Dasca's Apartment- Dinner with Kenzo

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They might be coming at the work from a different angles and experience but over this week increasingly Eela felt like they were on the same page, that the vision of the future for Oed, if not looked the same, felt the same. As she sipped the tea, Eela felt a sense of peace flow over her but more than that was that similar feeling she kept having ever since she met that mystic. It was like she was being guided down a path she hadn’t expected and all she could do is trust it wouldn’t lead her astray. “Do you think you’ll stay here, long after you are done being Governor?” she asked.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Kenzo’s brow furrowed slightly. “To be honest, I have not thought about that at all. I honestly do not know.” and he turned his head and looked at her. “I suppose that would depend on how much terraforming us done in that time.” and he chuckled softly.


Eela gazed back out the windows. She had traveled the galaxy and it had always seemed so vast to her, expansive, limitless. But ever since the Steadfast her figurative world had shrunk. It had surprised her, even as she travelled with the Diplomatic Corps how small everything felt, how small she felt, and she couldn’t quite place her finger on the reason. But here on Oed, there was that feeling of expansiveness, of possibility, and that was everything. She turned back to Kenzo and lifted her teacup in a toast. “To the mystery of the future,” she said with a warm smile.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

“May it never be solved…” Kenzo said and returned the gesture. After taking a sip, he said “What is your most important goal in life? Do you have something that you feel you simply must accomplish, some goal you have to reach?”


“In life?” Eela blew out a breath, unsure how to even answer the question. “I honestly don’t know. I can’t really say I ever had anything I had to do, except join Starfleet and help people. A part of me always understood that my calling in life was to be in service to others. The how and where was open ended. Starfleet was something I needed to be a part of, but even as my career unfolded I no specific ambitions until those fateful events shifted my life and my perspective and I saw I could do more. That’s when I started Command training. But now? I always wanted children, and now I’m a mother. I’ve done the whole marriage thing, so not missing out there.” She shook her head. “If I’m still in service to others, to something greater than myself, than that goal is perpetually being fulfilled. At the end of the day I guess I feel a need to feel useful.”

~Eela, Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Kenzo nodded and said “A nobel goal, and a most selfless need in the grand scheme of the universe. And I believe you are in the correct place to fuel that need. Just be careful to temper the desire to be useful with a desire to care for yourself, as well.”


Eela snorted. “Not my strongest suit. You’d think I’d have learned after so many decades, and while I am better at it than I used to be, during times of upheaval it’s a lot harder. Just ask my former first officer. Benji used to give me hell for it at times,” she said with a laugh. “I have many strengths and talents, but of my many faults, this is the one that still trips me up unexpectedly,” she said, grinning with amusement at herself. It wasn’t a point of pain, and in fact she could laugh at herself when it was needed. Her self awareness was finely honed in particular areas.

“What trips you up, Kenzo?” Dasca said.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov

“If I am being wholly honest,-” Kenzo said with a small smile, “- then it would be my inability to tolerate stupidity.” and he took a sip and then shook his head. “No, that is wrong. Uneducated is fine. Some people fall through the cracks in society, and we must assist them when we can. And there are some individuals who are simply ill-equipped to handle more intellectual pursuits… and that is perfectly fine as well. But it is people acting on willful ignorance… refusing to accept reality or data simply because it does not fit with their own desire on how to see reality- or is detrimental to their own agendas- that tend to cause me to react and behave in manners that may not be entirely professional. Or even polite or civil. Conflicting points of view and perspective is one thing. But I say ‘This tea is warm and in a cup.’ and someone rails against me and tries to say the tea is on ice and in a tall glass simply because they don’t like hot tea… well, then that person and I will have… ‘issues’.” and he chuckled.

“And now you know why I have a contentious relationship with some senators.”

Hyrushi, Gov.

Eela laughed. “Yes, I can imagine so. Have you encountered that sort of ignorance here going about your work? I’m curious how you handle it in the moment.” It was as much her trying to understand him as a bid for connection. They had to be on the same page very fast and while she felt they were, understanding the subtleties of what made the other person tick would help them greatly when they had to tackle a larger issue. So many people were depending on them that she hoped he’d understand that wasn’t prying, but seeking. It might not feel different but they were in her mind.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Hyrushi took a sip and smiled softly. “There is a certain advantage to being the final authority sometimes. I have the rare privilege of simply mandating that certain people will not be involved in whatever business is at hand. Fortunately, I have not experienced the need to do so often. Only twice, and that was just after my arrival. There was a… how to say it diplomatically… a ‘clique’, if you will. Certain influential and established personalities that had managed to carve out their own small power base; and they felt that entitled them to try and tell the government how things would go. They created their agenda by ignoring facts and manipulating media reports. And they manipulated those things to only their own advantage. Our first meeting did not go the way they wanted. But our second meeting went very well… from my perspective. They chose to cherry pick data and manipulate statistics to try and show me that what they wanted was the best option for the colony. Unfortunately for them, I was apparently better at data and statistical analysis.” and he sipped his tea.

A sly grin slipped onto her face.

“I threw them out of my office and initiated a governmental investigation into their dealings. Four are now in prison for fraud, corruption, conspiracy, and bribery and two are in witness protection for turning on their comrades.”


“Well, I feel in good company then,” Dasca said dryly. She sipped more of her tea and shook her head. “I don’t shy away from hard things, and I certainly am not easily intimidated, but there is something especially heartbreaking about having to bring light to the corruption and nepotism that hurt people and put so many others in danger. It’ll be a little bit longer before I can take everything to the JAG but there is that tiny part of me that resents having to be in a position to do so at all. It’s not that I think Starfleet is perfect and moral or whatever else people will assume of a career officer. It’s just that the ideals and value that we hold ourselves to when in uniform, that we fight for, they mean something to me Kenzo, and I cannot so easily toss them to the side even long after I stopped wearing the uniform. So it still shocks me when I learn that others can.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Kenzo’s head tipped slightly to the side and he said “There how many millions of individuals in Star Fleet? It would be impossible for all of them to hold those ideals and values as highly as most. The fact that so few are as corrupt as those you currently pursue is a testament to the Fleet Screening process.”


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