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Posted by Civilian Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc (Klingon Warrior) in tangqa’ Tavern by the main square (Tag Urg’tohn)

Posted by Civilian Jal’na Sherko of House Noggra (Head of Physical Therapy - Sacred Heart Hospital) in tangqa’ Tavern by the main square (Tag Urg’tohn)

Posted by Civilian Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc (Klingon Warrior) in tangqa’ Tavern by the main square (Tag Urg’tohn)
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Jal’na did not wear an excessive amount of leather like most Klingons. That was for armor, mostly, and she was no warrior. For her work she gravitated to the heavy, almost canvas like, materials. Outside of work she preferred the flowing billowy accent garments most Klingon clothing was known for. Jal’na did not primp for dates. She still wore the high collared burgundy dress with grey accents that she had worn out with Sharah to the embassy. It complimented her bronzed skin. From long habit her long espresso colored hair stayed braided. The only addition was a long sleeveless coat with a broach marking her as a member of House Noggra.

Ay 2000 hours exactly, Jal’na entered tangqa’ Tavern and scanned the area she could see and then looked at the woman by the door. “I am meeting, Lord Duroc.”


The woman nodded and said “Second floor. Stairs to the left of the bar.” and gestured vaguely into the establishment.

A set of huge, iron-studded doors offered refuge from the bustle of the square. Beyond them, the main room ceiling was masked by a holographic night sky, an artificial breeze stirring imitation palms that grew in clusters from ancient stone walls. More firelight provided illumination, larger torches on the walls complimented by more intimate lanterns on each of the long, oaken tables.

In the center of the room, rising up from an artificial sea, was a bar in the shape of a longship. For those well-versed in Federation rumour, it might recall stories from the USS Viking. But with that ship now disappeared, who could say whether this bar and that were one and the same? Still, it was sturdy and it was well-stocked, with a vast array of beers, wines and liquors from the four corners of the quadrant. Perhaps even beyond.

At the end of the bar, a single door stood open to a flight of stairs.

Urg, Lord Duroc
(Description of tavern courtesy of Sharon Miller: )

Jal’na moved past the woman and into the main part of the establishment and looked around curiously, but didn’t pause in her stride across the room and through the door. She mounted the stairs with the ease of an athlete, and where others might balk at meeting with Lord Duroc and the rumors that surrounded him, Jal’na had no such trepidation. She was curious. Stepping onto the second floor, her eyes again scanned the space looking for the man she was there to see.


The room was three walls and a balcony overlooking the central area below. A large table, long enough for at least a dozen, sat in the middle of the room. But I stead of being full, there were only two place settings laid out. One at the far end on the left, and the other on the right. The seat at the left was occupied by the massive bulk of Lord Duroc, who stood when Jal’na entered. He was cleaner than when she saw him last, and the armor he had worn had been changed to a leather and canvas suit… of sorts. His beard and hair were clean and oiled, and the braid down his back was impeccable. He was still unnerving in his appearance and not what any Klinhon woman would describe as conventionally handsome… but there was an air about him that far overshadowed the standards of what was considered good-looking. And that ‘aura’ was something few other Klingon males could begin to compete with.

As she entered, he smiled and said “Welcome Jal’na of House Noggra. I hope you do not mind, but I told my guards to wait elsewhere. I thought privacy would be in order.” He didn’t pull out her chair or offer any kind of greeting… but he did wait for her to be seated before he took his own seat; a gesture unlike a Klingon and unheard of as a House Lord.

Urg, Son of the Builder

She raised her chin slightly, “Lord Duroc.” Jal’na stood by the chair for a pause. It had been many many years since she had been home, but one did not forget etiquette. It only took a breath of a moment to realize he was waiting for her to sit, and so she did. It was unusual, but Jal’na had already figured out that Lord Duroc was unique. “I do not mind your guards, they are simply doing their duty. It does not bother me for them to be absent either.” At this point, Jal’na noticed the absence of guards more than she noticed their presence. Between the security wing, General Harris’ PT, and Dasca’s dual teams, Jal’na thought she saw more guards than she did patients recently.


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