New Clan New Beginnings

Posted Jan. 21, 2023, 10:44 p.m. by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Resident) (Jennifer Ward)

Revna had promised three months. The corps tried to make it longer, dragging things out and beating about the bush. Unfortunately for them, Reyna was very good at her job, and very good with people. They were basically the same thing. She had a way of seeing past the fluff to the real issues and finding solutions. Those three months had been busy, but not as busy as the last week. Reyna wasn’t sure when the last time was she had slept more than an hour or so, and she was sure she hadn’t seen Mike at all except a glimpse when she returned to the apartment to change.

But now the week was over. Every treaty, trade agreement, cultural exchange, and myriad of other tasks she had helped to start were finished and signed. Ambassador S’Tek actually shook her hand. High praise indeed. Now she stood just inside the door of their apartment and looked around. This was their first home, but she had never really lived here. Oh she and Mike had made every moment count, but she had been away more than she was present, and she hated that. Today that was all going to change. Today she was officially retired from the diplomatic corps. From now on she was simply Revna McKenzie, Mike’s wife. Well okay, she was still co-chief of the combined clan and all that entailed.

They had 5 days to pack before they left, and Revna really should get started. She was just too tired. A nap, then packing. She moved down the hall, they had a rule, but that could wait too. She shrugged out of the long vest, toed off her shoes and flopped fully dressed onto the bed, eyes already closed.


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