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Posted by Civilian Jason Reilly (Assistant Director - Colonial Intelligence) in Exchanges in Intrigue (Tag Reilly)

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It had been several days. There was no need to give Reilly the impression she was overly curious or worried. He had had time to fi d dwellings, Davivica had sent a note thanking her for the recommendation. Such behavior was expected when dealing with the eccentrically famous, Eryn. Davivica said not a word otherwise. She was paid for discretion. The woman would have made a great spy in a different life.

Eryn, or today Marisa Kent, a young early 30’s human woman, with long curly rainbow dyed hair, warm brown eyes, and sun-kissed skin exited the little bakery. A glass of milk and a whole decadent red velvet giant cupcake in hand. Marisa was a wedding planner and she just knew she would become famous planning weddings for all those falling madly in love on the wild frontier of the Federation.

Marisa made the 3 block walk to the rent by the day office spaces. She couldn’t afford a permanent office, yet. She picked up her key at the desk and made her way up to one of the quieter floors. Once inside, Eryn swept the room, set up a couple of portable security devices and anti spy gear.

Reilly had said to reach out to her contacts on Risa, and ask them about a jeweler named Marguerite. Eryn had found her and right now she was placing a call to the the woman. The information the woman held was supposed to ease Eryn’s worry, she was skeptical. Kodek had been absent for a few days. He could be resting, he may have taken a private job. Right now this wasn’t an emergency requiring her contact him immediately. But as soon as she saw him, she would inform him of this newest development.


The call connected to a jewelry store on Risa called, of course, Marguerite’s. Her contacts told her it was a small shop that was known locally for distinctive and well made custom pieces of incredibly high quality and detail. The owner was an older Bjoran woman who had had arrived on Risa just after the Dominion War.

The screen came to life and a woman matching the description smiled and said “Hello? May I help you?”


Marissa smiled brightly, “You are Marguerite, yes? I was told you make custom pieces for Rigelian wedding bracelets and that for something truly stunning they should be made with ‘Isle of White.’“


The smile didn’t flicker but she looked away for a moment and tapped something. The screen flickered and then solidified. She looked back and said “And what does Jason need?”


“Well I’m not sure what he needs, but ‘to tell you he told me to contact you. To use the phrase Isle of white and you will tell me something about him that should make me feel more comfortable.’” Marissa/Eryn smirked as if the idea of comfort was a joke.


She nodded and said “I see. And I am inferring that you will be working with him in a professional setting. Okay.” and she was quiet a moment with a thoughtful look on her face. She then took a breath and began to speak.

“Jason Reilly is a consumate con artist, liar, cheat, scoundrel, and manipulator. He is charming and delightful; and before you know it you’re chained naked
to a hotel bed with your bare butt in the air and he’s absconded with your jewelry and all your clothes… if you are a target. If you are not, he is one of the best men you will know. And he has a heart about as big as his ego.” and she chuckled. Looking in the viewer, she said “Tell me what he is to you… exactly. That will tell me what you should know about him more specifically.”


Eryn forced down the twitch to raise a single bored brow. That told her nothing she didn’t already know. “We will be working together, and he is under the impression he might be in a position to give me orders.”


Marguerite laughed. “I see… so he is your new boss.” and she winked. “Ok… so know you are in good hands. And I know, because in a way, I kind of work for him, too. Oh, I am no spy or agent. No… I am just a woman who was in a very bad position thanks to the kind of people you and he tend to work for and Jason… well… Jason decided that wasn’t right. So… he fixed it. No permission, no support, and no authorization. He just did what he felt was the right thing to do. And that is what he will expect from you. Do what you know to be the right thing. Help people. And make sure that those who need to be punished get it in spades.” and she chuckled. “So much for generalities… what specifics do you want? He obviously wants you to trust him; or we wouldn’t be speaking.”


Marissa’s happy go lucky grin disappeared, followed by something just that other side of boredom mixed with something cold. “I have no questions. He will prove himself all on his own or he won’t. Jason sent me on this task for whatever purpose. To waste my time with flowery tales that are known to every clandestine organization in history, the present, and the future. It’s cliché. He’s a vigilante spy hero. Great, good for him. He said you would tell me something that would make me comfortable. That hardly does it. So unless you have something specific in mind, rather than a practiced tale with a hint of hero worship, I am done wasting our time.”


The snap of personality from soft spoken jewelry maker to cold and calculating professional was instant. “Your time, not mine. You called me. And unless you tell me what specifics you want, I can’t really give you what you are seeking. That code was an olive branch on his behalf. To you. But I will be happy to let him know that you are far too reactionary and short-sighted to see such things. Good luck.” and she smiled and reached for the comms to disconnect.


Eryn grinned as if the woman on the other side had just signed Reilly’s death order and she cut the comm before Marguerite had the chance. Such reactionary behavior from Marguerite would not make Eryn flounder and stutter trying to find a way to continue talking. The jeweler and Reilly were operating on the assumption they had something Eryn wanted. They did not. Reilly was waiting and watching to see if Eryn would take the bait and how desperate she would be to find out more. There were no short cuts to getting information or earning trust. Reilly should know that.


There was a knock on the door and then it slid open. Reilly walked in and sat down, looked at ‘Marisa, and said “Ms. Kent. I would like to procure your services. Although I must say, the relationship being what it is, I’m not sure the couple will make it through for the long haul.” and he tilted his head to the side and gave her a look of… wait… was that dissapointment?

Reilly, CIA AD

Marissa nodded, “Well that could be because one part of the couple is attempting to use a third party, rather than communicating directly. It is very important in young relationships for both parties to put in the work directly.” Internally, Eryn was grinning. Reilly had done exactly as she had expected, and now he was here, in this random little office, alone with her.

Dropping the pretense, Eryn leaned back in her chair, “I do not care vhat came before for you. Ve all, to a person left behind loyalties and ve are different now. Zhe zhing I am interested in is vhat you do going forward. Your history is your own, and I sincerely hope you never give me a reason to investigate it. Zhat vould be most unfortunate.”


“Drop the shtick. I know who you are, so the accent isn’t necessary.” Reilly said. “I’ve already sent your boy on his assessment. This was yours. And I really hope he does better than you did.” and he shook his head. “Because if you the best that we have to work with? Holy shit are we in serious trouble.”

Reilly, AD-CIA

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