New Clan New Beginnings

Posted Jan. 24, 2023, 1:45 p.m. by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Resident) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Civilian Michael ‘Big Mike’ McKenzie (Clan McKenzie Chief) in New Clan New Beginnings

Posted by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Resident) in New Clan New Beginnings

Posted by Civilian Michael ‘Big Mike’ McKenzie (Clan McKenzie Chief) in New Clan New Beginnings
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Revna had promised three months. The corps tried to make it longer, dragging things out and beating about the bush. Unfortunately for them, Reyna was very good at her job, and very good with people. They were basically the same thing. She had a way of seeing past the fluff to the real issues and finding solutions. Those three months had been busy, but not as busy as the last week. Reyna wasn’t sure when the last time was she had slept more than an hour or so, and she was sure she hadn’t seen Mike at all except a glimpse when she returned to the apartment to change.

But now the week was over. Every treaty, trade agreement, cultural exchange, and myriad of other tasks she had helped to start were finished and signed. Ambassador S’Tek actually shook her hand. High praise indeed. Now she stood just inside the door of their apartment and looked around. This was their first home, but she had never really lived here. Oh she and Mike had made every moment count, but she had been away more than she was present, and she hated that. Today that was all going to change. Today she was officially retired from the diplomatic corps. From now on she was simply Revna McKenzie, Mike’s wife. Well okay, she was still co-chief of the combined clan and all that entailed.

They had 5 days to pack before they left, and Revna really should get started. She was just too tired. A nap, then packing. She moved down the hall, they had a rule, but that could wait too. She shrugged out of the long vest, toed off her shoes and flopped fully dressed onto the bed, eyes already closed.


“Nope. No no no. You know the rule.” a baritone voice said from the doorway. “No clothes. Take ‘em off or get that shapley little butt up and help me.” Mike said as he slid a crate out of the closet. “And we have almost three months of travel starting in five days. You can sleep then. So pick… naked or pack. And if you choose the first one, we are not getting a fu<%ing thing done today.” and he laughed.

Revna laughed, but didn’t move quite yet. Content to listen to that voice until he was finished. Only for Mike would she drag herself off that bed. “Fine but you better be in a state of no clothes as well.” She groaned as she sat up. “What if I do both?”

Michael “Big Mike” McKenzie was tall, broad shouldered, and beefy. Not svelte and cut like a body builder… more like a solid piece of masonry… he stood well over six feet tall and weighed more than a few of the crates he had just relocated. The former bass player for the now defunct but still famous punk band ‘Government Kills’ was now the owner of a string of bars and music venues called ‘Mike’s Place’; one of which was the Star Fleet ship USS Atlantis. He was also the Clan Chieftain of the McKenzie-Edman clan and Revna’s husband.

Mike McKenzie

She picked up the discarded vest and folded it, and made slow work of discarding her clothes and folding them. She walked over to a crate, lifted the lid and placed the small stack of clothes inside. She turned to him with a laugh her gold-flecked copper eyes danced, “There, I’m naked and I helped pack.” Revna was fit, thanks to all the physical therapy she’d done over the last year. She had the build and complexion of her Nordic heritage. Her copper blonde hair was longer than when Mike first met her, but she still wore her runic beads braided into her hair.


Mike’s eyes never left her as she went through the process,but his mouth slowly fell open more and more. It had been a really long time apart. Not in the grand scheme of life, what’s eighteen months or so, but it was their first lives as husband and wife. Amd since her return from her time on the Manhattan, he had (of course) seen her naked more than a few times…

But it never failed to stun him how beautiful his wife was. He stood up, stared at her for a long moment, and then in a flurry of movement, had divested himself of all his clothes in a matter of seconds, walked over, grabbed her, thrown her over his shoulder, and walked to the bed where he tossed her down and then literally jumped in after her.

Revna’s laugh as he picked her up turned into squeel as she went flying and bounced on the bed. She said a small prayer of thanks to Freya that she was home.

Hours passed…

As Mike lay on the bed with his head at the foot and Revna propped up at the head of the bed, both breathing as if they had just run a marathon, he said “Dammit, woman… I told you we’d get nothin’ done if you did that!” and he laughed loudly.

Mike McKenzie

“You don’t fool me Michael McKenzie. I know exactly what you wanted, and I was a good wife and made sure you got it. AND I figured out how to make you chase me. Good to know for the next clan party.” Revna laughed. It felt good to be able too, to feel the air move into her lungs. Her foot lazily rubbed against his leg. “And hey, we didn’t have to call sickbay this time.” Her grin turned into a yawn. “Now, I’m going to sleep. You are staying right here with me. We’ll pack in the morning…whenever we wake up.”

There was a chime and Revna’s gaze turned dark and a string of curses left her mouth. “Fenrir take them, I’m not on their clock anymore.” She looked at the chronometer. “Oh,” she grinned, “that’s probably the guys from Ops for your piano.”


“Oh yeah? Well hell… I better let ‘em in!” and he grinned at her and rolled out of bed and strutted out the door of the bedroom and out if sight…

Without getting dressed.

Revna thought about tossing a shirt at him, but she just shrugged. She also knew quite well, that by not saying anything, there was no way to predict what that outrageous husband of hers was going to do. Revna was not disappointed.

