Aboard the FMMS Nostromo to Oed V (Open to all)

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Carsyn sat across the table from her boss Samuel in the Starport lounge waiting for the announcement for the shuttle to take her to the Federation Merchant Marine Ship Nostromo. Samuel looked at Carson and said “Traveling on a federation merchant marine ship? I thought after what happened to her husband You would never travel on an and FMMS ship again.” She smiled at him, “I do not blame the FMMS for his death, he was a Captain in the FMMS after all. It was not fault of the FMMS that his ship was destroyed by Breen raiders. Also, the FMMS Nostromo is captained by an old friend. My husband was Bonnie Hayes first officer for six years before he got his own ship. I know her and her crew, there like family.” She took a sip of her Long Island Iced Tea. He sighed” You know this reassignment is not a punishment, that article was a fine piece of investigative journalism. We really do need a top-notch reporter on Oed V. Then there is the bonus that it gets you out of the old apartment you and Rowan had.” He was about to say more when the overhead announcement came across =^=All passengers for the shuttle to the FMMS Nostromo please report to the departure gate. =^= “Well that is me, funny though how many passengers are using the Nostromo, she is a Cargo ship, not a passenger ship?” she said aloud. Chuckling Samuel stated “If I know you; you will snoop it out and have a story or two from it. See you haven’t even landed on Oed V and you’re starting to wonder what is going on.” Carsyn rolled her eyes at her boss and grabbed the hover handle attached to her family heirloom steamer trunk. “Well, I’ll let you know if there is a good story to be had on my trip there. I’ll check in once I arrive on Oed V.” with that she made her way to the departure gate. Her household goods and FNN equipment already packed and placed in storage aboard the Nostromo. As she boarded the shuttle, she was surprised to find a female Ferengi, a Horta, and what at first appeared to be an Andorian female, but on closer inspection proved to be an Aenar. The Aenar and Horta appeared to be together. Carsyn made her way to a seat and sat down well this may prove to be an interesting trip after all she thought.

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, (Reporter, Federation News Service)

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At the back if the line was a couple wearing clothes that looked like a throwback to another era. They looked perfectly comfortable in their traditional garb, nor were they phased by any looks they were getting. The woman was clearly not thrilled about boarding the shuttle. She kept adjusting the pack in her shoulder, which messed up the shash she was wearing, which meant she was also having to fix it.

This was stupid. Revna ran off back to her own little ‘obligations.’ (Ragna was conviently forgetting Revna and Mike were on their way home) and left her and Seamus in charge. Now they were being sent off to some gods’ forsaken barren planet. She was not happy, and unfortunately for the massive Scot beside her, she had taken every opportunity to voice her opinion. And as they headed toward the gate she did so again. “We have perfectly good homes here. Why are they sending us to this place? Who is supposed to take care of things if we are gone. It’s idiotic. What will Angus and Aurora think with us gone?”

Ragna, future citizen

The Scot she was speaking to was massive… almost seven feet in height and well over three hundred pounds with bright red hair and a full beard; and he sighed heavily, as if he was exhausted from saying the same thing again and again… which he was. “Ach… fer tha last time.” he said, a thick brogue coloring his words. “The Clan is moving, lass. At least the majority are. An I dunnae care to keep having this argument. The Chief, my brother and your brother-in-law for all intents an’ purposes, an your own two sisters told us this is happenin’. I already got tha job I applied fer. Capall even landed a good spot fer him and ya sister. And the Clan will be following us in the next few months and I made sure the fox and that devil-possessed sheep are on the first ship. So ye have a choice, love-of-my-life… ye can look forward ta building somethin’ anew with me… or ya cannae come.”

