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Ai was glad Mikah had proactively set in motion the action to schedule a meet and greet with the Starfleet CMO. It truly coincided with the next steps Ai needed to take in gathering a medical consultation team who would be interacting with the Vren.
Samikah had sent a draft of the text transmission that was to go out to Lieutenant Fayth:

Dear Lieutenant Fayth~
I am sure you are aware that the Vren will visit our colony in few days time and in light of this, the Governor has proposed strategic medical alliance of the colony’s medical staff to engage the Vren’s medical personnel while they are on planet.

I have been tasked with leading this group and Governor Hyrushi has specifically asked that you are placed on the team. Seeing that we will be working together to mitigate any medically (including social and mental issues) that may arise and potentially affect the colonists due to the visit of the Vren, I would like to take this opportunity to consult with you and your team on management logics for this effort. Please let me know an optimal time in which we can meet within the next 24 hours. I was hoping we can have our meeting over a lunch at one of the restaurants here on Oed, where we both can contribute my our expertise to this project. Of course since I am new to the colony, I am not yet acclimated to the best eateries here, therefore you will have to pick the meeting spot.

Best Regards , Dr. Aiofemi Oshiro , DMSS

After reading the draft Ai pressed send.

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

It was just under two hours before Dr. Oshiro received a reply. Sharah had stopped by her office to change out of her scrubs and make notes inthe patient’s file about the surgery before going on into recovery. She saw the flashing urgent message and opened it. She read the memo and typed a very quick reply.

Dr. Oshiro,

I am aware of the impending arrival of the Vren. As you mention there is much to prepare for and to consider for the people whom place their trust and care in us.

Unfortunately, I can not leave the hospital until my shift is over. Also given the time line and the classified nature of the topic should we not discuss this in private? I can meet you for lunch at the café in the hospital. The food is quite lovely and there is a private dinning room for the staff or we could meet in my office. If you prefer to meet off hospital grounds I will be available at 1800. There is a restaurant a block south that serves indulgent comfort food from around the quadrant. The nurses rave about it. It might be possible to get a private dinning room, but I am unaware if how secure it might be. I feel quite strongly that we should practice the utmost care in not being overheard. We do not want to cause panic before the Governor and Lt Governor are ready to make an announcement.

Dr. Lt Fayth, SFCMO

Aiofemi grimaced at the fact that she would have to remain in the building. She was looking forward to going out and exploring the shops and eateries on Oed. She reluctantly wrote back to Dr. Fayth:

Very well, Doctor Fayth. I acknowledge your concern for discretion and in light of it I shall meet you at your office where we can then go to the café in the hospital. How about we meet at 18:30? Just in case you need time to wind down from work. Is there anyone else you think should join us? If so, please let me know and I will ensure my assistant notify the promptly.

Dr. Ai Oshiro

Sharah was stepping out of her office to go back to the recovery ward when her console beeped. She turned back to her desk.

Dr. Oshiro. 1830 will be fine. Is there anything specific you would like to eat? The food staff is very talented, and I would be happy to put in a request. The only person that comes to mind would be Dr. Helaky. He is the assistant chief of staff. He has been here on Oed for years and has been supremely helpful. He also knows more about the colony than anyone else at the hospital. Unfortunately, there is not currently a head of the psychiatric department.

Dr. Lt Fayth.

Gratitude, Doctor.
I would like a bowl of Kohlanese stew and a cup of Sencha tea. I will make sure my assistant send an invitation to Dr. Helaky and I will see you soon.

Dr. Ai Oshiro

Sharah called down to the cafe and made arrangements for herself and Dr. Oshiro on her way to the recovery ward. When her shift was over at 1800 she closed out the last of her patient files which gave her just enough time to refresh before Dr. Oshiro arrived.

Fayth, SFCMO

One of the things she was looking forward to when she accepted her job was separating herself from food being prepared in a replicator, therefore she hoped the food would not be replicated, however if it were she could tolerate it. She activated her comm and asked Samikah to send an invitation to Dr. Helaky.

