Star Fleet Science Labs - Message In A Bottle Part II (TAG Woods)

Posted Jan. 23, 2023, 4:19 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Markus Woods (Chief Star Fleet Science Officer) (Sam Haynes)

Posted by Civilian Dorma Fen (Governor’s Assistant) in Star Fleet Science Labs - Message In A Bottle Part II (TAG Woods)

Posted by Civilian Dorma Fen (Governor’s Assistant) in Star Fleet Science Labs - Message In A Bottle Part II (TAG Woods)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Markus Woods (Chief Star Fleet Science Officer) in Star Fleet Science Labs - Message In A Bottle Part II (TAG Woods)
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The doors to the Star Fleet compound opened and a beautiful, red headed Asian human woman walked up to the Security Desk. “Good morning.” she said to the Lieutenant on duty. “My name is Dorma Fen. I am the Executice Assistant to Governor B’tren-Hyrushi. I wish to speak to the Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Commander Woods, please. As soon as possible. It is a matter of some urgency.” The Lieutenant scanned her ID and said “Yes, Ma’am. One moment.” He turned to his partner and said something and they keyed the comms. =/\= Lieutenant Commander Woods to the Security desk for an urgent visitor. =/\= The Lieutenant looked at Fen and said “If you’d care to take a seat, he will be with you shortly.” Fen smiled and nodded, and took a seat across the reception area. In her lap sat a basket that at first seemed to be made of woven decorative metal, but on closer inspection were actually vines of some kind.

Fen, Givernor’s Aide

A couple of minutes later a dark-haired man in his late twenties to early thirties of average height but somewhat athletic build dressed in science blues appeared in the doorway. His expression was carefully neutral, a practiced poker face, yet there was still an air of irritation about the man. The science wing wasn’t getting much in the way of visitors at the moment. The redhead of course stuck out immediately. She would have stuck out in any crowd with the kind of looks she’d been blessed with. In his earlier years, he would have been less concerned with business, and getting down to a different kind of business. Other than briefly noting her looks, he compared it to the ‘list of important people’ he had built up in his head for the colony.

Governor’s aide. Fen. She was buzzing, despite her exterior appearance. This wasn’t about the governor’s meddling, whatever it was.

His brows lowered, knitting together in a briefly troubled expression. Well, at least for a different reason. Making his way over he extended a hand for a shake. “Miss Fen. What can I do for the Governor’s Office?” As he spoke a notable Texas twang drifted out, perhaps a little more pronounced than normal. To anyone that knew him it could be from being tired, but there was no tiredness in his demeanor or appearance. Agitation then, but concealed. Not directed specifically at her, more general, ambiguous. Still it was the only sign of it in his tone which was otherwise pleasant despite the seriousness of his expression and gaze.

Lt Cmdr Woods, CSFSO

Fen stood and slung the basket over her shoulder, then shook his hand. Her grips was surprisingly firm, but not overly so. More ‘strongly professional’ than ‘trying to impress’. “Lieutenant Commander Woods. A pleasure.” She gave a cursory look around and then turned back to him. “Would it be possible to speak in your office? What I have to say is not for the consumption of the general public.” Her voice was very pleasant, with just the hint of her native accent. Enough to be intriguing so far from Earh, but not enough to be distracting or exotic. If that was a practiced mannerism, it was an impressive balance.

Fen, Governor’s Aide

His grip was similar, strong and firm, but not trying to impress. His grip was worn from work, not just the soft hands of a lab rat. “Right this way,” he offered, gesturing back the way he had come, then ushered her along. He seemed to relax a notch or two. Entering the hallway he continued on. “I’d like to apologize for not making the rounds. Things have been…” He had to pause to move out of the way of a couple civilians moving a large piece of equipment on a grav sled. “… hectic, to say the least. Seems the geo-sciences team decided to help themselves to the equipment stores.”

Moving past a few workers who seemed to be checking something behind an access panel. “And I swear if we still used electronic systems, I’d have to replace a bunch of missing wiring. Thankfully they didn’t take any of the ODN relays.” He waved it off. This seemed to be nothing new for the Commander.

“So where are you from, Miss Fen, If I may?”