The woman was 5‘10” and still short next to her husband, her white blonde hair a stark contrast to his red. Her ice blue eyes flashed at him. He should know better than to issue her an ultimatum. Enjoy it or let him go alone. That was one time! One Time! she walked away from him. It was a disaster of a misunderstanding and she swore she would never do it again, no matter how much her temper flaired. They hadn’t even been married at the time…okay well they had been. And he really just told her she could stay here! Without him!! She opened her mouth, her Nordic lilt more like icebergs cracking. “Seamus don’t ev…”

He stopped and looked down at her, putting both hands on her shoulders and looking her dead in the eye. “I love ya, Ragna McKenzie… but I dunnae relish spending the rest of our lives listenin’ to ya whine about s#!t that is already settled and done with. Now get your hind end on the shuttle, or I’ll throw you over ma shoulder and carry you in maself.” and he grinned at her. He knew she was trepidacious and that this was huge change for her. He also knew that if he tried to coddle her or played the empathic support role she would probably stab him.

She glared up at him, her hands wrapped - more like resting - around his wrists. He could feel the frustration and anger and trepidation vibrating through her. Then he threatened to toss her over his shoulder and all the tension drained out of her as she laughed. “Don’t tempt me, Seamus.” She reached up on her toes and kissed him in a way that should be reserved for when they were alone.

“I love you, Seamus, and you know I will go wherever you do.” She still didn’t want to get on the shuttle, but she did anyway with unspoken curses at both her sisters.

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Carsyn sat back in her seat as the shuttle left the pad and began making altitude towards space and its rendezvous with FMMS Nostromo. She was sadly nostalgic the crew of the FMMS Nostromo were like family. It was where she first meet her late husband Rowan Kolckak, he was first officer at the time. Hell, Bonnie Hayes had performed the marriage. She sighed inwardly when she thought of that day. To distract her she turned her attention to her fellow passengers a fully clothed Ferengi female traveling by herself; it was still not a common sight in the Federation, Carsyn made a mental note to see what her story was. She then looked over at the Horta and his Aenar companion, another sight not often seen in the Federation, and she again made the mental note to find out why they were travelling to Oed V. The Shuttle made a very soft connection with the Nostromo. The forward hatch opened and a svelte female Caitian came forward from the shuttle cockpit “Welcome esteemed beings to the Federation Merchant Marine Ship Nostromo. Please follow me and we will assign you your berths and show you the areas of the ship you are allowed to be in.” She then turned and walked through the forward hatch. Carsyn chuckled, M’Riia was showing her usual efficient and straight forward manner. Carsyn got up from her seat and grabbed the hover handle attached to her family heirloom steamer trunk and walked forward through the hatch.

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, (Reporter, Federation News Service)

Seamus stood up and picked the couple’s four bags as if they were pillows and he looked at Ragna. “C’mon, my love. We have a couple weeks on here. Let’s make the most of is, okay?”

Seamus McKenzie, Conservation Specialist

Ragna stood and clenched her teeth as her head pounded once, twice, three times and then stopped. She approached the hatch staring at it like it might be a dragon ready to snap its jaws shut and not let her out. Then they were on the ship and she muttered a quiet prayer in Norwegian. Idun help her, she was in space.

Ragna McKenzie

As Carsyn stepped onto the FMMS Nostromo she immediately saw Captain Bonnie Hayes conferring with a male Bolian. The black skinned captain turned when the passengers started entering the ship, M’Riia continued up to the captain and the Bolian. Bonnie Hays spoke in a Jamaican accented voice “Welcome aboard honored passengers. You happen to be very lucky to be joining the FMMS Nostromo in its voyage to Oed V. While normally we do not transport citizens of the Federation, yet Federation Merchant Marine Command has made an exception and outfitted a few select few ships with civilian transport pods. Your quarters, or berths as we call them, are on this deck, known as deck Alpha. Deck Bravo is where you will find the lounge, and dining facilities. Finally Deck Charlie is where the recreation areas are; there is an infinity pool, two holo suites, and a gym. You are restricted to these three decks unless you are invited to the upper numbered decks and are escorted. This is my First Officer Lieutenant Commander Maiq’si Lynad, her she indicated the Bolian, and he is also the Quartermaster of the ship. You meet my Flight Control Officer Lieutenant M’Riia,” here she pointed to the Caitian. “The rest of my senior staff is currently getting the Nostromo prepared for departure, with the exception of Chief Warrant Officer 1st Class Lakkak Thenis;” here she pointed to a large, bald Orion standing in a corner. “Chief Petty Officer Chan Ming Kong will be your ship steward and remain with you all on the three decks. If you need anything or have questions direct them to the Chief,” here she pointed to an Asian man standing next to the Orion, he had a PaDD in his hand.