Ai arrived in the café before Dr. Fayth and was escorted by a young human man to a section that seemed to have been prepared in advanced. She was surprised despite Dr. Fayth assurance that the food was good and staff were quite talented, as she didn’t expect much from the hospital café. “Thank you,” she said as she gave a pleasing nod to her escort. The man left briefly then came back with a glass of water and her Sencha tea. He carefully placed them both on the table.
“All the food is scheduled to arrive at the same time. Can I get you something while you wait?” The man asked.
Ai thought for a moment then asked, “Do you have any salmon bites?”
The waiter paused then said, “I don’t think we have that particular fish but we can make a comparable version from the local fish here in the colony.”
Ai smiled then nodded, “I would love to try it.”
The man nodded then disappeared.

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Helaky’s office was on the same floor as her own along with the other chiefs (surgery, nursing, obstetrics, etc). Helaky’s door was closed and she didn’t feel his presence inside so Sharah moved on. She took the lift down to the ground floor and made her way into the café 5 minutes ahead of time. The same man greeted her, carrying a platr, “We have the private area all set up Dr. Fayth. Dr. Helaky isn’t here yet, but Dr. Oshiro is.”

“Thank you Damian. How did your sister do on her exam?” she asked as they walked.

He told her all about his sister her placement exam. “She hasn’t gotten her scores yet though.” He opened the door to the private dinning area and set the plate down in front of Oshiro. “The chef’s take on salmon bites, ma’am.” He turned to Fayth, “Anything to drink?”

“Ooh,” said Ai as she rubbed her hands together. “Thank you, these look delicious.”

“Water please Damian, thank you.” She turned a warm smile to the woman at the table. “Dr. Oshiro, I’m Dr. Fayth. It’s a pleasure.” Despite her personal preference, Fayth held out a hand for a brief shake before taking her seat.

Ai appreciated that she called her doctor and not director. She smiled back as she took her hand and said, “The pleasure is all mine, Dr. Fayth. Thank you for setting this all up.”

Fayth nodded, “Of course. I do understand the chaos that is settling into a new place, especially when that place is Oed. Speaking from personal experience, I can say the chaos is worth it.”

“I am glad to hear it. I imaging the chaos can be substantial, especially with 4 million people cohabitating together. However, I am looking forward to being a civilian. I am currently staying in a hotel but of course, I intend to find permeant residence here. I am hoping to find a place that will allow me to create a small herb garden, something I was never really able to do effectively on a starship. Hopefully, this world, with its fresh air and rich soil will give me a better green thumb. How is the housing here on Oed? Can you recommend a realtor of sorts who can help me find a place to live?”

Sharah shrugged, “I’m afraid I don’t. My accomodations are in the fleet complex. I know there is a building about a block away where a lot of the nurses and other medical staff have apartments. However I believe that the governor’s office has information for cabinet member’s to help with that.”

A moment later the door opened again and a much older Deltan man entered with a warm smile. “Sorry I’m late. I had a patient I wanted to check on very quickly. I’m Dr. Helaky.” He held out his hand.

Fauth, SFCMO

Aiofemi stood to greet the man, “Dr. Helaky welcome, you are not late at all. So glad you could join us.”

He shook her hand with all the care and compassion of a doctor with a life time of experience. “I appreciate the invite. Please call me Ano.” He sat and smiled at Fayth. “Sharah, how are you doing today?”

The woman smiled and nodded, “I am doing well, thank you. Things seem to have calmed down around the hospital. CCDA will be gone soon and I think I’ll feel quite lost without them to butt heads with every day.” Helaky laughed and nodded knowingly.

“Why were CCDA here?” Aiofemi asked.

“General Harris, the head of CCDA, and Lucas Holloway, CEO of HHI, were the victims of a terrorist attack. Hospital security is not equipped or trained to deal with terrorists or assassins. So CCDA took over their security.”

“Terrorists…Assassins?” Her eyes flashed a quick look of concern as her thoughts went back to what her assistant was trying to tell her about past Governors that had been assassinated. “Hopefully, they were able to detain them?”

Fayth and Helaky exchanged a look and then Ano spoke. “No official report has been given as to the source or apprehension of those responsible. Four days after there were organized protests across the colony. The biggest were here at the hospital and at the government tower. A dissident group took credit for the attack, but when investigated that proved to be false.” He wiped his fingers on a napkin. “Look, Dr Oshiro, you need to understand that assassination attempts and mass attacks are par for the course on Oed. Be prepared for and accept it will happen. Our job here is to ensure we heal those affected, that we are prepared to do so. CCDA, Oed Police, CIA, the colonial leadership, they will and do work to prevent it. We focus on doing our part and don’t interfere by trying to do others’ jobs.”

