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Posted Jan. 23, 2023, 3:16 p.m. by Captain Eela Dasca (Lt. Governor) (Lindsay B)

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Posted by Civilian Aiofemi T. Oshiro (Director of Medical and Social Services) in First Impressions


“Of course.” Hyrushi said. “And please do not ever apologize for challenging me. You were not brought here to simply agree with everything I say. We need you to stand up for your organization… and the people of Oed.”

Hyrushi, Governor

“I appreciate that you said that, it’s very reassuring to know that you are open to opinions and discussion in the future.” There was a sigh before she asked her question, “I have heard talks of a rebellion since I landed here. Why are the people in the colony angry?” She paused for a moment to try and think of a way to rephrase her question. “What I mean to say is why are there so many rebellions? It’s never a good sign when people feel like they have to rebel to be heard. I know there are always going to be those who are angry no matter what, but rebellion is a strong response so I wonder if you and the Lieutenant Governor are missing or lacking effective communication with the colonists?

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

The dark eyes of the Governor darkened and they locked onto Oshiro’s gaze. “Rebellion? Doctor, I don’t know what holovid you garnered that term from, but it is hardly applicable here.” He took a breath and composed himself. “There is no ‘rebellion’. What there is is a strong history of the people removing incompetent and-or corrupt leaders by force. Assassinations, bombings, and the odd poisoning. But it never directed at anyone other than the governing individuals. You see, Oed is unique… both in location and culture. The citizens are proud, and they are resilient, and they are tenacious. And they have no tolerance for incompetence or graft. The incidents you are speaking of happened years ago; and I am quite proud to say that in my tenure here I have only had an attempt on my life four times. And those were done by criminal organizations… not the populace. And I am quite sure that if you asked any hundred of the people in this city if they felt heard by myself and the Lieutenant Governor, the vast majority of them would say yes. So perhaps you should take some time and learn about the reality of Oed. Introduce yourself to people. Walk the streets. Listen to them. See what they say to directly. Then, perhaps, you can ask yourself if such an inquiry is indeed realistic.”

Hyrushi, Governor

She raised her eyebrows, it seemed she hit a nerve which strangely felt like a victory to her. She didn’t know why, perhaps it was because the defensive response he provided, although composed, made her feel like she was no longer in the hot seat.
“No, I have not been in the colony long enough to know any better and my information certainly did not come from a holovid, I only am sharing what I heard from others. However, your reaction to my question was defensive. It was not my intention to irritate you but I cannot help what people have told me. I figured I would ask you about it while I am here. I am here to learn and I do intend to walk the streets, as you said, to get a better idea of what the citizens think of their leadership. I will share with you what I learn but I warn you if it’s not what you expect, do not kill the messenger. In any case, I am sure whatever has happened is no reflection on you. I am actually glad to hear that you think rebellions are a non-issue and that the general population seems to be happy with their leaders.”

Dr. Ai Oshiro, DMSS

Dasca was listening intently and it might just seem she was being passive in this conversation, but it was far from reality. No, the empath was acutely aware of the shifts taking place. “From whom did you hear about these so-called rebellions?” she said. All information, even rumours, were important and she wasn’t going to let that sort of information slip away without notice.

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

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