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, (Reporter, Federation News Service)

This Ragna understood and respected. Captain’s and their right hands were the only authority on a ship. Ragna grew up understanding that, living and breathing it. Except this ship was massive! That was okay a ship was a ship. Ragna just wished she could feel the seam move under the decks.

The Chief Petty Officer stepped forward and looked at his PaDD; “Emissary Cr’A’Ska and Dragoman Lahvishri zh’Zoarhi please follow me.” With that the Horta and female Aenar followed the young Chief Petty Officer. Carsyn made a mental note of their respective names as they walked away and were shown to their berths.

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, (Reporter, Federation News Service)

“Relax, my love.” said the big Scot. “There are no pressure changes, no storm fronts… nothing to make your head hurt. And I promise you, when we get to Oed V and I have the Conservation Center set up, you will want to never leave the place.” and he rested a large hand on her shoulder and smiled down at her. “I even sent a special present on ahead. It will be there when we arrive.”

Seamus McKenzie, Future Citizen / Conservation Director

No more migraines, well at least not on the trip. What if they were worse when they got to Oed? Would no migraines mean no seizures? She had been having some mild absence seizures. She had always had them, but theynseemed more recent. Maybe it was her imagination. She had talked to Kirsten about it. She supposed she would have to find a doctor when they arrived. What if she got better? What if it got worse?

The job was perfect for Seamus, working towards conserving the natural gifts given by nature. She knew he was excited about it, and she was excited for him, she was. She wasn’t like her sisters though, she had never had the desire to leave home. Leaving Bømlo for Scotland had been hard, and she got to go back several days a week. There would be no going back now.

Ragna smiled up at him. “If it’s where you are, of course I will ways be there.” In a very rare moment she leaned her head against his shoulder as her arm slipped around his waist. “Seamus, I cannot be bribed. Unless you tell me you packed Faolin and Amalie’s cornerstone and are rebuilding our house.”

Ragna McKenzie, Future Citizen

As Carsyn was eavesdropping on her fellow passengers the swarthy Captain Hayes came up to her and crushed her in a huge bear hug, “Gods, Carsyn it has been a lifetime since I last saw you. I am so sorry I was unable to get back for Rowan’s funeral. Damn shame what happened, Breen raiders nasty business they can be.” Carsyn returned the hug her friend gave her, “No worries, it was a fine wake, he was well loved. You seem to forget I was the wife of a Federation Merchant Marine sailor and captain.”

As the two spoke the Chief Petty Officer came up and called out “Mister and Misses Seamus and Ragna McKenzie, please

  • Carsyn A. Kolchak; Reporter, Federation News Service

Seamus raised his hand and said “Aye!” a bit too loudly for the confines, but it got the acknowledgement across. “We’re here.” He looked down at Ragna and said “C’mon, love. Let us see what the future holds for our clan, shall we?” and he ushered her forward, lifting all their bags with ease as she stepped in front of him.

Seamus McKenzie, Future Citizen / Conservation Director

Ragna glanced back at the hatch once, but it would not be giving her a last glimpse of her home. She was klanvakt and herald and she would serve with pride. She straightened her shoulders and tossed that long white blonde hair back over her shoulder and stepped up to the petty officer. She did her best not to scowl and put a smile on her face as they followed the man through the corridor to their berth.