Aiofemi nodded at Ano’s words then said, “I know you are just trying to convey realistic expectations for me, while I admit I am a bit cautious in nature, I do not fear danger, nor do I easily scare. I have served in Starfleet for many years, encountered many dangers, and even had to keep a colleague alive when he and I were captured by an aggressive race of aliens, much like the Vren, who imprisoned us and ultimately swapped us out for some of their own who had been captured by our ship. I am merely concerned about the morale within the colony and the persistent assassination attempts which are certainly going to affect my job. You can be sure I understand what comes with this job and that I am ready to stand and/or fall with my name attached to it. I would not be here otherwise.”

“You misunderstand me, Dr Oshiro. I do not know you, this is the first time I have met you or even seen you. I have no opinion. My words were not meant to offend or challange, and I sincerely apologize if they did. I simply want to give you an accurate picture.” Ano had been on Oed a long time, he understood the people and how volitile and quickly the people of Oed could change their opinion. And once their good opinion was lost, it was lost.

“Acknowledged, Ano. No offense taken. I do appreciate your perspective as I do find it very useful.”

As she sat back in her chair she offered them some of her appetizer, “I ordered the Oed version of salmon bites. Don’t they look and smell delightful? Please, I hope you both will help me eat them. It would be a shame to let the ones I can’t finish go to waste.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Sharah stood and walked over to a side bar and brought back a couple of plates. Ano wasn’t one for eating off the same plate and set them down. “Thank you, I do think I’ll try one.” Sharah set one on her plate. “Our cafe is really wonderful. It was something Ano and the previous chief of staff implemented.”

“Very nice,” said Ai impressed. “It has a very....formal feel. I like it very much. I will now have to think of it as a highly prized benefit that comes with working here.”

Helaky smiled. “It pleases me to know that you like it. A lot of effort went into this. Dr Fayth is working on a magnificent garden for us. I can’t wait to see the final result.”

Ai raised her eyes, “A whole garden? It seems you may know something about growing things. I would love to get your advice when I start my herb garden.”

Fayth nodded and laughed softly. “Oh yes. Botany is my secondary degree. I helped the Lt Gov with her own garden when she arrived. I would be happy to help. I suggest the farmer’s market that is at Sloane’s Square on Saturdays for finding the best plants. It’s very rich and diverse and excellent quality.” Helaky nodded, “The Farmer’s Market is one of the treasures of OED. The chef here in the cafe gets a lot of his groceries from there every week.”

Helaky nodded, “We were doing replicated food, but we found home cooked had such an impact on patient morale. Maybe not as balanced as replicated, but mental and spiritual well being is so important to whole health and wellness. We do have replicators for emergencies. Say for instance food supplies were short during the time of the domes or if we had more patients than the cafe could handle, or a bad year for crops. But over all we don’t use them much.”

Fayth, SFCMO

“I am not against replicated food, but I am glad it’s only used for emergencies. I served in Starfleet so I rarely got to enjoy a meal that was not replicated.” She took of the fish bites from the platter and bit into it, then said, “I don’t know. I may not ever be able to eat replicated food again after tasting this.” She picked up a napkin, wiped her hands, and then said “As you know we must prepare for the Vren’s arrival. I have heard things about them and the information has not been inspiring, so I have to admit I am feeling anxiety over their arrival and having to directly interact with them.” She paused and then said, “At the same time I am excited about their impending arrival. I am optimistic that they have come here to really mend bonds with the colony, also we will be able to exchange information and learn things from them. What do either of you think about the situation? I am eager to hear your thoughts.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Sharah knew nothing more about the Vren than what Oshiro probably did. Old reports ad occasional mentions by people in passing.

Helaky cleared his throat. “The Vren? The Vren are coming here?” He took a slow breath and looked behind him to make sure the door was firmly closed. He turned back to look at Oshiro and took a deep breath. “I have been here a long time. The Vren have always been elusive and a mystery. I was here the last time they attacked. More like small skirmishes, but scary. The Vren are the boogie man parents tell their children about, except this is no myth. They are very very real. The people of Oed are not going to respond well to this at all. And those that were part of the last attacks and their families are going to need mental health support.”

Ai listened to Dr. Helaky carefully, then asked, “When they last attacked, did they make any demands? Why do you think they are suddenly trying to create a diplomatic relationship with the colony? Do you think it is a ruse to infiltrate us and take over the planet?”

