Sacred Heart Hospital - The Sheep Won't Count Themselves

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Living was not the issue. Sleeping was.

Even though Molly had gone through years of extensive therapy to deal with the aftermath of the many difficult situations she had faced on the job, she still found herself tangled in the distant screams, in the helpless feelings, and worst of all, in the agony she had felt. Sleeping didn’t come easy.

Still, for the past few years things had gotten better but in the wake of the Syndicate’s attack and the subsequent taking down of Ashley Newton, Molly found herself back with her old sleeping difficulties.

For the better part of the previous month, with Lucas and Calvin in the hospital, and the investigation that followed, Molly had not slept but rather passed out from exhaustion whenever her body gave in. When her life had become calmer, things were different. Some nights she would sleep the whole night, others she’d sleep for a few hours before waking up sweating in the early hours of the morning with a scream wedged in her throat. Visions of her mangled right hand would cause her to wake up in terrible pain, or the lifeless stares of Ryan, Calvin, or Lucas would haunt her until she finally woke up in the morning. There was no telling what would come and when.

A few years prior, when the first nightmares had started, sleeping medication had become a habit. A routine to be filled every night, when all Molly wanted was to fall asleep, but sleep didn’t come. After years of use, it had become more than that. A ritual that could not be broken. A requirement for a full night’s sleep. One of those practices that Molly could stop whenever she wanted. Or so she told herself every night as she downed yet another pill, or gave herself another hypo, whichever version she happened to have at the time. And yet, now that she needed them the most, they seemed to have stopped working, at least in her usual dosage. So she doubled it.

For the first week it worked perfectly. No more nightmares, no more pain, no more agony, just peaceful dreamless sleep. The second week brought a few restless nights here and there. By the third week, the nightmares were back. So Molly tripled the normal dose, and her peaceful nights returned.

At first, Molly didn’t think anything of the sporadic bouts of dizziness she started feeling during the day. Then, she found herself passed out on the living room floor, being awaken by a very concerned Calvin. Molly shook it off as lack of food. Later that week, she fainted again, this time in HHI’s elevator, having regained consciousness to a panicked young security officer who tried desperately to wake her up. It took only a few minutes for the news to reach Lucas, as he greeted her worriedly when Molly arrived at Sacred Heart to visit him that evening. Once again, she shook it off to a long working day. That night, Molly ended up passing out on the chair next to Lucas’s biobed and never made it home.

The issue finally became impossible to ignore when, a few days later, on her way to her daily visit to her uncle, Molly collapsed on the sidewalk right outside of the main entrance to Sacred Heart Hospital.

As passersby rushed to help what was now one of the most recognizable faces in the Colony, a young Trill hurried into the hospital’s main hall. Running to the Service counter, the panicked young man nearly yelled. “Molly Holloway just passed out by the front doors! I don’t know what happened, she just dropped! Please get some help!!!”

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

The woman at the desk hit a call button that sent a page over the hospital intercom for a team to report to the lobby. She picked up a comm and called up to the security ward. The man said it was Molly Holloway and given the circumstances she wasn’t going to take chances on guessing if she’d been attacked.

The first person to respond was Jal’na. She’d been near by and didn’t pause to wait but was out the door quickly, finding the woman passed out on the ground. She knelt by her head and checked her for injuries, her body curled over, blocking her from view. The Klingon PT having the same cautionary thought that the admin at the desk had. The rest of the team arrived and finding no apparent injuries they stabilized her head, incase of injury, and lifted her onto a stretcher and moved her into the hospital.

In the security ward Yavia had taken the call and moved down to Lucas Holloway’s room and knocked on the door and motioned to Fayth to come out. In the hallway a very silent telepathic conversation commenced. Fayth moved away and grabbed Shrine and left. She stopped outside the door, “Agent Massik,” she moved over next to him, speaking quietly. “Molly Holloway collapsed outside the hospital. I don’t know anything more, but we’re going down. Thought you should know, just in case.”

Dr Fayth and Nurse Shrine were in the lobby meeting the stretcher as the team brought her in and moved her to the ER. “Ger her hooked up to the biobed. I want x-rays of her head and neck. Check her for wounds. Shrine get me a full blood panel, tell the labs to it’s priority.” She turned to the woman, “Molly? Molly can you hear me. It’s Dr Fayth.”

Fayth, SFCMO

External scans and x-rays would show no signs of new injuries or broken bones. Holloway seemed unscathed with the exception of a bruise forming just below her right eye, where her cheekbone had come into contact with the hard pavement when she fell. Blood work on the other hand would show traces of common chemicals usually found in sedative medication. These were in higher concentrations than what would be considered normal for those that took them as prescribed.