Ragna McKenzie, Future Citizen

The Asian Chief Petty Officer Kong jumped slightly at Seamus reply, and Chief Warrant Officer Thenis stood a little taller, as if expecting trouble. Kong got the strange couple to their berth. “Here we are.” He stated as he showed them into a luxury appointed berth, by FMMS standards anyway. “Your sleeping area is behind that wall and sliding door,” here he pointed to the left “This area is the ‘common’ area, and you may also dine here if you desire and over to your right is the bathroom facilities. Unfortunately, we only use sonic showers. If you should need anything, please let me know.”

Ragna offered a genuine smile of gratitude. “Thank you, Chief Petty Officer Kong. Our gratitude to Cpt Hayes and the rest of the crew.” There was a formality to her words, that also carried the weight of genuineness and respect to her words.

With that he stepped back into the corridor. The common area had a huge viewport showing Earth as she slowly rotated beneath the Nostromo.

Ragna moved over to the window, looking for that last peek of home before it disappeared. When the door closed she glanced at her husband, “Seamus I think you scared them.” That thought was extremely amusing to her.

“What an odd couple. Obviously never been in space.” said Captain Hayes in her lyrical Jamaican voice. Carsyn smiled “You actually have a very strange group of passengers, and I plan to get the story out of all of them as to why their going to Oed V.” Captain Hayes smiled, “I am sure you will.” As the two of them watched the Ferengi follow Chief Petty Officer Kong to her berth. “So why are you going to Oed V. Wait let me guess, because of that most scandalous article you wrote regarding nepotism in Starfleet and the love triangle of the Starfleet Admiral; his wife, a Commander in Starfleet Starfighter Corps; and her subordinate, a female Major. Same Major who not only decked said Admiral but knocked his butt out.” Carsyn laughed, “Got it in one. Guess Starfleet was none too happy with my exposing that little bit of dirty laundry. So now the Federation News Service heads, in their infinite wisdom have decided to reestablish an office on Oed V with me as its sole head.” As she finished her statement Chief Petty Officer Kong stepped up “Sorry to disturb you Captain, Ma’am, but are you ready to be shown to your berth?” Carsyn smiled and replied, “Lead the way.” As she began to follow him, she looked at Captain Hayes, “Need to catch me up on all this.” With that she gestured to the new module the Nostromo had added to it.

-Carsyn A. Kolchak; Reporter, Federation News Service

Seamus put the bags in the sleeping area and looked around. He then looked at Ragna and said “Listen, I know you’re nae thrilled ta be here, lass. But I promise, this is gonna be a great change. And afore ya know it, we’ll feel at home again. I swear that to ya, wife. And if, in a year, ye nae find yourself feeling ta home… we’ll come back. You just gotta give me the year.. alright?”

Seamus McKenzie, Conservation Director

Ragna shook her head, “Nae Seamus, we won’t. We will go, and we will stay wherever the clan does. It’s our duty, but it is also our family, and Clan is everything.” She gave him a long loving look. Clan was almost everything. Seamus was more. “I will stay wherever you are. I never wanted to leave home. Then I found out home was living in a one room house on the shores of Scotland.” She glanced out at the view of Earth spinning below them. “I raged against it then, and I will rage against this. I cannot be anything but what I am. And my sisters will hear all about it from me.” She looked over her shoulder at him, “Just like then, I will choose to go with you Seamus, even if I’m scared. You are more than everything to me.” It was a rare moment for Ragna to be so openly vulnerable, and always only with Seamus.

Ragna McKenzie, Future Citizen

Seamus smiled down at her and said in a low rumble, not far different from the waves that pounded the coast near their old home, “Ragna Idun Edman-McKenzie… you were mine before the ages began and the waters rose. I was yours before life began. And throughout time… for all of ever… I will be yours and yours alone.” He bent down and kissed her, pulling her to him and pressing himself against her. Finally he separated his lips from hers and smiled. “Now then, lass. Let’s go find us a seat somewhere an’ watch this departure. And see if we cannae find some food. I’m starvin’!”

The truth of his words made her smile, his embrace settled her, and his kiss drove away the headache she was giving herself. Ragna smiled up at him looking totally satisfied, and then laughed. “Alright, alright, food.” She shook her head and turned toward the door.

