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The Commissioner nodded as the Lieutenant Governor spoke, an appreciative look on his face, small talk was good and all but business was always better “Well that’s a little more difficult to answer today than a few weeks ago, with the Creation of two different Colonial agencies, the CCDA and the CIA. Oed works on the personal relationships between Cabinet members, something that Starfleet hasn’t always understood but your predecessor, Captain Xavier, did, or at least made sure that his Security Chief Commander Longstreet understood. When the head of the Police Department and Starfleet Security can work together things run smoothly. Now General Harris stands as a much-needed buffer between Starfleet and Colonial life, I foresee that the CCDA will be a neutral party in SF/Police relations.”

Joseph took a sip of his water “Most decisions are made in meetings like this, between two Cabinet members or more only to be formalized at official sessions. Generally speaking, my duty officers are not fond of Starfleet Security and vice-versa, you only need to look at the bi-annual bar brawls between our people for the past ten or so years” He said it with a joking tone “That is to say that usually, they avoid each other. This is why relations between the heads are very important. In regards to the CCDA and CIA, both Harris and James are former Starfleet so they may be easier to deal with for their counterparts within SF, I’ve had a few meetings with the General and I think the same will apply to him, relations between us will be important. Oed runs on personal relationships.”

The large man leaned forward, putting his glass down on a coaster then interlocking his fingers “Oed is far from the Central systems, nothing around here but empty space and the Vren. Hell it’s almost easier to get to the nearest Klingon Colony than it is to get to any Federation world. One of my closest allies on the planet is the damned Klingon ambassador” He then muttered under his breath “Crazy bastard” although he said it with fondness “That goes to show that things aren’t exactly by the books here, I don’t suggest throwing out the book but I do suggest perhaps skipping a few pages. Build personal relationships as they make things go faster and will help with any future issues. I’ll also suggest adopting a Civilian attitude when working with your Civilian title, as you no doubt know regular people don’t love orders, especially when given by a ‘military’ officer” He added an apologetic look at that “Not everyone has an extensive military career or experience with a proper hierarchy”

Commissioner Karlson

Eela snorted. “Don’t I know it. And trust me, I’ve already been doing that. In fact, I keep trying to get people to drop the ‘Captain’, given I’m retired, but old habits die hard and I do get people see it as a sign of respect.”

Joseph gave Eela an understanding smile “I still have people calling me General and I retired almost twenty years ago” He said with an answering laugh.

An amused expression traipsed across her face. “So you’re saying I should just give up now?”

“This animosity between the police force and Starfleet Security bothers me though. I understand the roots of it, but especially with the CCDA in play, Starfleet is doing more orbital and system defence, with specific security jurisdiction on the surface. Captain McBride and I are in agreement with how this is going to work going forward, but we’re going to get no where if people are looking for a fight. In your opinion, how might we go about lessening the tensions?”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Joseph smiled at the question, a fond smile “This has been one of the prime questions during my stay here on Oed, the tension has lessened in the last few years, we did have a moderately successful joint task force a while ago, a criminal investigations unit headed by Detective Chief Inspector Pangolin” The man who was considered Josephs unofficial right hand “Rivalries are good for business, competition can help the sort of people who join our respective groups strive to be better. The problem is boredom.” Joseph took a moment to drink from his glass “Back when I ran Federation Special Operations on Earth one of the major problems was what to do with a bunch of high strung Military personnel when there was nothing for them to do, training exercises are good and all but I don’t think that will work for this. I did organize sporting events with other branches, that’s my idea. Not necessarily sporting events but something to redirect the aggression to something useful.” He paused and his smile turned mischievous “Either that or just throw them all in a combat arena for three weeks and see who comes out on top”

Commissioner Karlson

“Well… I can say that my office will be generating new ventures and that they will often involve cooperation from both civilians and Starfleet officers. I don’t think that there’s nothing to do here, but rather it’s different than the expectations one has when on a starship. I want to see more training going on here, but maybe some cross-force training and cooperative exercises could be useful?”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

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Joseph nodded “That could be very beneficial” Back during his Marine days he’d been surrounded by some of the most hypercompetitive, elite operators the Federation had to offer, most days consisted of training exercises to get the teams to work together or prepare for any operations. The police was similar albeit at a much lesser intensity but some of the same concepts did apply “I have the bi-annual proficiency exams coming up in about five weeks. Some of it is basic fitness, firearms proficiency, and the like. I also have de-escalation training, team building exercises, and similar large-scale plans.”

Commissioner Karlson

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