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A tiny smirk played on Dasca’s lips as she set her coffee down and rose to her feet. “Come with me,” she said simply, moving towards her door. She offered no explanation as she moved past Cort’s office and Elema’s reception desk and stepped in the wide hallway. Eela simply paused, fully expecting Oshiro would be there with her.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Ai was surprised when the Lieutenant Governor rose to her feet and she automatically did the same thing. Grabbing her bag as she stood. “Um…yes of course,” she said as she followed her, eyes wide as many thoughts raced through her brain. Maybe she is leading me to the elevator and out of the building. Did I do or say something wrong? There was a little bit of anxiety building up in her as she followed close behind the woman clutching the strap of her bag as it hung on her shoulder.

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS?

Eela moved with the confidence of a woman who had many years behind her, and while she could have her own self-doubts she also knew her worth. Oed toyed with that balance more than she cared for and if she were to dig deeper she’d know it wasn’t just the colony. It had been a theme the last few years. But the small wins she had had on Oed were slowly giving her something back she hadn’t know she had lost.

Dasca led the new Director to the lift and tapped her security card. She stepped him, offering Aiofemi a smile and a wink. Rather than going down as Oshiro might be expecting, Dasca hit her keycard and it allowed her to punch in the next level above. They were going up, but there was only one other floor in the Tower…

Aiofemi placed one hand on her chest, a small sign of relief as she knew they were not headed to the first floor where the exit was but they were going up.

it took little time and Eela stepped out, and waited for her companion. “Rule number one about Oed is that half the time in leadership it’s trial by fire. Unexpected things happen and most of the time they will try your patience and your skills. The other rule of thumb I’m going to give you is that be open and honest with Governor Hyrushi. Dissembling will get you no where.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

She held on to the Lieutenant Governor’s words, for she intended to take every piece of advice she could get. “I understand,” she said quietly. Aiofemi could be reticent at times but her personality was one that was humble and honest. Her goal, as a doctor and department head, was to always work toward the best outcome and in the best interest of all parties involved, whatever that may be. However with this new role, and she was no longer a Starfleet officer, that may have to change. She knew her priority was now most likely going to lean in the direction of protecting the interest of the colonist and the government that supported them first, and only hope that the outcome is favorable to any other party involved since her role connected her with its leadership. She hoped, if not anything else, the Governor would pick up on the fact that she was prepared to fully take on the responsibilities of her new role.
“So has anything gone up in fire since you have taken office? I heard there were some protests. What are those about?” she asked as she stepped out of the lift with the Lt. Governor.

Dr. Ai Oshio, DMSS

“It’s complicated. Political maneuvering and not really what they seem. I can debrief you more later. And in my first week here I I dealt with several ‘fires’ as you call them. One that is Starfleet related and will no doubt will come back to bite me in the ass, but I’m used to pissing off an Admiral here and there. I can take it,” she said with a sly grin.

They quickly approached offices and at the reception desk was Hyrushi’s assistant. “Ms. Fen,” Eela said with a smile. “He should be expecting us.” This is of course, had been the plan all along, but Oshiro hadn’t known that.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

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The red-haired Asian human woman smiled at the Liutenant Governor and said “Of course, Madame. The Governor is ready for you.” She pressed an ivon on her desk display and the large, ornate double doors to the left of her desk swung out and open.

Dorma Fen, Governor’s Aide

Dasca gave a gracious nod. “Thank you.”

The room beyond was spacious and white. Walls of glass from the left of the doorway gave an uninterrupted view of the city as they wrapped all the way around the far corner of the room and then continued on out of sight behind a three-quarters-high wall that extended from the far right corner of the room about three-quarters the length of the room. Set into the wall was a fireplace, in front of which was a large seating area with a low table surrounded by couches and chairs. In the far left corner of the glass walled room was a desk on a raised section of floor. Next to the desk, on a small table, sat a pot with a small plant inside. Set at an angle with two chairs before it, the lone occupant of the room seated behind the desk stood up as the Lieutenant Governor and new Cabinet member entered.

The figure appeared human… save for the eyes. Terran Asian features surrounded black eyes, like wet obsidian. Long, jet black hair flowed perfectly straight down the back of the figure halfway to their waist as he stood up. Dressed in a deep green suit with a deep blue paisley shirt under a vest that matched the suit, the figure stood and smiled. “Captain Dasca. Dr. Oshio. It is indeed a pleasure. Doctor, I am Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi, Governor of the colony. Please be seated.” and he indicated the chairs in front of the desk.

Hyrushi, Gov

Aiofemi’s eyes met with the Governor’s and she quickly averted them, looking off to the side at one of the large windows then at the view of the city, because at that moment she found him to be quite attractive. She honestly had not expected him to be so. His jet black hair seemed perfect and his dark eyes were intriguing also familiar and had started to draw her in. Instinctively, her hand moved to her head to smooth her own dark hair, hoping her pressed-out curls were not trying to resurface just yet due to the amount of movement it took the get to this point. If it were to revert back to its curly state, it would start at the top leaving her with awkward curly hair on the top of her head and straight ends. It had happened before and she swore from that point on she would only wear her natural curls. Of all days she deviated from her commitment and wasn’t sure if she would regret it. As she ran her hand over her head, all seemed well with her hairstyle and it became the least of her conerns.
Now she’d hoped her predilection towards the Governor’s appearance had not come across in his or the Lieutenant Governor’s thoughts for she knew one thing about their species and that was that they could potentially access her thoughts.