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Carsyn went to forward lounge and saw the female Ferengi standing and looking out the viewport at Earth. “Beautiful sight, isn’t it?” Carsyn inquired of the Ferengi, hoping to elicit a conversation and find out why she was travelling to Oed V. “It is a sight, not the same as Ferenginar, more Blues and swirling white than what Ferenginar has.” She replied. Carsyn smiled at that comment, “So what brought you to Earth?” again trying to elicit more information from her. “Hey, why I came to be trained to be an Oral and Maxillofacial Dentist as well as a general family dentist.” She replied. This piqued Carsyn’s interest. “My where are my manners, my name is Carsyn A. Kolchak and I happen to be a reporter for the Federation News Service. I was wondering if you would mind doing an interview with me in regard to why you are going to Oed V and what made you chose to come to Earth and train to be an Oral and Maxillofacial Dentist as well as a general family dentist?” inquired Carsyn going for broke and hoping the Ferengi’s famed egoistic nature would take hold. The Ferengi woman took the bait, “A story on me? Why of course you may ask some questions.” Carsyn chuckled, “Well then come on and let’s make ourselves comfortable. We can start by your name?” she asked as the took seats in plush chairs that looked out the viewport. “My name is Kisalera.” Replied the Ferengi.
Overhead a gong sounded, and a ship wide announcement could be heard =^=Attention all crew prepare to leave orbit and go to warp. Ensure all shipping containers are gravity locked and secured to the hull. Leaving Earth orbit in five minutes. That is all. =^=

-Carsyn A. Kolchak; Reporter, Federation News Service

Seamus McKenzie, Conservation Director

They made their way to the forward lounge. First time leaving Earth perhaps, but a ship was a ship and it wasn’t hard to figure out the basic layout and how to navigate about. Stepping through the door Ragna scanned the room, finding the replicators and headed that way. She scanned the menu database and with a shrug settled on lamb with baby vegetables. She removed the small tray from shelf. She was familiar with replicators, but she still found it unnatural, but they were useful.

She and Seamus settled at a table with a view of Earth. Soon would be their last view of it for a long, long while. Ragna drank it in.

Ragna McKenzie, Future Citizen

Seamus settled his bulk next to Ragna and smelled the dish. “It seems right, just… off a little. Huh.” He looked around the room, and was glad they had come when they did. Tables became scarse, and soon people were standing and watching the view. He looked at the table with the… Ferengi, thats was the species… and the person talking to her. Seemed like a lively conversation, but soon his attention was divided between the food and the view.

Seamus McKenzie, Conservation Director

Carsyn nodded “So tell me your story Kisalera. I imagine even with the reforms for ‘female’ rights in Ferenginar society it was not easy to become an Oral and Maxifofacial Dentist as well as a general family dentist?” Kisalera smiled and replied “You are most correct, I was disowned by my father and family, I was lucky though as DaiMon Nandi, a female Ferengi, sponsored me and paid for my transport to Earth and education. Strangest thing though, she did not ever mention what she wanted in return.” Kisalera’s facial expression changed slightly at that thought. Carsyn made a note on her PaDD and encouraged Kisalera to continue, “So you say this DaiMon Nandi paid for you to be transported to Earth and also your education?” Kisalera shook her head of the thought she was having and replied “Yes, I applied for and was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania and was excepted, I believe it was because they never had a Ferengi attend their school.”

-Carsyn A, Kolchak; Reporter, Federation News Service

Ragna shrugged. “The petty officer apologized for the sonic showers but I think the real roughing it is the replicators. It’snot bad, but just…off.” Of course the petty officer would probably balk if he knew Ragna and Seamus usually bathed in the hit springs and used an old fashioned hand pump to draw water. They were both well educated and familiar with all the technology, but they chose to live simpler.