A moment later his voice could be heard from the front of the apartment. “Hey guys! C’mon in! Thanks for coming to get my baby. Treat her right, please! She means a lot to me. Now, I gotta go. Wife is tied to the bed and gets fussy if I’m not there to adjust the handcuffs. Take all the time ya need, and don’t mind the music. She just loves her Klingon opera. Really gets her in the mood, if ya know what I’m sayin’!” and a few seconds later he strutted back into the bedroom and closed the door, a huge smile of suppressed laughter across his lips. He looked at Revna and whispered “GODS ABOVE you should see their faces!!” and he flopped back into bed and covered his face with a pillow and laughed.

Mike McKenzie

Revna’s face was red, but she laughed, “Theirs? You should see yours.” When he flopped onto the bed he got pummeled, playfully, with her own pillow. “For your information, it’s Viking War Drums that get me in the mood, but Klingon Opera will do in a pinch.” She lifted the pillow away and gave him a really hot look, “I’ll tell you a secret though, forget the war drums and opera. That guy…the one who played bass for Government Kills, his voice…it’s magic.” Revna leaned in, and brushed her lips against his.


He kissed her and said “Naw… voice like a trash can half-filled with gravel. Overrated, that guy.” and then he smiled at her…

And smashed her with a pillow before rolling out of bed. “Now get up, woman! We have needs that must be met.” and he started getting dressed.


Revna blinked and tossed the pillow away. “Yes and my needs require I stay in this bed. I need sleep.” Revna rolled off the bed and stood and padded into the closet. She came out wearing a light brown, long sleeved dress with red trim at the neck and cuffs. She walked into the bathroom, took one look in the mirror and laughed. “My hair is not quite messy enough to support your story, Mike.” The sound of metal on pottery was heard as she began unbraiding her hair and dropping the beads into the tray. “So what needs are we addressing now?”


“We are packing what we think we need to take with us.” he said from across the room where he was bent over and digging in his closet. “And that’s three months of travel. I mean seriously… could we have a found a more remote spot than Oed V? I bet we could, but we’d have had to try a lot harder. AH-HA!” he cried as he stood up and pulled out a large, black, hard-sided guitar case covered in stickers and patched with tape in many places. “No way in hell I’m letting those hammer-handed movers try to take Lilly.”


Revna chuckled as the last bead dropped into the plate. “Oh no, I might go Brunhilda on their a$$es if they damage Lilly.” She walked out and stood there looking around and then made her way into the living area and came back with an empty crate. She set it beside her carved wooden chest and opened both. She very quickly moved several things from the chest to the crate. Then she went into the closet and came back with several hangers. Anything she wore officially for the diplomatic corps went into the crate. She held up a the wine colored dress she’d worn to dinner their first week in the station. “I think I need this one. Pretty sure I won’t need this one,” she held up the purple sequined halter dress that only belonged in a night club, “What do you think, Mike?” She looked over her shoulder at him and winked.


“You always need that one. Or I mean… I always need you to have that one.” and he laughed. “Although…” and he walked over and put his hands on her waist. “I could always take it, hide it in a crate, and we play a game when we get to Oed that the second you find it you have to strip and put it on and wear it the rest if the day… no matter what.” And he chuckled. “Whaddya think… is it a bet?”


Oh that was dangerous. No Edman woman ever won a bet against a McKenzie man....just ask her sisters. But the rewards for loosing were so worth it. She tipped her head back to look up at him, the tips of her hair almost long enough to brush against his hands now. Revna’s eyes danced. Warmth and electricity raced through her. A bet with her husband? That’s how this whole thing got started. “Two conditions. First I’m not stripping in front of anyone but you. Two I will wear it and wear it the rest of the day, but you find it. And if you find it and I wear it, I get fairy lights.” She shook the dress on the hanger and laughed softly, “Is it a bet?


Mike laughed and said “Oh hell yeah that’s a bet. I can’t wait for you to make your first public address as Clan leader in that get-up. Whole clan will never hear a word you say. They’ll just stare and store the image for later use.” and he laughed again. “Now go hide that, and then start packing, dammit! Three months of travel and you don’t even have your hair beads in a bag.”

Revna laughed, “The McKenzies might not hear a word, but the Edmans won’t bat an eye. You forget who my twin is, and the fact I owned this dress before I met you.” She set the dress to the side and went back for other clothes, sorting as she packed. “I’ll be wearing my hair beads! I don’t need to pack them.” She grabbed the dress and headed for the spare bedroom. The one Mike had said would be for Runa, and then their children. Runa had never made it out to visit, but she was immensely happy at home with Capall. Revna picked a crate at Random and hid it beneath a bunch of other things. She couldn’t make it too easy on Mike. What was the fun in that?

Mike walked out and laid Lilly’s case on the bed. He opened the battered and beaten case to reveal his pride and joy: an authentic Fender bass guitar. It was well-used, but still in pristine condition thanks to the care and attention it received from Mike. He took a seat on the nearby chair and lifted the instrument out and then turned on the internal amp. He set the bass on his lap and strummed the strings, and a perfect cascade of notes flowed from Lilly. Mike smiled and then began playing.

Mike (playing this: with thanks to Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead)

Revna stopped and leaned against the door frame to watch and listen. She could watch and listen to Mike play for hours, longer if he sang. He was the music in her life. Even though she had him now, she still had the entire playlist comprised of the songs he had sent her every week over the last 18 months. She’d listened to it constantly while she had worked to finalize things with S’Tek. Not a difficult prospect since the Ambassador was a huge fan.

Revna finished in the closet and then moved on to the dresser. Of course the incentive of Mike continuing to play kept her busy.


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