She managed to lift her eyes to his, long enough to greet him as she smiled and said, “Governor Hyrushi. It’s an honor.” Then she took one of the seats he offered, placing her bag on the floor beside the chair.

Eela gave Oshiro a wink as she made her way over to Kenzo’s desk which should could probably find blindfolded given how often she was here. “I was just telling the doctor that our jobs as leaders on this colony are often trial by fire. I didn’t quite express that I was instigating one, but that too might often be the case.” Her and Hyrushi had difficult jobs and their decisions weren’t always going to gel perfectly with the rest of the cabinet. And somehow they all had to figure it out.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Aiofemi made a nervous nod at the Lieutenant Governor. She wasn’t entirely sure if it was in reference to the wink or if she was corroborating the statement about the conversation they had been having before they entered the room. She couldn’t help but feel she was unprepared to meet with the both at the same time. Surely there would be many more of these to come and of course, how she got through this one would determine how each one of them viewed her. It all felt like a test and therefore she felt a bit intimidated.
“I am sure I do not have to tell you that leadership is one of the hardest tasks that any being can take on. My adopted father told me once, “You can probably make the majority happy but you won’t be able to make everybody happy. However, you must stay focused on the mission and hope the others respect your decision and decide to follow you.” I do not envy your jobs. I do hope that I can do my part and hopefully ensure the work that affects the Medical and Social Services of the colony is one less thing that you have to extinguish from the flames.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Kenzo looked at Eela for a brief moment. While his outward expression never wavered from neutral, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor were familiar enough now that she would catch the look as Really? with regards to the sudden emotional response from the new Medical Director. He then looked back at Oshiro and said “Wise words. And ones to keep in mind here on Oed. But don’t worry. I’m sure you have little to worry about at this particular point in time… although Oed is a steep learning curve for those new to leadership.” He pressed an icon on his desk display and said “Tea, please, Ms. Fen.” He then asked Oshiro “So tell me how you see your role here on the colony, Doctor. I would like to hear how you envision what it is you are undertaking.”

Hyrushi, Governor

She needed to find a way to ease the intimidation she felt from these two powerful people. She decided to take a deep breath and again relied on the words of her father. Act accordingly in a situation, if you are among powerful people then do not appear to be weak. She knew she would need to be more assertive if she was going to make an impression.
“I can share with you a general high-level one and refine it as I learn what the current situation is like which I was hoping to learn today, from the two of you. However, before I share it, would you consider answering some of my own questions as it will be the second time I have answered that question today?”
Her eyes appeared thoughtful for a moment before she continued, “One thing I am curious about is when was the last time you had a Director of Medical and Social Services? Also, why did you specifically choose me, a former CMO from a Starfleet ship, to fill this role?” I am sure there are a lot of qualified people out of the nearly 4 million who already live here in the colony.” She waved her hand toward the elaborate window, toward the view of the city. This was a red flag that Ai’s adopted brother placed in her head. He had pointed it out to her before her departure to the Oed and told her It could mean a couple of things such as the role was more trouble than it was worth and…or the Governor and Lt. Governor were not ideal to work for. He pressed her to ask the question during her meeting with either of them. Now seemed a good time as any since they were both in the room.

“I… am happy to be here. I really am. I heard there were a number of applicants for the job.” She frowned a little as an inquisitive look emanated from her face while she continued, “Just wondering why you would choose to bring someone who is not acclimated to life here on the colony which means you will have to provide me with more information than you would a native colonist.”

She also felt a bit irritated that he considered her new to leadership, which means he wasn’t even acknowledging the experience and expertise the brought to the role. “I also feel I should point out that I am not particularly new to leadership, per my last role and the years I served in it. However, I guess you are referring to leadership in terms of the number of people that falls under the umbrella of this role as well as the fact that the job can be high profile because I am to report to the two of you?”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Hyrushi took a breath. He could feel the irritation and frustration in her as she spoke, and he felt the concern and apprehension as well. Understandable. he thought to himself. “To your first question: We have had only one previous Director of Med8cal Services. The position is one I created when I was first made Governor. Two, you were chosen because you posses the unique background we are looking for. True, we have millions of people here. But the needs of this particular position are quite specific. Someone with a broad medical background, with knowledge of both public and private health care initiatives, and who has a strong familiarity with Star Fleet and the ability to liaise with them in an effective and cooperative manner. Such a combination of qualifications are highly uncommon in the Federation… let alone a burgeoning colony on the edge of the more civilized sectors.” He held her gaze with his own as he continued. “And to your second point, we are aware that you are not new to leadership… but you are quite new to this particular arena of leadership. Your record as a Chief Medical Officer in Star Fleet is exemplary, but you were in charge of mere fraction of the number of people you have here. You also had rules and regulations in place for you to follow prior to your appointment as the head of medicine on your ship, and your patients were bound by rules and regulations to abide by your directives. You will not have that luxury here.” He leaned forward and looked at her quite inttently and then said “And as far as I know, Star Fleet does not have a documented history of crews who find their officers incapable of leadership killing them. Some of my predacessors, and the Lieutenant Governor’s here as well, have been ‘removed from office’ in just such a fashion. Oed is not averse to expressing their disappointment with a leader in a variety of public… and quite violent… ways. So, Captain Dasca and myself being keen on not being assassinated, are ensuring that we hire the best individuals for the positions here on Oed. People who think outside the box. People who don’t have a preconception of what Oed is… but who have a strong vision for what it can be.” Hyrushi leaned back and relaxed a bit. “I hope that answers your questions?”

