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Malcolm Dawkins slipped into the custom-tailored, dark grey suit and his favorite burgundy tie as he prepared to head to the Government Tower to meet the OED Governor and then start his first day in a civilian job. On his lapel was the small, solid gold EDA he was given for his early retirement from his baby sister. Looking at himself in the mirror one last time, he shook his head with a snort. Malcolm had always thought he’d retire for good in a uniform, never working a single day in the civilian world. Now, after only nine years of service, he had taken early deferred retirement to take a civilian government cabinet-level post making more money than he’d ever dreamed possible! Wow, how life can throw curveballs!

Having kissed Ellie goodbye a half hour ago when James had swung by to pick her up, Malcolm had taken his time finishing getting ready. The house, practically a mansion really, that came with the government post almost single-handedly made the job worth while. At just under 4,000 square feet, the beautiful early 21st-century contemporary style home was positioned off the main drive of the gated community many cabinet & senior-level government officials called home. It was big enough to host in-home formal events but still small enough to be cared for by only the residents of the home without the need for full-time staff like some of the other homes in the neighborhood. Though available with a simple call to Executive Government Services (EGS) for everything from catering to housekeeping, if needed, only Senior Cabinet members were permitted full-time in-house staff.

=A= Computer, kill the lights and activate security system.=A= Malcolm said as he stepped out the door. As soon as the door clicked behind him, the house went pitch black and a small red light blinked on softly just above the door handle of the front door. Right on cue, the EGV pulled up in front of the house and a young blonde climbed out, smiling broadly. “Good morning Director Dawkins, I’m Sara Westinghouse from EGS. I’ll be taking you to the Tower today. If you need anything…” The young woman opened the door for Malcolm who smiled but felt incredibly awkward in the moment. “… feel free to ask. We should be at the Tower in 15. Go ahead and settle in, there’s coffee, juice, and chilled water in the back.” Malcolm thanked the young woman and climbed in. Enjoying an apple juice, the former aviator took in the scenery during the short drive. The new parks and avenues of a newly-domeless city were perfectly manicured. It was crazy to think that he now helped run an entire planet. His mom had never been so proud.

Reaching the Tower, Westinghouse opened the door and wished Malcolm a good day before climbing back in and shooting off like a rocket. Malcolm chuckled and stepped through the doors. It took another 20 minutes to get through security, check in and receive his Security Clearance ID as well as Transporter Credentials for the Orbital Platform, then the ride up to the Governor’s office.

Stepping from the lift, Malcolm tugged his suit straight and walked over to the Secretary’s desk. With a wide smile, he said. “Good morning. I’m the new Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities, Colone….” Malcolm paused for the briefest of moments. This was the first time in his life he’d reported to a job not leading with his rank and it weird. “… excuse me, my name is Malcolm Dawkins. My understanding is the Governor wanted to speak with me before I head up to the office?” The former Marine asked politely.

Malcolm Dawkins, Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities

The woman behind the desk was human and obviously of Asian ancestry. When she spoke, her voice was elegant and pleasant. “Good morning, Director. My name is Dorma Fen. I will tell the Governor you are here. Please feel free to have a seat. He is on a comm right now but should be done shortly.”

Dorma Fen, Executive Assistant

Malcolm smiled warmly, giving the woman a brief nod. “Of course. I look forward to meeting him.” With that, Dawkins walked over to the seating area, taking in the amazing view as he settled into a comfortable chair facing the windows. He wasn’t nervous, per se, as he had met with his fair share of Brass and after Halloway… basically everyone else seemed like child’s play. That didn’t mean he wasn’t acutely aware of his dress, mannerisms, and speech as the next 20 minutes could determine his… and Ellie’s… next 20 years. As he sat, Malcolm closed his eyes and said a quick, silent prayer of thanks and blessings of calm as he prepared for one of the biggest meetings of his life.

Malcolm Dawkins, Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities

A few minutes later there was a soft chirp and the receptionist said “Director Dawkins? The Governor will see you now.” To the right of the desk two tall, ornate doors swung out to allow access.

The room beyond was spacious and white. Walls of glass from the left of the doorway gave an uninterrupted view of the city as they wrapped around the far corner of the room and then continued on out of sight behind a three-quarters-high wall that extended from the far right corner of the room about three-quarters the length of the room. Set into the wall was a fireplace, in front of which was a large seating area with a low table surrounded by couches and chairs. In the far left corner of the glass walled room was a desk on a raised section of floor. Set at an angle with two chairs before it, the lone occupant of the room seated behind the desk stood up as Dawkins entered. To the right of the desk on a table near the windows was a small plant with beautiful white and pink flowers… a cherry blossom, for those who knew of such things.

The figure appeared human… save for the eyes. Terran Asian features surrounded black eyes, like wet obsidian. Long, jet black hair flowed perfectly straight down the back of the figure halfway to their waist as he stood up. Dressed in a dark gray suit with a dove gray paisley shirt under a deep burgundy vest, the figure stood and smiled. “Mister Dawkins… welcome to Oed V. I am Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi, Governor of the colony. I apologize for the delay. Some people simply cannot comprehend it when someone in government tells them they are right, so that discussion took longer than expected. Please be seated, won’t you? I .” and he held out a hand to the new arrival. “Would you care for tea or coffee?”

Hyrushi, Gov.

Malcolm extended his hand and smiled warmly. “Thank you, Governor. Tea would be wonderful.” His tone was genuine. “Do you happen to have Camomile?” The Director replied as he settled in the indicated seat.

Dawkins, Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities

Hyrushi nodded in the affirmative and then sat down himself. He tapped an icon on the desk display and said “Tea, please. Camomile for Director Dawkins.” and he shut off the comms. “How was your arrival, Mr. Dawkins? Have you had a chance to look at your new operational arena?”

Hyrushi, Governor

Dawkins smiled softly, settling back into the chair. “Not really, Ellie & I were both kinda looking to today as our settle in day for work. We’ve spent the last few days getting settled in at home and the community. It really is a wonderful city.... Ellie & I can’t thank Admiral Halloway enough for the invite and you for giving me an opportunity here.”

Dawkins, Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities

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