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Alarm crossed his face first, followed by the realization that he had not made the intended point. Cort waved his hand. “Oh… no, my apologies, Governor. I never meant to insinuate that we were trying to remove Dasca’s input from her own schedule. Far from it. In fact it was actually at her insistence that we cleared her schedule for the Third Day. But what I was hoping to convey is that as she tries to make time for these important events, we obviously have to juggle the rest of the work elsewhere and the tidal effect of that can be… difficult. I did tell Caridee to manage her expectations of her mother’s time, and she obviously doesn’t know about the Vren so she doesn’t fully understand the variables Eela is dealing with. But presuming that the immediate events with the Vren goes at all well, they will be around for the foreseeable future in some capacity and you and I both know Eela well enough to know that she will throw herself fully into that side of the work in order to fulfill her promise to this colony. The… concern is that with such high stakes, what little time she had carved out for her personal celebrations will be slowly eaten up by obligations elsewhere and she will start her new year exhausted and overwhelmed. And that would truly be a shame. I bring this to you so you are aware that when the time comes she might need more support from all of us as she tries to hold back that flood of inevitable work. Emergencies aside, surely for a couple hours a day or so over the span of one week, it’s not too much to ask that once a year others let her have differing priorities?” Cort sighed. All he was really trying to convey was that Eela was a self-sacrificing person and where she could say no and claim this important time for herself, she should be allowed to. But that might require others to tell everyone else to just back off a little and give the poor woman some space.

~Cort Belanger

Hyrushi took a breath. He exhaled slowly and said “Mr. Belanger… No one in this room doubts the importance of the holiday to the Lieutenant Governor. Nor the significance of her family being here for it. But I am afraid that you are now realizing the ugly truth about positions like hers and mine. Our time is not our own… it almost never is. There is nothing wrong with asking for an allowance of differing priorities for a few hours… a few days… but you must realize that request is not entirely realistic. Oh, you can try of course. So can her family. But I do not want any hurt feelings being directed at Ms. Dasca when those requests and plans are set to the side by whatever situation pulls her away… as they inevitably do.” He leaned back and said “Try as you must… but manage your expectations. Disappointment is a strong emotion, it carries a great deal of weight.”

Hyrushi, Gov

Belanger drew in a slow and measured breath, digesting not just Hyrushi’s words but the intent behind them. He nodded slowly. “I understand,” he said more quietly. Certainly no one wanted to burden Dasca more than she already was and he knew all too well that the sensitive empath missed little. “I believe this will be a learning opportunity for all involved.”

“It almost always is, Mr. Belanger.” Hyrushi said with sympathy.

He allowed himself to smile again, though it was more subdued. “I appreciate your help and insight into these different issues, Governor, and I think despite some of the challenges we’re navigating this will be a worthwhile opportunity for the Lieutenant Governor and her family.”

~Cort Belanger

Hyrushi nodded and said “What you are doing is certainly worth the effort. Just keep in the forefront 9f your mine the thought that it will almost certainly not work out how you… or her family… wishes it to. One of the most important skills you can learn working for someone in Ms. Dasa’s position is the ability to pivot. If you can do that, move from plan to execution to improvisation in order to succeed as best you can, then you will be personally successful and much more able to assist the Lieutenant Governor… and by that, the people of Oed.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Cort smiled more deeply at least that they were on the same page. “And that I all I ever aim to do.” He rose to his feet, though he waited for a signal from the Governor before moving off.

Hyrushi stood and gave the man a half-bow. “I am happy to assist, Mr. Belanger. Good day.”

At the door, the EA bowed his head. “Good day, Governor,” he said and then left, thinking that it was at least a productive conversation, even if had gotten tense. Outside, he gave a nod to Dorma. “Ms. Fen, thank you for fitting me in.”

~Cort Belanger

Hyrushi, Governor

Shocked at him and smiled. “You have the look of someone who has just received a trademark Hyrushi ‘Be careful what you ask for’ talk. But at least your brain isn’t melted. He must like you.” and she looked down at her desk as the doors to the lift opened.

Dorma Fen, Governor’s Aide

Cort grinned. “No brain melting today. But it was fairly productive.” He tapped a finger to his nose. “Surprises underway.”

Moving off to the lift, he mused to himself that it could have gone worse. But there was one fundamental thing that the conversation hadn’t changed. Even with Hyrushi making the situation vastly clear, Cort seemed to understand something about Eela Dasca that others were missing or choosing to ignore. And all he knew was that as her assistant and the one who worked most closely with her, a part of his job was to see problems before they arose. As far as he could tell there was a problem looming on the horizon that was easy to brush off (and she would), but if he could help her avoid it, he’d do everything he could. Otherwise, the consequences could be disastrous. Perhaps someone cynical would just say in that case that Dasca just wasn’t up to the job, but Cort didn’t believe that and he was certain neither did Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi.

With the advice in mind and some adjustments to the plan, Belanger made his way back to their offices to make some discreet calls before Dasca got back.

~Cort Belanger

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