Hyrushi, Governor

Having already had a brief chat, Eela was content to let Kenzo lead the discussion and see how Aiofemi responded. Her varied emotions rolled off the woman in waves but Dasca easily blocked what would be distracting and allowed the general impressions from the woman to seep through.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Ai did not hold his gaze, not because she was being deceitful but because she didn’t want to be distracted by his eyes she tried to concentrate on her responses. As she scraped her fingers through her hair, she looked at the Lieutenant Governor instead as she talked, while only briefly looking at the Governor in quick intervals.
“Yes, you did answer my questions and I do understand everything you said. More than I did before. It was not my intention to challenge you I just want to be sure we are coming into this partnership with a mutual understanding of each other. Since you have stated all the reasons I am here, then I think regardless of an agenda you trust me to do my job.” She remembered the advice of the Lieutenant Governor and decided not to pretend like she knew what she was in for or what she was doing. “While I don’t have a solid agenda at this time, I do have a plan on how I want to move forward. The first thing I am going to do is connect with the staff at Sacred Heart and try to build some trusted alliances among the senior staff there. I have learned that it’s important to lead by considering the advice of others and once you have it you can decide on how to move forward with your own choices. I am only saying I will always consider what I learn from people, however, that does not mean that I will always act on their advice. I think it’s important for people to be heard and if they feel heard they are more willing to work with you.”
She thought for a moment then said, “I need to figure out what the previous DMSS had on his agenda and determine if they are still practical matters that we need to pursue or if the vision has changed based on the current situation in the colony. I hope the previous DMSS was honorable and could be trusted. If not, that will make the initial work I have to do that much harder.” She attempted to look into the Governor’s eyes as she continued, “I have some ideas I would like to work on, but at this point, I don’t know if it makes sense to move forward with my ideas. I am hoping I can partner with well-trained staff and experts in the field. It’s my intention to learn from them and proposed or implement policies related to the areas that need the most attention. I hope you understand that before I start telling you everything that I have on my agenda, I need to know if it makes sense to pursue them or figure out what makes sense and then create an agenda based on that.”
She paused and said, “May I ask another question?” She’d heard about all the rebellions and was curious about what was causing them or why people were so angry to the point that they felt they need to rebel.

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

“Of course.” Hyrushi said. “And please do not ever apologize for challenging me. You were not brought here to simply agree with everything I say. We need you to stand up for your organization… and the people of Oed.”

Hyrushi, Governor

“I appreciate that you said that, it’s very reassuring to know that you are open to opinions and discussion in the future.” There was a sigh before she asked her question, “I have heard talks of a rebellion since I landed here. Why are the people in the colony angry?” She paused for a moment to try and think of a way to rephrase her question. “What I mean to say is why are there so many rebellions? It’s never a good sign when people feel like they have to rebel to be heard. I know there are always going to be those who are angry no matter what, but rebellion is a strong response so I wonder if you and the Lieutenant Governor are missing or lacking effective communication with the colonists?

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

The dark eyes of the Governor darkened and they locked onto Oshiro’s gaze. “Rebellion? Doctor, I don’t know what holovid you garnered that term from, but it is hardly applicable here.” He took a breath and composed himself. “There is no ‘rebellion’. What there is is a strong history of the people removing incompetent and-or corrupt leaders by force. Assassinations, bombings, and the odd poisoning. But it never directed at anyone other than the governing individuals. You see, Oed is unique… both in location and culture. The citizens are proud, and they are resilient, and they are tenacious. And they have no tolerance for incompetence or graft. The incidents you are speaking of happened years ago; and I am quite proud to say that in my tenure here I have only had an attempt on my life four times. And those were done by criminal organizations… not the populace. And I am quite sure that if you asked any hundred of the people in this city if they felt heard by myself and the Lieutenant Governor, the vast majority of them would say yes. So perhaps you should take some time and learn about the reality of Oed. Introduce yourself to people. Walk the streets. Listen to them. See what they say to directly. Then, perhaps, you can ask yourself if such an inquiry is indeed realistic.”

Hyrushi, Governor

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