Expanding the Offerings

Posted Jan. 20, 2023, 5:11 p.m. by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) in Expanding the Offerings

Posted by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) in Expanding the Offerings

Posted by Lieutenant Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) in Expanding the Offerings
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At any other point in her life, Eela would have just said sure, but her brain was already accustomed to the multi-level thinking required for the security of her herself and others. This was going to go to the Tower. “The Tower has an emergency-only transporter system, for security’s sake. It’ll block anything that isn’t from a verified EMS signal and even then there are double-checks. As much as that would make life easier, I can’t ask them to bend the system for this. So… its’s honestly just easier if I take the plant with me and we have the equipment delivered later, or we haul it all back in the slider. Honestly, I can wait for the trellis and mister. The plant can sit on my desk and get to know me until the rest arrives,” Eela said, not at all upset with this option. Her fascination made her want to understand the nuances of the plant and that would only happen through interaction.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Sharah nodded, but she lookedlike she was trying to piece together an unusual puzzle. “Of course. Mirral we’ll take the plant and the pot from the trellis with us. And deliver the rest?”

Mirral nodded, “Of course,” she handed over a PaDD to input the relevant information. She placed the empty pot into a carry case and then climbed up a ladder and pulled the plant down. She exchanged it for the PaDD.

Sharah took the empty pot a day let Eela take her new plant. Sharah handed Mirral her credit chip and a few minutes later they were headed back down the block.


It was admittedly probably a curious sight, her and Sharah walked along with Eela carrying a potted plant whose long tendrils of leaves were draped about her shoulders like feather boas. But there was an almost giddy smile on the Lieutenant Governor’s face, not unlike a child who had just won a prize at a carnival. She had even shot Chuck a wink even though her security team lead today was impeccably good at hiding his feelings from her. It was as if she knew he was amused anyway.

“I cannot wait to see what ridiculous headlines show up in the tabloids tomorrow if there are photos of this,” Eela said. “I can see it now: Lieutenant Governor Dasca training killer plants in new security scheme.” She laughed openly.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Sharah laughed, “Oh they have no idea what a killer plant is. I used to care for a giant Andorian Frost Beattle Lily. It was large enough to swallow a whole humanoid.”

The security check was…interesting, with all the trailing vines and the leaves and flowers reacting to all the handling. The plant was not happy with all the jostling.

Soon enough however they were on the lift and then stepping out on to Eela’s floor of the tower.


Preceding Eela’s large office was a reception desk set next to large widows overlooking the colony where a Napean with purple-dyed hair was standing, eyeing something on the desk. She looked up and grinned at the sight and also her boss’ aura of sheer delight. “And here I asked Cort if we should be worried.”

“No, save that for tomorrow,” Eela deadpanned as they approached and she gestured. “Elema Sreer, meet Doctor Sharah Fayth.” She gazed at Fayth. “Elema is my Administrative Assistant and Receptionist.”

Sreer gave Sharah a warm bow of her head with a flourish of her hands. “Oh, the good doctor we’ve heard so much about. I bow to your masterful skills of persuasion,” she said, both teasingly but also rather serious.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Ms Sreer. Please call me, Sharah.” Sharah returned the gesture in kind and grinned. “I don’t know if I can take all the credit there. I do my part, but Jal’na has definitely taken it on as an epic quest.”

“We owe her too,” Sreer said, rather enjoying Eela’s attempt to glare at her.

Eela just shook her head with amusement. “Do you see what I have to put up with?”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Sharah laughed, “Oh you’re fine. I have to deal with General Tenkiller and his random disruptive inspections every single day. If I can survive that, you can survive this.” Absolute delight and amusement rolled off of her in waves.

Eela shot her a dry look and gave a little harumph as she moved off down the small hallway towards her office. Her irritation was entirely feigned though.

On Elema’s screen a letter appeared from one Alice Shrine, Head Nurse, Sacred Heart Hospital. The subject was “Sacred Heart’s Yearly Fundraiser.”

Fayth, SFCMO

Elema moved back to her workstation and curiosity made her open the message immediately…

Meanwhile, Dasca led Sharah into the large rectangular office, which took over the corner of the building and was filled with windows directly ahead and to the right. Dasca’s polished black desk was L-shaped and set in the right corner so her back was to the windows, but she could gaze out along the long side. Currently, on this pleasant sunny day, the windows were strategically tinted to block glare on her computer screen. In front of her desk were two chairs backed by a decorative screen made of transparent glass tiles creating a mosaic of a mountainous landscape with a large waterfall. Hooked off the side of her desk was the black cane she used that nearly blended into the desk.

On the other side of the screen was a large oval table in the same black polished wood as her desk. It was set with many chairs around it that could double as a meeting space as well as a dining table. Adjacent to that in what was framed as a U-Shaped sitting nook were a large dark blue couch flanked by two light grey arm chairs nestled around an oval coffee table. It was something of an art piece, with a clear glass top and the base was a dark wood spiral that narrowed down to a round footing. Matching side tables were tucked in the ‘corners’ between the sofa and arm chairs.

Throughout the space were plants of various sizes from small trees to a living arrangement on her desk in a stone bowl. Hanging plants were strategically hung from the ceiling to take up blank space or help divide the large office into the cozier work and lounge areas. The interior walls were bare still, but then again Dasca had only been there a short while.

A tall man with warm brown hair and a beard was standing behind the desk, sorting a stack of padds into piles. He looked up with pale blue eyes and smiled before openly laughing at the vine wrapped Dasca. His gaze shifted to Fayth. “What sort of trouble have you gotten her into and do I need to write a report about it?” he said.

“Ignore him,” Dasca said even as she gestured between them. “Sharah, this is Cort, my EA and pain in the ass. It’s too bad he’s so damn good at his job.”

Belanger placed a hand to the side of his mouth while juggling the padd-stack. “It’s a part of the job description,” he said with a feigned whisper.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

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