“You would have to ask that of those trained for such things. I am a doctor, a good one, but nothing more. I am not a tactician, a diplomat, or a spy. I would not even begin to guess what their purpose is,” Ano answered.

She shrugged and nodded. He made a fair point.

“Yes the Vren. We have only just been informed. Everything is to stay very quiet until the Governor makes an announcement. But I felt your insight would be invaluable, Ano.” Sharah nodded, “I only know as much, which really isn’t, that you know Dr Oshiro. I do have experience with alien species and tense and possible hostile situations. As far as medical emergencies go, I don’t think we will have a problem. We’ll pick people as a team ahead of time. But I assume if they arrive on their own ship they will have their own medical facilities. What are your plans?” she asked turning back to Oshiro.

Fayth, SFCMO

“Well, Governor Hyrushi has asked that we organize a tour and familiarization seminar with Vren medical staff. I am intrigued by this because I think it will be a great opportunity to learn new things about and from them.” She looked at Dr. Helaky with some sympathy then said, “Ano, I was briefly aware of the Vren and the extent of their attacks on the colony. I certainly was not aware of all the trauma they left behind, so I thank you for sharing that information. I had initially wanted to make emergency preparations to accommodate all Oed citizens should the conference with the Vren were to go…not as planned.” She clasped her hands together on the table and continued, “However with so little time till their arrival, I will not get to fulfill my entire vision, but I am confident now,” She looked at Sharah, “since you said you do not think medical emergencies will be an issue. In light of what Ano has shared about how the Vren will be received and the trauma that will no doubt resurface from the last encounter with them, we are going to need to provide some type of trauma-informed care for the citizens who were affected by the attack.” Ai slowly ran her hand across her forehead, “We are at a disadvantage there because we do not yet have a Chief or Head Counselor to help facilitate this. Are either of you aware of anyone in the colony who can take on the role in the interim to assist us with organization and planning?”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

The two doctors exchanged a glance. Ano cleared his throat. “I would severely limit what you show them. No one holds more of the vulnerable than a hospital, except for our schools. I would make maternity, the nursery, pediatrics, ICU, CCU, actually all patient rooms OFF limits. And anywhere there are active procedures taking place. The last thing you want is for people to feel like you are allowing the Vren near our most precious colonists. Unless of course you want a riot. We may have to do this, and the colonists will not take to that but recognize that yet again we have no choice in the matter. The Federation does not care. But you must always remember the colonists come first. I understand this is supposed to be a peaceful encounter, otherwise I doubt Hyrushi would be going along with this. However, I will check my records for details about injuries sustained and prepare for those types of injuries.” Typical of most Deltans his speech was smooth and thoughtful, but the feelings boiling under the surface were quite clear to Fayth.

Fayth sipped her water before speaking. “I think it would be wise to put the civilian staff front and foremost. Myself and one or two key medical Fleet staff of course will be there. The last thing I want, after we have worked so hard, is for the people of Oed to think we are washing our hands of the situation. But given the collective trauma I think it is important that the civilian staff gets to be in the forefront and see the Vren up close and direct. I would but the ER, medical research labs, surgical suites on that tour. We will make sure to keep a part of each area clear so they can see but not upset the patients.”

“I agree with you, civilian staff should be at the front. I am grateful you are willing to be there as well. I will have my assistant reach out and see who is interested among the civilian staff in being a medical ambassador at the event.”

Ano cleared his throat, “With all due respect, Director,” and he used her title deliberately, “I think it would be best if you approached each person individually with myself or Dr Fayth. You are an unknown asking them to face their living demons. No offense to your assistant, but it’s a lot impersonal. I gather there is a short timeline, but it would be well worth your effort.”

Her eyebrows lifted in delight and she quickly nodded in agreement because she was glad he’d offered his and Dr. Fayth’s assistance right off. Ai knew she needed to connect with respected members within the hopsital who worked alongside the medical staff she needed if she was going to be successful in her recruiting for the seminar. “Yes, that is a great solution, I totally agree.”

