The New Kid in Town. . . . .

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Posted by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) in The New Kid in Town. . . . .

Posted by Civilian Conner Monroe Locksley (Business Owner) in The New Kid in Town. . . . .

Posted by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) in The New Kid in Town. . . . .
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The dark haired man approached the podium and adjust the microphone to his 5’ 11” frame. The dark blue suit he wore was tailor made and fit his well-defined physique perfectly. His dark Betazoid eyes (a trait from his mother), scanned the crowd before he began to speak.

His voice was clear and strong, with a hint of a Scots brogue he was trying to cover so the universal translator would have an easier time understanding his diction.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the press, fiends, colleagues, honored guests and distinguished luminaries, my name is Dr. Conner Locksley, former head of Locksley Industries Research Department. It brings me grrrreat honor tae share this information with ye today.”

“For those of you that are unfamiliar with Locksley Industries, this family business was founded in the early 21st century by my ancestors. It started oot as an archery supply business, producing our own brand of bows, arrows, and equipment tae be used for both hunting and archery competitions. The business soon expanded into camping and outdoor sporting equipment, with the backbone still being our bows. As years went by, Locksley partnered with Starfleet to develop survival equipment to use on its ships, in newly established colonies and exploration areas, and survival kits which you can now find as standard equipment of every Starfleet fighter craft. We have a long and successful partnership with Starfleet and today tha’ partnership takes another step toward making the Federation an better place to live.”

“Behind me, underneath this giant holographic dome, we have been building a new research and development facility. A facility designed to improve everyday life for the Federation an’ its citizens. These advances include medicine, food production, technology, and engineering to just name a few.”

The blue dome began to coalesce and form pictures of people. “We have gathered some of the greatest minds from the scientific and medical communities of the myriad Federation members to work with us and take us into the next century. It is my great pleasure to introduce a subsidiary of Locksley Industries, and a bright new beacon of R&D facilities. . . . Archer Technological Enterprises!”

The blue dome faded away to reveal a brand new glass & chrome building, 9 stories high and slightly over 500,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility.

Conner turned back around to face the crowd with a wie smile on his face. “At this time, I’d be more than happy tae answer any questions from the press . . . “

Dr. Locksley (Exec. Pres of A.T.E.)

Karina had been walking by making her way from one ECE center to the next. Now that the university was operating more smoothly and she wasn’t needed there for the day to day, Karina was turning her attention to the other educational centers now. She saw a crowd gathering along with a few members of the press and stopped to watch.

Karina listened to the man’s speech, quite moving but didn’t say much. She made a note to look into Locksley Industries and Archer Technological Enterprises. A new avenue for hands on learning for the students, perhaps? It was worth looking into.

Looking around she didn’t hear any of the press quite ready with their questions, so she spoke up, curious before she moved on. “Oed V is a tight knit, integrated community Dr. Locksley. What are your plans for community outreach?”

Enger, Educational Director

Conner directed his attention to the speaker. “Tha’s an excellent question, Miss . . . . . I’m sorry, I dinnae catch yer name?”

The woman inclined her head with a gentle smile. “My apologies. I am Karina Enger, the Educational Director on OED V.”

“Miss Egner, Thank ye. Let me reassure you, A.T.E. is nae here on Oed, just to increase our profits. It is our hope, that this facility will be a boon to Oed’s economy, by providing jobs for the people here. We’ll be filling positions in clerical and administration, to maintenance and grounds crew, to security, to public relations and media.”

“But not in the research and development of the fields you mentioned? Medicine, food production, technology, and engineering?” Oed was full of qualified people to work in such fields. Maybe not the top in their fields or maybe not experts yet, but plenty of people that had the potential and the skill to be. She supposed it was good business to recruit those individuals before even arriving on Oed.

“We are very interested in setting up a liaison office with Oed’s education department. In fact, we have already set up a foundation to offer scholarships to those individuals wishing to pursue a career in the areas of research we are conducting. Along with that, we’d be happy to partner with the University in offering internships to allow its students a chance to learn and work with the best of the best in their chosen career fields. I hope, Miss Egner, this answers some of your questions.”

Dr. Locksley (A.T.E.)

Karina nodded slowly and her brows rose. Quite the politic answer. She smirked at him, “No, not really Dr. Locksley, but that’s alright. Sometimes the answer is ‘I don’t know yet.’ I do look forward to speaking with you about this…” she paused making sure she pronounced the word correctly, “liaison office that will provide scholarships and internships to our students. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to learn more about you and A.T.E. You can reach me in my office at the government tower.”

Enger, Educational Director

“Of carse, Miss Egner. I’d be happy tae have this discussion with ye,” Connor replied, his Scots accent becoming more pronounced. “An the sooner the better, there’ll be many details tae work oot.”

He flashed her a charming smile and added, “Likewise, ye can reach me at me office here at A.T.E.”

Dr. Locksley (A.T.E.)

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