She smiled a bit and said “Earth. Japan. Kyoto, to be specific. And you? I am guessing by the accent… not Earth, but somewhere with a straong Terran influence?”

Finally getting to the main labs, he lead her back into the office area. It opened up to reveal the inner space. It wasn’t exactly sparse or Spartan. But designed with minimalistic form and function for most of it. A good sized desk stood sat where he could watch over the labs through a large flat observation window which had a comfortable couch below it. The side walls had displays big enough to be observation windows themselves with work stations below them. Behind the desk was another window or screen displaying images of presumably outside.

Off to the side near one desk was a five-string guitar, a pick tucked into the strings. In the corner was a coat and hat rack with a leather duster and a cowboy style hat. Next to it was a replicator station that looked newer and recently installed. Gesturing toward a couple of chairs at the desk. “Can I get you anything,” he said, gesturing toward the replicator.

She waved him off wordlessly and took a seat in one of the chairs in front of the desk.

Taking his seat he picked up an insulated coffee mug from the desk. The desk itself was black and topped with what seemed to be glass, with stacks of drawers underneath which looked like brushed aluminum. The desk was stacked with PaDDs, bits and bobs. What looked like a few personal holos that weren’t turned on. A pack of cards. Dice. A couple archaic pencils, some for writing, some for drawing. Slightly cluttered, but not a mess.

Reaching over to the desk, he touched the top surface and it lit up, showing it was another display or interface. With a flick of his wrist the interface leapt into the air. A hologram, which he tapped a couple of ‘buttons’. The observation windows immediately blacked out. The hairs on the back of both of their necks stood on end and for a moment there was a feeling of pressure in the ears, but that too faded. Soft music began to play from the corners of the room, filling the space, but not enough to make conversation difficult for them.

Gesturing about she gave her a small smile. “This seemed sensitive on a colony scale. Figure it’s best to keep exposure limited for now. Though I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to keep whatever it is from Doctor Fayth. But she’s about the most trustworthy person I know.” He flashed the governor’s aide a small smile that lit his face up in a whole different way. Just for a moment, if he could have glowed, he would have. But then he sobered. “So what’s the emergency?”

Woods, CSFSO

Fen moved the basket from her person to the desk and set it down. The basket looked normal, until a closer look revealed that it was unlike anything he had seen before. The metal vines seemed to actually be vines… but metal ones. The weaving pattern was also wholly unique as far as the eye could tell. It was beautiful… but also very durable.

“I’m sure by now that you have been briefed on the upcoming meeting with the Vren. Part of this diplomatic and cultural exchange is the gift the Vren are giving the colony as an apology for the attacks all those years ago.” She waited a moment to let the introduction sink in.

Mark shook his head. “No, I haven’t been. But I hear things.”

“This is that gift.” She pulled out a micro PaDD and then pulled up a file. It was a full genome of… something. At first glance, it was impossible to say if it was a plant or a bacteria. “The Vren say this is a biome growth starter culture. They say spraying this on the surface of Oed will increase bacterialogical growth by almost exponential factors. All we have to do is add the most commonly found bacteria and base vegetation, and the culture will multiply it and help it spread. What we would like to request from you is a full work-up on the efficacy of what this is and whether it is safe to use. Do you feel up to that, Commander?”

Fen, Governor’s Aide


His brows lowered, knitting together, his eyes narrowed a hair in suspicion. He held out his right hand, waiting for the file. “Happy to take a look. The tech seems intriguing if nothing else. But I definitely wouldn’t use this without vetting it every which way we can think of. Something like this could be used as a weapon in other environments. Oed is probably safe to use it, but there’s no telling what consequences it could have if used without consideration.”

“You ever hear of the Genesis Project or Project Genesis?” He doubted she would have, but it didn’t hurt to ask. The program was so old it was probably available to the public now. And she probably had better clearance than he did. “It was a device meant for rapid terraforming of planets. And I mean rapid. Problem is, anything that works like that is going to destroy anything that isn’t part of ‘the program’. That includes buildings, people, animals… you name it. In the wrong hands it’s a weapon of mass destruction, even if it’s intended to be a creative tool.”

Woods, CSFSO

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