave her yet another insight.

The figure of Vonn themself sat on one of the piles. Even seated, Vonn was tall and broad-shouldered. They were muscular to the point that every movement showed the ripples of musculature that covered their massive frame. Bronze-colored skin was barely visible under the stark-white hair that covered their body, most densely on the extremities. On the chest and back where the hair was thinner, the skin appeared to be almost metallic; and as they moved the skin flexed in a way that would indicate to anyone seeing it that it was very tough and resilient… more akin to hide than skin. Their hands were bronze-colored skin with a layer of gray and white hair over them. The fingertips ended in a dark red, thick, claw-like nail. The Breen’s face was similar to what one would expect (somewhat) from a humanoid, with some prominent exceptions: The face primarily flat, with eyes and nose being almost on the same plane. Two forward facing eyes of deep jade green with no whites sat atop a wide nose with flared nostrils. A large jaw supported a mouth of darker bronze lips. Two large, black, tusk-like teeth jutted out from the bottom lip, and when Vonn opened their mouth wide to breathe in the cold air, it revealed teeth designed more for rending flesh than crushing plants. As was their habit when at home, Vonn wore nothing on his body save a dark brown leather belt with a pistol, a wicked looking stone knife, and a small device with a blinking green light. Next to them on the floor sat the helmet from their suit.

Vonn, CIA

Eryn stepped over to the furs and sat on a pile across from him. “Thank you for the suit. Are you recovered?”


The Breen nodded once and they took the device from their belt and held it in front of their mouth. As they growled and grunted, the voice issued simultaneously from the helmet on the floor beside them. “I am. The food was most welcome, thank you. And the rest was much needed, although I didn’t expect to sleep that long.” They took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. “I hope I haven’t delayed anything.”


“You obviously needed a long sleep. I didn’t know how much to order so there will be another delivery tonight.” Eryn lifted a shoulder, “I have heard nothing from James and the consensus, when I checked in, is that your patient still has too many drugs in his system to question him yet. It has been quiet. It allowed me to stay out of sight and make progress on another piece for Turner’s Gallery.”


The lage head nodded. “Good. And at least he is stable. The surgery was… complicated. Kudos to James’ doctor. She was very good. I took the liberty of getting facial shots of her for recognition. Her skills could be useful if needed.” Vonn said. The jade eyes fixed on her. “Have you looked at the data we garnered from the Thresher? Was it worth the trip?”

Vonn, CIA

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