“Shrine get that blood work to the lab. I want to know what she has been taking, how long she’s been taking this stuff and what dosages.” Fayth grabbed a dermal regenerator, set it to low and began working on the bruise below her eye.

As would be expected from regenerating a simple bruise, it quickly started to fade and didn’t take long before it was completely gone.

“Molly? Molly can you hear me. It’s Dr Fayth.”

The words came faintly at first, and then became louder and louder. Where was she? Trying to open her eyes, the strong light made her squint, so she closed them again. In her mind, pieces of previous events flashed before her – a Jem’Hadar base, an interrogation table, a Cardassian ship… places she had been taken to against her will and forced to wake up. Where was she now? Where was she?

Fear. For a telepath like Fayth, the emotion was painfully evident. Immediately followed by hot, searing, unbearable pain, almost as if every nerve in Holloway’s body had been set on fire. It was enough to bring even those trained to handle it to their knees, let alone others unfortunate enough to experience it. Yet, as soon as it started, it stopped, as years of training kicked in, walling Molly’s mind upon itself, letting no thought or emotion through.

Fayth grabbed the side of the bed as the fear hit her and just as instantly a wave of peace and comfort flowed out of her, reaching anyone that was open to such things. Then as quickly the fear was gone. Fayth had no way to know if it was her, Molly, or a combination of both. “Molly, you’re at Sacred Heart.”

In the monitor, Holloway’s heart rate spiked, and she tried desperately to sit up. Her hand shooting out to grab the first person in front of her. Or at least that’s what she tried to do. In reality, her arm reached out slowly coming no where near anyone in the room.

Fayth grabbed her hand and lowered it back to the bed and gave it a gentle pat as she watched the monitor. “Shrine get me 8ml of Delactovine to counteract the sedative in her system.”

“Doctor Fayth?” Molly’s speech came heavily slurred but it seemed that the doctor’s words had finally made sense in her mind. She blinked, but her eyelids felt incredibly heavy. The more she tried, the more the room started to spin. “So… dizzy… Where… am I?” Molly’s last words barely had time to leave her lips before she lost consciousness again.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

“I’m right here Molly. You’re in Sacred Heart. You collapsed outside. Just take some deep breaths and be still.” If the woman tried to get up, she would fall and hurt herself worse. She looked at Shrine, “Let’s get her moved up to the ward. Call up and tell Yavia to prep a room.” Shrine nodded and moved out of the room, returning quickly with a nod. “Molly, just lay still, we’re going to move you. Keep taking deep breaths.” And the bed began to move. Jal’na went with them. Fayth scanned her palm on a back lift that took them up to the third floor. She waved over Agent Massik to identify Molly and then passed through the doors that locked behind them. They wheeled her into the room and in a quick smooth motion moved her to the bed. Fayth was quiet for a long moment while the biobed activated.

Molly didn’t take deep breaths but she did keep breathing. She remained in a very light daze, seemingly going in and out of consciousness. It was clear that she was trying to stay awake, but it was something she was struggling to do.

Yavia, call CCDA and tell General Harris that Molly has been admitted.‘ Sometimes telepathy was really convenient. “Molly? What is the last thing you remember?”

It took a moment for Holloway’s brain to process the question. “I was just outside… going to visit my uncle.” Her voice came in the tired slur characteristic of someone about to go back to sleep. “Then here.”

Molly Holloway, Holloway Heavy Industries

At the nurses desk Yavia picked up her comm and connected to the CCDA main number, then to Harris’ assistant. “This is Nurse Crockett from Sacred Heart, I need to speak to General Harris, about Molly Holloway.”

Fayth, SFCMO

Master Sergeant Brianna Reyes raised an eyebrow but punched the call through without a second’s pause, knowing better than to delay. If something was wrong, Raven would tell her.