“Aye… but we’ll be havin’ the real stuff soon enough, an’ I know that they’ll wanna put great big generators and power conduits all over ma bio-dome, but it ain’t happnin’. A condition of me takin’ tha job was that we get ta live how we want. No interference, and no restrictions on how we manage. The only t’ing they mandated was a comm station in tha house and guest quarters for visitin’ academics and researchers. That’ll be seperate from us an outside. Inside is ours. “

Ragna nodded, “I can’t imagine Revna and Mike would accept anything less for the land they purchased for the clan. The whole idea is to start over. I also really don’t think Mike would take well to an outsider telling him how to be chief.” She grinned. She liked Mike and he had a wicked sense of humor. He was good for Revna too. Ragna tried to picture living inside a dome. Working the land from less than scratch. It was a challenge, there would have to be a pen for the sheep and the horses to stop them trampling things. And a new lock Angus couldn’t get out of…”Oh Loki! Visitors? We’re gonna have to make a steel barn to keep Angus away from ‘em.”

The ship began to move, and out the window Earth began to slip away from them. More of the great blue and green orb was seen in its entirety as it grew smaller as the ship maneuvered through the traffic. Ragna reached over, under the table, taking her husband’s hand, until the ship went to warp and Earth was gone.

Ragna McKenzie, Future Citizen

Seamus smiled at her and said “Easy, love. This isn’t g’bye. It’s just the end of tha beginin’.”

Seamus McKenzie, Conservation Director

“I know, Love.” Ragna could help but wonder though if this was Revna’s way of making a point after that fight they had. A sharp stabing pain went through her head with a ringing female voice of ‘Stubborn foolish child.’ And it was quickly gone. “It’s our adventure. I know we will be fine.”

Kolchak finished up her interview of Kisalera and looked about the lounge, she spotted the couple who reminded her of the classic Northmen of Earth’s past, given the gentleman’s loud brogue he was either Irish or Scottish if she had to make a bet. “If you will excuse me Kisalera, I wish to interview some other’s about why they are travelling to Oed V. I believe your story will make a very fine edition to the FNS stories I plan to file.” Carsyn then got up and walked over to the couple, “Hello, may I join you folks?” she inquired.

-Carsyn A, Kolchak; Reporter, Federation News Service

Seamus stood and said “Aye, please do.” and he pulled out a chair for the newcomer. “I am Seamus McKenzie, and this is my wife Ragna.” and he took his seat after the woman sat down. He looked at the woman and said “You know the crew and the ship, I take it? Saw yer interactions with the Captain when we boarded.”

Seamus McKenzie, Conservation Director

Ragna stood as well and bowed slightly, then offered her hand. “Welcome. It’s a pleasure.” She wasn’t sure if it was. But she was herald and she would represent the clan proudly. “What brings you aboard?” Her polite way if asking the woman who she was.

Ragna McKenzie, Future Citizen

Carsyn smiled and shook the woman’s hand “I am Carsyn A. Kolchak, a reporter for the Federation News Service. To answer your question sir, yes, I know the crew of the Nostromo, in fact the captain was one of my bridesmaid’s. My husband used to be her first officer.”

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, Reporter FNS

Ragna’s eyes lighted. That was something she understood. The crew you served and lived with was a different kind of family, stronger friendships. “Then you have been blessed Mrs Kolchak.”

“Thank you, Mrs. McKenzie, I was blessed when I found my husband, and I am still blessed with my friends.” she replied, a sad smile crossing her face as she thought of her deceased husband.

The big Scot’s eyes narrowed slightly and he said “Kolchak… ah, yes. Yer the one tha did tha piece on the Fighter Corps brass shaggin’ one another when they were married to someone else. Quite the scandal…” and he looked around at the ship and then back at her, a slight grin on his face. “I can see why ya chose this mode ‘a transport, den.” and he chuckled good-naturedly.