Ano made very valid points and she was grateful for the confirmation he offered as she had thought along the same lines. “I think you have a point in limiting the Vrens’ access to the patients. To be honest I had not considered an actual tour of the hospital even though it was a term I used earlier. I was thinking more like we would host a seminar-like event for them and some of the medical professionals here at Sacred Heart. Somewhere where we can meet and collaborate. I would need to find an optimal area. Maybe the Government tower has space to host it. I hoped we can set up the space to showcase some of our medical technology, allow questions, discussions, demonstrations, etc… and they would in turn have a place to showcase their technology as well. I think there should be speakers, and experts to share knowledge in their respective areas of work. I am wary of allowing them any type of access to the hospital in any capacity and considered it very risky therefore a chance I didn’t want to take. Maybe we can grant them access to the hospital in the future when we are sure they are allies, but certainly not for the first visit to our planet.

Fayth spoke up, “The best place would be Rabbitus Memorial School. It is the old school building but still houses quite a bit, and has meeting and lecture halls. Director Enger is in charge of all the educational facilities, and I am sure she would be happy to help you select a space. We can easily find extra equipment and have it transported over for the seminar.”

“Does she have an office in the Government Tower? What is the best way to approach her?”

“Like all cabinet members she has an office in the government tower, and I believe,” she looked at Ano, “one at the university as well. I have found her to be quite approachable. The quickest way to reach her would be to simply comm her office at the tower. They will get you in touch with her.”

“As for someone to help head up counseling and psychiatry I would suggest Derjoss Peviad. He’s a joined Trill with a lot of experience currently and past hosts with trauma,” Ano added.

Fayth, SFCMO

“I will contact him and see if he is interested in contributing.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Ano spoke up, “He is here today. I am happy to take you and introduce you.”

Fayth, SFCMO

“I would like that very much.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Ano looked up as the server knocked and then entered with a cart that had a wide range of meals to choose from. Fayth thanked him and he left. “Your requested dish is there, but the staff was eager to provide you with a sample of their talents as well.”

“Wow!” said Aiofemi wide-eyed, ” This looks amazing.” She looked at Sharah with a grin and said, “Thank you for suggesting we stay here and dine. I am…I… don’t know that I expected all this. I see no need to ever leave here and try all the other eateries in the colony.”

Sharah smiled and bowed her head slightly. “I’m glad you are enjoying it. Though I wouldn’t give up the culinary delights of the colony.”

Helaky beamed, “I am quite pleased you like it, Director. We wanted the patients and their families to be able to enjoy a meal, a good quality meal outside of their rooms. To have a sense of normalcy and delight. That for a time they could forget they were in the hospital. They can order anything they want, and it will be made to their dietary restrictions. Nothing is off limits. Our chiefs are exceptional.”

Fayth took her plate as Ano passed things around to the table. “What type of technology and procedures and medical knowledge would you like to share at this lecture? I can begin pulling equipment to be transferred tomorrow.”

Fayth, SFCMO

“I don’t think we want to show them anything proprietary but we do want them aware that we are medically and socially advanced as well as leading in our respective fields.” Aiofemi thought for a moment. “I’d like to do some research and see what I can find out about their medical technology and advancements.” There was another pause in thought, “However, I need to determine the best way to do this because I am sure there is very little information to reference regarding this.” There was a loud sigh as she took a bite of her food, “I don’t have much time, only a matter of hours really. In the meantime, we can prepare to show off some basic equipment such as Blood-analyzer units, bio function, and neural monitors. Absolutely nothing that depicts structural anatomy unless it’s hooked up to a tribble as I don’t want them analyzing any bio weaknesses to potentially use in future attacks. I will see if I can make contact with the Vren Medical Director or representative to determine what type of technology they will be contributing.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Fayth did not envy Oshiro her job. She thought back to what information hey had shared with Hab’rabi and his people…”I suggest a basic biobed, it shows physiological monitoring but not structure. A tissue migrator, and a med kit. It will show them quite a bit of information but without knowing the standards of what is normal or not or how the systems work together it shouldn’t give them any vital information. Also perhaps an environmental suite. I remember reading in the information packet that they were environmental suites because they require high humidity. Similar technologies and we keep it to basic civilian style suits. No combat or special situation gear.”

