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“I was sincere with my compliment. But yes… work is needed. Perhaps if we take turns editing, it will go more smoothly. I have had some thoughts already, if you care to look.” Kenzo said and brought up the statement into a holo so they both could see and edit as they saw fit.

Citizens of Oed V, I am Ambassador Jeanette Mathis. I come to you here to request your assistance on behalf of the Federation to bring light to an urgent situation that has developed and one this colony is uniquely positioned to aide with.

We have made contact with a people who have in the past acted as and been seen as an enemy the Vren. But things Things on their world have changed in recent years and they are motivated towards peaceful coexistence with others us. They also come to us with a plea for help. You see, a major disaster is underway that is affecting their environment. If nothing is done to prevent it, they as a species will not be able to survive die. Already the nurseries that raise their young are being affected. many of their young perish in their nurseries.

Insert Brief Description of Disaster Here?

It is not the first time Federation member worlds have Oed has stepped in to help outside of its own world. The contributions of this colony are numerous, and in this case the Federation Science Council is beginning to gather experts in their fields and our hope is that we can taking the first steps to help prevent future suffering. But this situation is a delicate one and involves all of you, as you are their nearest neighbour. And yes, I am in fact speaking of the Vren.

In the past they have been responsible for chaos and destruction on this world and the loss of lives. We are all aware of the threat they have presented to this colony in the past, and we are not asking you to forget that. But the Vren that suffer now are not the Vren who attacked this place. They have progressed in their society, and no longer seek conquest. They have acknowledged their actions have caused harm and they are regretful. They wish to demonstrate their remorse through an important ritual and giving of gifts that is their tradition, in the hope that the you, the people of Oed would will allow them to conduct these diplomatic overtures & the needed negotiations here in the Oed system. Given that Oed is the nearest Federation world and its science community is exceptional, the Federation cannot argue against the logic of holding diplomatic talks here in our own territory.

I’m going to be upfront and say that I have not been affected by the past events involving the Vren and I do not underestimate the pain they have caused. It would be entirely reasonable to say no to them. But that is not our way. So much of the Federation has been built through moments of courage, moments that test us. There will be those that say Oed isn’t up to the challenge, that it is too much to ask. Perhaps they are right. It is a lot to ask.

But I stand here today tasked with a mission to forge peace. It is not the first time I have done so, but there are many variables here that are unique to this place and I am taking every opportunity I can to get to know and understand those variables.

I do believe we can help the Vren, that saying a cautious yes could yield a future for both places that is positive. I can see a future where the pain of the past has fuelled a productive relationship, if not friendship. Ambassador Kek of the Vren is a bright and optimistic individual from his world, a product of a generation that do not believe in the old ways of violence. On the world of Alpha Oradiz IV, a place that the Vren call Tutsikara, things have been changing quickly. They are courageously stepping out of old ways of thinking to try to craft a future that is very different than one they have known before. But that future will die if they can’t figure out how to save their planet. And I am here to ask you to take a chance on that bright future. For you, for them. The history between this colony and the Federation has been at times fraught with misunderstanding of the needs of this place. I am here to listen to both sides and maybe altogether we’ll find the right path forward.

Kenzo looked at Eela and said “That is all I have so far. But the Ambassador needs to be less diplomatic and more direct. The people will respect her more… and listen more than just getting angry.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Eela pondered over each paragraph carefully before finally commenting. “I do understand why she chose not to mention the gift just then. It is possible for some to see the gift as the Vren trying to buy Oed’s forgiveness. The ritual includes the gift and it is possible that it would be better received if it is not expected, but… on the other hand it might be rejected, announced or not. I don’t know that we can predict which way it will go.”

Kenzo nodded and said “At this juncture, I believe the fewer surprises we give the people the better. And once they learn of the nature of the gift, they may be more open to accepting the rest of the gesture.”

“I do like the more active wording. I think she’ll agree too. As far as describing the disaster, I think it’s best to keep it to a line or two and we can follow up with more details in a press release. So, something like ‘A planet in a nearby system was destroyed and the resulting debris has traveled to their system between the sun and their home world, lowering its energy and dropping the temperature and humidity. The ecology of the planet and the Vren physiology rely on higher level of humidity.’

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

“Agreed. The people don’t need, or probably even want, the details. But they will want something tangible to see as proof. We may need to ask for orbital imagery to share. Or perhaps an independent ship goes and verifies. I’m sure the Fenix Rangers would do it if we asked… and they are trusted by most, at least.”

Hyrushi, Governor

“Or…” She chewed on her lower lip for a moment. “Perhaps as a gesture of the work you and I are trying to do here, we make it a joint Starfleet-Civilian mission. Our Starfleet crew paired with folks from the Defence force go together to gather that evidence, showing that when needed we can set aside hard lines of jurisdiction in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the colony.” Many of the small things her and Kenzo were doing were long-game focused. They knew it would take years to see some of it come to fruition. But that didn’t mean they didn’t have to plant those seeds now.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

He steepled his fingers together in thought. “We could task the Centurion to go. But that would mean civilians on a Star Fleet vessel. And everyone knows, or would at least assume, that they would have no say. And that makes the civilian contingent a mere token… which would exacerbate the issue, I think.” He thought for a moment longer and then said “An independent vessel chartered to go with both a Fleet and Oed civilian contingents. Neither in charge of the ship… but each working together on board to garner the needed information.” and he looked at Eela and said “Thoughts?”

Hyrushi, Governor

She hadn’t even specified the Centurion and in her mind it would be an equal partnership, and outing on equal footing. So she nodded. “More or less what I was thinking. So we have Mathis keep the situation details minimal, but then when you speak after she gives her statement, you can add this corroboration idea to the plan. Which means we need all vested parties on board asap.” Dasca quirked her brows. “Are we ordering in dinner? Because it’s going to be another long day,” she said with a smirk.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

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