Seamus McKenzie, Conservation Director

“Yes, one of the benefits of being the widow of a Federation Merchant Marine captain is I have a free lifetime pass to travel on any FMS ship anywhere they go. As for going to Oed V, my boss’s thought it best I get away from Earth and Starfleet Admirals for a while. Bonus I am the ‘Official’ FNS reporter and chief on Oed V, with free reign to report how I see fit. Right now, I am doing interest stories as to why individuals are travelling and settling on Oed V. Would the two of you be interested in being interviewed?”

-Carsyn A. Kolchak; Reporter, Federation News Service

Oh right that piece. Ragna had found the behavior shameful and dishonorable. She had found the piece equally unimportant. Her ways weren’t for others or vice versa. It was not her business who was sleeping with whom. She had ignored it for the most part.

Seamus looked at Ragna and shrugged. “I dunnae mind, love. Dae you?” he asked.

Seamus McKenzie, Conservation Director

Ragna stared at the woman. Free reugn and tk report as she saw fit. Mmm she didn’t like the way that was worded. Ragna looked at Seamus and shrugged in return, “Why not. The conversation will help me start the archive record.”

Ragna McKenzie, Future Citizen

Seamus nodded and then looked at Kolchak. “Aye, then. Go ahead and ask yer questions. Happy to help.”

Seamus McKenzie, Conservation Director

Kolchak smiled “Okay then let’s start with where you folks come from, what it is that you did on Earth, and why you decided to come to Oed V?”

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, Reporter FNS

“I am originally from Bømlo, Norway on the North Sea. Seamus and I lived near Dornach, Scotland. He is takung a positiin as the Conservation Director of Oed V and I am the Master Brewer of the first off-world Edman Mead brewery.”

Ragna McKenzie

Seamus smiled with pride at his wife’s words. “Aye. An’ don’t let her words fool ya. Ragna is a historian and archeologist of no small skill, too. An’ the majority of our entire clan will be relocatin’ within the next year. Big move. Lots’a tradition an’ ‘istory are there in those lands we just left. But we cannae miss an opportunity like this one. Tryin’ ta ensure the natural order is respected and maintained even before there is a natural order? Ambitious, it ‘tis. But brilliant as well. And the new kinds ‘a mead that’ll be comin’ outta that brewery will be unlike anytin’ people have ever had.”

Seamus McKenzie

Kolchak smiled, she liked these two individuals, hardy and honest folk. “Question for you Mister McKenzie, are you not worried about how the local political individuals are ‘retired’ from office when the locals do not agree with said individual? Rumor has it the locals tend to assissinate them. Given your position as the Conservation Director of Oed V, I am sure you will find some resistance from individuals, especially those in the mining industry.” She then turned and asked Mrs. McKenzie “So what types of mead do you hope to produce, did you bring any of the grains from Earth, or do you plan on using the local flora, or a combination of both?”

-Carsyn A, Kolchak, Reporter FNS

Seamus chuckled and said “Lass, I’m a leader in a Scottish clan that just simultaneously stopped an internal power play against our Chief and married into one of the most historied and long-standing Nordic clans in Earth’s history. If an assassin wants ta take a shot at me for tryin’ ta make sure the natural world is respected and maintained properly, I say good luck to ‘em. They’d have tae be the biggest fool in the galaxy ta think that would go anyway but bad for ‘em.” and he grinned.

Ragna seemed to find Kolchak’s questions for Seamus quite amusing. The woman obviously didn’t know who he was, or who their clan was. That was fine by Ragna. If the question about assassination was meant to scare them, it didn’t.

Ragna smiled, “Mead isn’t made from grain, but from honey mixed with water and fermented. Sometimes we use grain and spices for flavor. It will be many years before the first bottles will come out of the meadery. I am hoping that the conservation work Seamus will be doing will provide the flowers needed to produce new flavors, but only time will tell. If that isn’t a viable and ecologically sound option then we will grow Earth olants to produce the honey and flavorings. When the clan arrives they will be bringing several of the large vats of our base mead with them. The first 5 years at least will be mostly experimentation and waiting.”

