The Black Sparrow- Cosgrove Visits

Posted Nov. 30, 2022, 2:52 p.m. by Civilian Kristina Cosgrove (Student, Public Relations Intern) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Civilian Michael Conrad (Owner- Black Sparrow) in The Black Sparrow- Cosgrove Visits

Posted by Civilian Kristina Cosgrove (Student, Public Relations Intern) in The Black Sparrow- Cosgrove Visits
She turned the device in her fingers as she moved through the Orbital Platform. She was a citizen of Oed now, so while she still had to go through security, her taking a shuttle up to the docking area wasn’t exactly newsworthy. Besides, as a new student of public relations she was practicing being observant of people as they went about their life, trying to decipher moods, their motivations etcetera. There was also something exciting about having a clear direction again and with it in place she was in a happier mood.

This whole business with Lai and Akem didn’t change that but it certainly added a layer of complexity to her life.

Her low-heeled knee high boots clunking on the deck as she strode through the station, her wavy brown hair bouncing against her back. Reaching the airlock where the Black Sparrow was docked, she pulled the little device Conrad gave her out of the pocket of her black leather jacket and pressed the button. “Conrad, it’s Kristina. I’m at the airlock. Permission to come aboard?”

~Kristina Cosgrove

“Well,” came the reply through the device. “I didn’t think you’d actually come here.”

“I’m full of surprises,” Kristina answered, unable to stop the grin

The airlock door unlocked and slowly opened. “Come on in, I’ll meet you there. Big yellow button on the left when you get in is what will close the airlock from inside the Sparrow.”

She stepped through, pausing briefly to hit the button as directed. Watching it close, she smiled, feeling a strange sort of familiarity. Yes of course she had spent time on the ship travelling back to Oed after he and Halai came to ‘rescue’ her.

Within a minute Conrad arrived in brown trousers and a black undershirt. “Welcome aboard the Black Sparrow Kristina! My home away from home.” He said with a grin and gave a low bow before gesturing for her to come further in.

“What brings you here?” he asked curiously.

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparrow CO

Her eyes travelled his form, taking in that roguish face and sparkle of slight mischief. “Well, to be honest fate seems to have wound our paths together again and I couldn’t help but be curious. It’s been a few years since everything went down with my sister and Tyrellia. And when you offered me access to see you if I wanted I think we both knew I’d come sooner or later.” Kristina shrugged. “Why put off the inevitable?”

~Kristina Cosgrove

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