A moment later, Harris picked up the call… staring into the pickup, the uniformed CCDA General looked surprised and immediately concerned. =A= Ms. Crockett, this is Calvin Harris… what’s going on with Molly?=A=

Harris, CCDA

Yavia felt for the General. He had only just gotten out of the hospital himself and was still dealing with his own recovery. Plus he was one of those patients that you couldn’t help but love. He was sweet and personable, even if at times gave Jal’na fits. And he was TK’s friend. =/\=She was found collapsed and unconscious outside the hospital. She was brought into the ER. As soon as Dr Fayth knows she is stable she will be bringing her up to the security ward.” There was the sound of clicking and clacking of keys as Yavia scanned the open file for Ms Holloway, “There are pending lab results for blood work, but that’s all I know at the moment.=/\=

Nurse Crockett

Harris looked grave but professional as he gave a curt nod. =A= Understood Ms. Crockett, I’m on my way. Please inform your Security team to expect a Point-to-Point Transport into the Main lobby in 90 seconds. Harris clear=A= With that, the CCDA Commander rose and quickly exited his office. As he neared Jersey’s desk, he said flatly. “Molly’s hurt, I’m on my way to Sacred Heart. Have Tenkiller call me in 20… until then, he’s in charge. I’ll comm you once I know more. All I know is she blacked out just outside the lobby. They have her in the Security ward. See ya in a bit Jersey.” And he was gone, Jersey rapid fire making calls behind him.

Yavia did exactly as he asked, and let Andrew’s know Harris was on his way as well. When Shrine passes by Yavia told her to tell Fayth that she has spoken to Harris ans he was on his way.

Fayth watched the monitors on the biobed, and Molly’s heart and respiration rhythms. The door to her room opened and Shrine handed Fayth the 8ml of Delactovine. Fayth held it in her hands contemplating. Waking a patient that had been sedated carried its own risks, but there was a lot of sedative in her system, and that carried higher risks. It was already affecting her heart and respiration. 8mls was a low dosage though. It wouldn’t get rid of all the sedative but it should relieve the strain of the overdose. Fayth pressed the hypo to Molly’s neck and there was a gentle pop-hiss as the medicine was administered.

Molly’s sedation was strong enough that the empathic doctor felt drowsy herself. She rolled her shoulders and stretched while she watched the monitors and logged into the computer terminal. She input her security clearance and pulled up Molly’s medical records. She was looking for any prescription she might have been given that would cause this, as well as dosage and prescribing doctor and to see how often they were monitoring Molly’s usage. She didn’t know if Molly had been drugged by someone else or this was accidentally self-inflicted, but she had to start somewhere. She was also looking for details about the injuries she had noticed on the scans. Finding no mention of the injuries, Sharah then did a search of all the local records for anyone having been treated for hand and neck injuries like that. Perhaps Molly had been seen anonymously. That hand injuries would have required surgery, there would be a record somewhere - but there was not.

Fayth, SFCMO

There was little mention to sedative medication in Molly’s files. There was the record of a prescription given to her on the Dresden four years prior, but it had expired and there was no record of it being renewed. However, one of the last notes on her file mentioned the request and approval for a sleeping aid, signed off by a doctor Marcus Albertson. If looked up, the name would match that of the main physician for Holloway Heavy Industries. It would seem that Molly had personally requested it and that the medication had been granted to her. The request had happened a few weeks ago, a few days after Calvin had been released from Sacred Heart.

As for her hand and neck, even though it would be apparent to a trained doctor like Sharah that they had recently been injured and received treatment, there was nothing on Molly’s file that would suggest it. In fact, it was as if they had never happened.

The contents of the hypo took a second to take in effect, but after a moment Molly took a deep breath, as if she was just waking up from a deep slumber. “Where am I?” The words came substantially less slurred than before, but it seemed that she had no recollection of had just asked the same question moments prior.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

“You’re at Sacred Heart, Molly.” Fayth squeezed her hand. “You passed out, but you’re going to be fine.” She spoke evenly keeping up that calming presence. Making sure Molly had time to process what she was telling her. “Right now I need you to listen to Nurse Shrine, alright. Relax and breathe slow and evenly.” Shrine came and took over, making sure Molly did slow deep breathing exercises and was responding well to the medication. Sharah wanted her heart and respiration to even out and maintain.

Fayth’s calming presence helped guiding Molly to a more relaxed state as she took in her surroundings. Yet, everything in her mind seemed like a blur and the questions were starting to pile up. Still, she nodded at Sharah’s answer and turned her attention to Shrine, allowing the nurse to help her with the exercises. Eventually, her heart and breathing stabilized into what would be considered a normal rate.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

“There we go Ms Holloway. Keep that up. Don’t try to get up though. But we can incline the bed a bit and see how you do if you like.” Shrine patted her hand in a very grandmotherly way. “Would you like some water or ice chips?”