Fayth, SFCMO

She nodded in agreement. “I like all those suggestions. We could invite them to try out this equipment in hopes that they will and we can gather our own preliminary data on them. Likewise, if they ask us to try out their technology we will have to assume they may be collecting the same type of information.” Aiofemi thought for a moment as she took a few more bites of her food. “However, the diversity of Oed can be used as an advantage for us, whereas they are all but one and the same. Which species do you think is the most rarest we have living in the colony?”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMMS

The suggestion didn’t sit well with either doctor, for very different reasons. Helaky hedged giving Oshiro a hard look. “We could, of course, run the current demographics for the colony, but to suggest that…”

Fayth laid a hand gently on his arm. “If, Dr Oshiro, you are looking for a volunteer to be scanned by the Vren, I suggest myself. I am so outside the norm for Betazoids, nothing they would get from me would help them with other Betazoids. And I am used to being poked and prodded by strange species. I wouldn’t ask of anyone on this colony to do what I won’t do myself.” Fayth shrugged gently. Her offer was genuine and an effort to keep both of her companions working forward. She smiled gently, “This is, of course, your decision, and I am only here to assist you the best I can. I understand you must make what you feel is the best decision, but my offer stands if you need it. If it will help.” Fayth thought it was an awfully underhanded thing to do, to secretly collect such vital information. They were doctors, not spies. It went against everything she believed in as a doctor. And she wasn’t sure it was exactly diplomatic. That stance had gotten her in trouble before, but it had also earned her her position here on Oed. Oshiro would do what she thought was best for the colony and Fayth respected that. She was glad she wasn’t in Oshiro’s position to have to make that decision. Sometimes things had to be done. They didn’t have to agree, they just had to have a plan in place. She was there as support, this was a colony matter and not a Fleet one, so she kept her opinions to herself. She would do her best to support the hospital, the colony, and Oshiro as best she could. “Let me know where the equipment needs to be set up for you and I’ll make sure it gets done.”

Fayth, SFCMO

Aiofemi placed her fork on the table and calmly listened. She was aware that neither one of them liked where she was going with her question. However, in her opinion it was necessary and in the best interest to be prepared and have a plan. Also, they didn’t want to raise suspicion from the Vren, make them think they were holding back, or they didn’t trust them, even though that was the case. Additionally, Oed would be fools to receive the Vren with open arms and to think they would not be making the same plans. As it stood now the Vren was a hostile species, that had attacked the colony on multiple occasions and could potentially attack the colony again. Any intel, anything they could learn about them could be useful. Maybe something could be discovered about their physiology that could help the colony defend itself just in case they were never able to make peace with them.
She looked at her plate as she spoke in a low voice, “I know you don’t like where I am going with my question, and I understand the concerns you both have. You are doctors and it’s an imperative quality to value all life on the same level.” She shrugged as she made eye contact with each of them, “I know because I am a doctor too. The difference between us is that now my Hippocratic oath must incorporate the needs of the colony.” She paused then said, “I know there will be conflicts and I am going to have to figure out how to deal with it all morally and accept the decisions I make.” There was another pause then she said, “This job is going to be hard. Much harder than I anticipated because I do value life…in the colony and in the universe alike. Since I have accepted this role, I know I am going to have to make some decisions that contradict that, and I have to be okay with it else I may not have the emotional capacity to continue. I hope you both understand that one of the requirements of my job was to be prepared to defend the colony at all costs and..... I am prepared to do just that.”
She looked at Ano with semi-pleading eyes then said, “I hope it does not give you an unpleasant perspective of me because I do value your advice and your opinion.”

She looked at Sharah and was impressed how she offered herself up willing and without a pause in thought, “It is the same reason I cannot let you volunteer. I do not doubt what you say about your genetics, however, I also cannot ignore you are the same species as our Governor; therefore, it could compromise him, a risk we cannot take.” She put her hand on her chest and then said, “I would do it myself, in a heartbeat, but I am human, and if I had to guess that is most likely the make-up of the general population.” She pressed her lips together and then said, “I am open to considering other suggestions, however, I will not take my inquiry off the table until we have a viable one. Does either of you think we can do sufficient demonstrations on some…um….tribbles? Do you think they would buy it?”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Ano grimaced and Fayth could feel the revulsion and anger coming off of him. “Ano…” He turned on her. “Don’t. You fleeters are all the same. The value of the Federation as a whole compared to those of the colony. The Federation doesn’t give a d@mn about us. And I can speculate quite well how much notice they gave the governor about this problem. I don’t foresee the governor willingly going into this unless forced. But then again he’s hiring all these supposed ex-fleeters to run the colony, as if they know what it’s like to be us.” He stood, pushing his chair back and turned his gaze on Oshiro. “Oh how kind of you. You’d do it but your people are a majority. So your suggestion is to pick the smallest minority and offer them up as a sacrificial lamb to the Vren because we have less value? When did this colony start giving values of importance on people?” He shook his head, “I don’t care what information you want to collect on the Vren but I will NOT sit here and act like it’s okay for you to say some people have more value than others because of their numbers. Here’s an idea, I’ll be your lamb. I’m old, I’m retiring in a few years and there are only about 10 Deltans on the colony. Oh wait you can’t do that because Deltans are a founding member of the Federation. Whoops, who dies next?” Despite his outburst Helaky was very quiet, his voice not carrying past the table. He looked and felt ill over the implications.

