A New Day, A New World, A New Life

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Following Massat and Dasca up, the pair took in the collection with more than a little bit of awe. “This is a like a museum in the best possible way,” Mathis said. “How do you come across such precious works?”

Massat smiled and said “My Aunt was an avid collector her entire life. Books and antiques. My interests laid elsewhere, but when she passed she left her collection to me. And as I am sure you are aware… like attracts like. So, as I made plans to curate or even sell the collection, I began to come across more and more. So even with trying to shrink the size, it ended up growing.” and they laughed softly. “Were I a religious person, I would think it was my Aunt having fun with me from the afterlife.” They smiled again and said “But as it is, it grew to a point maintaining it was a full time effort. And in doing it, I found I had yet another passion outside of my previous ones.”

Meanwhile, Jones began to survey the titles, resisting the urge to reach out and touch the protective display cases.

~Ambassador Mathis & Dash Jones, Attaché

Massat, Owner

“Sometimes we just come across these things rather honestly,” Jeanette said knowningly.

“I’ve always believed that a person was never meant to have only one purpose or passion,” Eela said, a serene smile on her face. “Though I will admit that there are often underlying themes that draw us from one to another, sometimes seamlessly, sometimes not.”

Mathis grinned. “I think that’s why I always liked diplomacy. It’s never just one things. It’s a whole breadth of topics and interests and, at least in my case, I’ve travelled extensively and gotten to learn all sorts of things I would never otherwise had the opportunity to.”

She studied the titles on offer, many she had seen before, but there were a few new ones. Every now and again, she glanced at Jones or Mathis, taking in their demeanour and feeling content that she had made the right choice to bring them here. It wasn’t just bringing them to a colony business, but she was sharing something personal and intimate about herself. It was, in of itself, an offering.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Dash was still moving along and came to stand beside Dasca, simply enjoying the energy she was giving off. It was very different than that in their meeting with the Governor and it became another layer to the woman he could see.

Then his eyes found a title that surprised him. “Hey, Jean, take a look!” he said.

Mathis moved over and delight overtook her. “Oh wow, an original edition of T’Suran’s treatise.” She chuckled. “Though Enduring the Hardship of Earth doesn’t exactly give me warm fuzzies about diplomacy, but it was certainly a piece from its time early on in the Vulcan-Earth relationship.” She turned to Massat. “I don’t know if you’ve read it, but it is rather fascinating, even if as a Human myself it makes me want to throw ti across the room,” she said with a laugh.

~Ambassador Mathis & Dash Jones

Massat smiled and said “Oh, I can only imagine. That is an exceptional piece, actually. Quite an interesting history, if I do say so. Allow me.” He went to the end of the case and pulled out a pair of archivist’s gloves. He then went through the security system and opened the environmentally sealed case and pulled the book from its display. “This way.” he said, and led the party to 9ne of the viewing alcoves.

Eela grinned in anticipation. It almost didn’t matter what the book was about, there was something magical about something so old that they could, if not touch, be in close proximity to.

Setting the manuscript down, he said “If you are not proficient in Vulcan, I am happy to translate.” He opened the cover and there, on the title page, was impeccable Vulcan handwriting.

Mathis smiled. “I’ll be able to manage.”

“She says modestly, despite the fact that she can read all four dialects,” Jones said with a lopsided smile.

Jeanette shook he head and began to read aloud.

“Ambassador Curtis, ” it began. “It has been a singular challenge working with humanity for the past eleven years. You in particular are crass, rude, clumsy in thought and deed, and without a doubt the most rash human I ever had the misfortune to have to speak with. As I retire from my position as Vulcan Ambassador to Earth, allow me to say that it is my sincerest wish that I vener set foot on human ground again.”

“Please accept this gift of my treatise on humans and your planet. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn of our celestial neighbors. And against all logic, know that I believe humans will strive for greatness and succeed more than they fail. Please do your best to ensure the successes are more spectacular than the other. Much love and adoration to Elizabeth and Jonah.”

It was signed “Your friend, Live Long And Prosper, T’Suran”

Massat smiled and said “T’Suran’s decendents received this from Ambassador Curtis’s decendants almost a hundred standard years ago when one was named Federation Senator. Apparently the two families are very close.”

Massat, Owner

“That is priceless,” Jeannette said with a laugh. “It’s like a diplomatic love-hate relationship. You know, I’ve had the temptation to say how I really felt about people, but of course I’ve never gone through with it.”

Eela smirked. “I have,” she said with gleam in her hazel eyes, drawing surprised looks from Mathis and Jones. “And it wasn’t even with a species who prefers blunt honesty. Funny things happen when you set all the crap to the side, speak your mind and know where you stand with people.”

“Isn’t that the truth,” Mathis said with a smile as she gazed back at the treatise. “I will say that this reads differently than the translated version I know. The.. tone is different, which is always the problem with translation. The individual doing the translation has to make decisions and there is always a measure of bias. This reads far more like an unlikely friendship than it does conflict.”

“Was this in your Aunt’s collection, or did you come by it some other means?” Dash asked Karilan.

~Dasca & Co.

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