“The bed is fine.” Molly said half absentmindedly as her mind was still trying to process everything around her. “Wait…” She said abruptly as she finally processed Shrine’s words. “Why should I not get up?” There was no rudeness or condescension in her words, rather genuine curiosity. She was starting to feel better, the sleepiness and grogginess slowly fading away even though the tiredness was still there. Her speech was now sounding much closer to her normal pitch and speed, even though it was not quite there yet. Holloway’s eyes suddenly widened in alarm. “I can’t stay the night… My uncle is going to be worried… and Calvin–” Molly’s words cut abruptly as thoughts rushed to the front of her mind. Her gaze looked pleadingly at Shrine. “I’ll be able to leave soon right? They can’t know I’m here! They’ll be worried sick for no reason!” The question about water completely forgotten.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

General Calvin Harris appeared a meter outside the main door to Sacred Heart exactly 90 seconds later. Striding in, his cane nowhere to be seen, he walked straight to the Security Ward… the guard by the door opening it immediately as he approached. “Thank you Tommy.” Calvin said politely. “Crockett called me… where’s Director Holloway?” Thomas Andrews shook his head. “I don’t know which room General, but I would check with Central…” He pointed to the large desk in the center of the Ward. “… I’m sure they can help Sir.” Harris nodded and patted the young guard on the shoulder before walking in. Reaching the desk, he said in a clear voice. “Crockett called me about Molly Holloway, can someone tell me where she is?”

General Calvin Harris, CCDA

Yavia met him at the desk. “General Harris, right this way.” It wasn’t far. They had put Molly in what had been his room. The same security protocols were in place, but before he could place a hand to the scanner, Fayth appeared in the door way.

Nurse Crockett

“She’s going to be okay.” That was the first thing Dr. Fayth said to him. “She’s groggy and her heart and lung rhythms were off, but they are stabilizing. I know you want to see her, and that’s fine. But before either of us questions her, we need to talk.” She stepped out of the way so he could go in if he wanted to see her first.

Fayth, SFCMO

Harris shook his head. “If you say she’s ok, I trust that she is.” The General motioned across the hall to a small seating area. “Please, Sharah, ask any questions you might have.” With that, Harris walked to the seating area and lowered himself onto a bench. As he did, Fayth could feel him already starting to calm.

Harris, CCDA

Sharah walked over and sat down across from Harris. She took a deep breath and as she let it out she allowed her inner calm to expand from her and fill the space, thankful for the calm efficiency of the medical staff in the ward. Her concern was clear on her face however. “Molly overdosed on sedatives, General. We have no record that she saw anyone here for such a prescription. There is a note that she asked Dr Marcus Albertson for a sleep aid. That sleep aid however wouldn’t cause these symptoms. Albertson is listed as working for HHI. Did you know Molly had requested or was taking a new medication?”

Harris sighed, now was certainly not the time to hide concerns he had had for some time. “Not new Sharah, but I have had concerns of late that she was taking more than she should…” The General sighed once more, looking at the floor as his shoulders dropped. “… since I’ve been home, I’ve noticed little things.... grogginess, forgetfulness, and her sleeping rather hard at times. About three weeks ago, I questioned her on the meds ‘cause of the changes and was gently brushed me off with the ‘just a hard day’. I didn’t push the subject… now I kindly wish I had.” After a pause, he added. “As for Alberston, I believe he is a Senior Medical Officer for HHI.”

“My other concern is Molly has recently been severely injured. Her right (OOC: I think right…if that’s wrong just assume Fayth said left. Couldn’t find the info) hand has been shattered and repaired and there is nerve damage. She was also cut along the neck and close to the throat, my best guess is from something wrapped around her neck. We have no record of her or any other patient coming into the hospital to have those injuries treated. Where you aware of these injuries?”

There was a pause, a noticeably one, then the General took a deep breath. Sharah would feel the immediate mental walls of the veteran former Marine & Intel Officer snap sharply into place. Closing his eyes, Harris took one further breath and looked to Fayth. “Yes, I am aware… but unfortunately, Doctor, you are not cleared for that particular mission. Hell… I’m technically not cleared for it and don’t know even a fraction of the details. I do know it was repaired quite quickly. If there is something that needs to be fix, I’m sure Molly would appreciate it… but don’t ask her for details, cause she won’t give them.”

“We are waiting on her blood work to come back to find out how long the sedative has been in her system. But given the recent attack on yourself and her uncle, and those injuries, and her sudden collapse, I am more than concerned.”

Fayth, SFCMO

“Understood…” Harris nodded. “… I just hope the info I could give you helps. I would get Alberston on the horn and find out just what the hell he gave her.”

Harris, CCDA

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