Ai frowned at him. She did not appreciate him swearing at her, no matter how angry or upset he was. “Did you not hear one word I said?,” Aiofemi stood and looked the man in the eye as she spoke to him. She wasn’t about to remain sitting and let him loom over her in a rage. “Also, I do not appreciate you putting words into my mouth or misconstruing my intentions. I never said one race was more important than the others. That was your interpretation. Either way, you do know my stance. I work for the government and not you. If you do not understand anything I said before then I am not about to stand here and try to explain it and make it more comprehensive for you. Furthermore, you are getting worked up over speculation. I don’t know for sure that the Vren will be trying to gather any information from us, therefore no one may be in danger. Anyway, that is not the point here. The point is to be prepared if they are and limit their knowledge. That is my goal, not to get anyone killed.

Fayth took a deep breath and closed her eyes a moment and breathed out calm into the room. Helaky breathed in and seemed to respond to some unspoken comment but did not sit. Fayth opened her eyes and looked at him, understanding and heartache there. She turned to Oshiro, “If we can not use the volunteers who are willing then I suggest we use a plant or a pet instead. I do not suggest Tribbles, they are an ecological menace we do not want to deal with.” She put out a hand lightly touching the back of Helaky’s hand. “Ano, please sit down. We aren’t going to sacrifice anyone or suggest they volunteer.” She turned a calm expression to Oshiro, “I also suggest we use ourselves or proxy on our equipment and let them use themselves on theirs. It won’t get you the data you want, but it also won’t make people misunderstand and think we are willing to sacrifice them and not ourselves. I would recommend talking to the head of Colonial Intelligence. I am sure they have someone who knows how to use a medical tricorder and can quietly gather the information. And even do it outside of the medical conference.”

Fayth, SFCMO

Ai was annoyed with them both. “I don’t understand how the two of you have come to pull the term sacrifice into this conversation. I do not expect anyone to die. I do expect the exchange of information, which I want to be sure we limit in any capacity we can…just in case the Vren have nefarious intentions. We all should hope this upcoming diplomatic conference with the Vren is successful and we can move forward and develop a successful relationship with them.” She grabbed her bag as she continued, “I am offended that you both automatically came to the conclusion that I have a bloodthirsty agenda from my mere suggestion that was only meant as a precaution to protect the entirety of this colony. We know nothing about the Vren. I think we should be prepared for both instances, using ourselves on our own equipment and vice versa if it is suggested otherwise. Tribbles are out, so then I think a pet is fine, really as I said a species that is not that common. I promise we are not going to throw them to wolves to die. Not even the pet if we use one. All citizens in the colony are protected. We must be prepared to be one step ahead of them and reverse engineer their technology so we can mitigate any future attacks they may have in store.” She pushed her chair in and said, “I do like the idea of quietly gathering the data.” She looked at the time and then said, “I appreciate you both meeting with me, and on short notice. However, I am afraid I have work to do and I must be going.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Sharah still remained seated. “Dr. Oshiro, Dr Helaky, sit down, please,” she said very softly. “Obviously this is a very sensitive subject for all of us. We are trained professionals, and we know that words have power. That each of us brings our own experience and persective to what we say and what we hear. That we can not possible know each others’ perspectives, and we should give each other some grace. Dr Oshiro, I know the difficult position you have been put in, and I know how unwelcoming Oed can seem. Such gross misunderstandings as these are explosively common on Oed. Let us three set the example instead. Please. Dr. Helaky, I know you are afraid, and I know, but Dr Oshiro does not, that her words brought back painful and frightening memories. And though by coincidence her words were similar her intent is not. You thought the same of me when I arrived, but over the last months together we have made Sacred Heart a beacon of cooperation and community and understanding.” She waved at their seats. Their anger and frustration and fear battering at her cruely, but she would not give in to it. “Please, both of you sit back down so we can do what we came here to do - insure the physical and mental health and safety of everyone on this colony. Including ourselves.”


Aiofemi reluctantly placed her bag down and took a seat. Everything that Sharah was saying was very logical. She nodded then said, “You are right Dr. Fayth, this is a very big misunderstanding and we do need to work through everything if we are going to be successful. Nothing like this has been done…at least not with the Vren. There are so many opportunities here and I don’t want any of them to slip away. Dr. Helaky. I am open to any other suggestions or proposals you may have so that we can come to an understanding. However, I think it’s crucial that I reiterate, in my defense, to you that I do not think one species is more important than another and my ultimate goal here is to safely and reduce the risk of any information technology we share with the Vren.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Ano looked out the window making an obvious effort to calm himself before he looked back at her. “Dr Fayth is correct.” He placed a graceful hand over his heart and bowed slightly. “I deeply apologize, Dr Oshiro. My outburst is inexcusable.” He sat, choosing his words carefully, to avoid any more misunderstandings.

Ai shook her head and then said, “I also apologize. I know you have been through a lot and it was insensitive of me not to consider that.”

“Please hear me out, because it is vital you understand this. You can not specifically ask anyone to be examined by the Vren, and if you ask for volunteers you will find some reason to chose someone else. Not because you are placing value, but those that are willing will be Human or Betazoid, or Deltan, or Klingon, or some other species that seems too big a risk.” It was a fact, just as she had stated earlier that Fayth shared Hyrushi’s DNA and she was Human which was a large portion of the populace. “You will have to settle on who is willing to do this. Dr Fayth has volunteered. I’ve been on OED a long time. I understand the political climate of the general populace a lot better than either of you can.”

“Dr. Helaky, if it really bothers you then we won’t have anyone examined by the Vren.” She looked at Sharah, “As Dr. Fayth said we will need to consider an alternative to gathering any information from the. I have a meeting with the CIA Director. I will ask him if he has any ideas.”

He gave Fayth a significant look, “Even than you.” Fayth nodded acknowledging the fact. He turned back to Oshiro, “Were it to be found out that a senior Star Fleet officer volunteered to put themselves in that risky of a position for the colony, and you denied it, no matter the reason, the suspicion that would be attached to you would take years to break away from. The people of OED do not trust easily. It doesn’t matter if the Governor hand picked you for the position. We have seen far too many government officials come through here, corrupt, and use us for their purposes. It does not matter that you are not them. You will be judged by their actions and compared.” He shook his head, “It’s not fair, but it is the way of Oed.”

Things were slowly starting to make sense. Had there been that much corruption in the government? she asked herself. Not sure if her decision to accept her new job was the best one. “It disturbs me that know that so much corruption has happened, especially within the government. I do hope that I can gain back some of the trust that was lost, but I will need a chance.”

“Knowing that you will be judged and not everyone can be happy. There will people who will never like you, I suggest we don’t scan the Vren at all. We use our own people on our equipment and them on theirs. Or use a dog or plant or similar. I second what Dr Fayth said, ask Dir James if someone can covertly get the scans you want.”

“Yes, I agree. As I said I have a meeting with Mr. James. I will follow up with you after my meeting with him.”

Fayth had been quiet, but her gaze turned upward for a moment and then landed on Oshiro. “It is also possible…we require everyone coming through customs to have a basic healthy and safety screening, that you could get the scans you want that way. But that would require a lot of diplomatic understanding and far above the hospital’s paygrade. I imagine you would have to speak with Gov Hyrushi, Lt Gov Dasca, and Ambassador Mathis about that. Otherwise I really do urge you to leave the covert details to Colonial Intelligence. That allows the medical conference to focus on working together and doesn’t put innocent lives at risk if the Vren become offended and violent if they think we aren’t being sincere and open.”

Fayth, SFCMO/Helaky, SHaChief of Staff

“Yes, you are right, Dr. Fayth. Thank you both. I do appreciate you putting things into perspective for me.

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

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“I know this is a huge task put on you from arrival, so what else do you need from us? I will have the equipment sent over once you give me a location, and Dr Helaky and I can take you to meet with the various personnel tomorrow? Or after the official announcement?”

“I am sure you will have lots of questions on the day to day operations of the hospital. Your assistant, Ms. Jaxsyn, can contact me whenever you are ready to delve into that.”

Fayth, SFCMO

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