Ragna McKenzie

Kolchak smiled, “Sorry about that, I guess I never put much thought into how alcohol was made, most alcohols I have ever tried were plant based. So that begs the question; if mead is made from honey, did you folks bring your own hives of honeybees? If so, how do you think they will adapt to Oed V and its limited plant life, or did you also bring native Earth plants and flowers?” She noted that Ragna had evaded the question in regard to Oed V reputation towards those in political positions, Carsyn smiled inwardly, must have thought I was trying to scare them. Then a question to Seamus, “So tell me Mister McKenzie, what are the biggest obstacles you see to the rehabilitation of Oed V and its ecological system? I have heard that the dome has come down around the main civilized area.”

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, Reporter FNS

Ragna shrugged, “No apology necessary. Most folks don’ think about where their food and drinks come from any more. Press a button and presto. As for the honey production, tha’ is a bit tricky. The introduction of insect life to a world like Oed must be done carefully. We cannot ethically introduce elements ta the environment until it is ready. So in that way I will be working closely with Seamus and collaborating with the teraforming folks. We may construct a dome as a greenhouse and keep bees there, or, we do have the technology to artificially produce honey. I won’t know more until we actually arrive and research and discussions are underway.”


He thought for a moment and then said “From the beginning, its the lack a’ any natural ecosystem at all. Nothin’ but blowing dust and rock ta work from. So we haf’ta start at the basics. Bacterialogical and microorganisms. I know we have some samples of such from pre-impact, so we’ll have an idea of the kinda life Oed had before. Taking that and extrapolating from it will be time-consuming, tae say the least. But it can be done. And then we’ll have tae get creative in filling in the gaps between the samples of native flora and fauna we do have, and what will be needed tae create a thriving and self-sustaining ecosystem.”

Seamus McKenzie, Director of Conservation



Carsyn listened intently to what both Ragna and Seamus had to say. “Let me see if I have this right Mister McKenzie, your first step is to try and reestablish OED V natural fauna based off bacteriological and other microorganisms the Federation has samples of? That is almost bordering on the work of Doctor Carol Marcus is it not? Would it not be easier just to introduce fauna from existing Federation fauna, say like Earth’s bees, since OED V is technically a dead planet?” she inquired.

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, FNS Reporter

Seamus nodded and said “Easier, aye… but nae right. Oed V may be ded now, but it hasn’t always been.” As Seamus spoke, his voice became more firm, more passionate, and filled with resolve. “And we have native species in zoos and and in genetic databases. Why should we not give them back their lives and existence if we can? We have a responsibility to the natural order, Ms. Kolchak. A responsibility to care and maintain it and help it thrive. We aren’t here ta create another Earth… our job is ta let Oed live again. On it own terms and with its own rules. LIfe is a gift, and not allowing that life to return to its own home would be a crime. And a crime I will nae stand for. Nae… any native pre-impact species takes precedence over the introduction of new ones. And that introduction will only be done to support the native life in growing and reclaiming the planet that is theirs by right.”

Semaus McKenzie, Conservation Director

“Easy there Mister McKenzie. I am only asking a question, not advocating one way or the other; nor saying one way is better than the other. I can see you are very passionate about restoring OED V and I believe you and your clan maybe the most positive influence in making OED V like it was. I do foresee though you may run into issues with others who do not prescribe to your views. With that said, how do you expect to win them over to your viewpoint without meeting the typical violent end that happens on OED V?” said Carsyn. She was beginning to really like these two feisty individuals.

-Carsyn A. Kolchak, FNS Reporter

Ragna was rather amused at Kolchak’s defensiveness at Seamus’ passion. She confused his passion with aggressiveness. She was trying to stir excrement into the proverbial pot. None of the reports and communiques indicated that the people of Oed were anything but eager to restore the planet. Why was this woman trying to create problems where there were none? Ragna held by her original opinion. This woman was no more than a tabloid paprazzi idiot. Ragna found her annoying. Seamus would not fall for it. The woman sitting with them did not have a clue.

Then, oh then, this scrawny nobody threatened Seamus life again. Ragna stood feeling like the ancient gods raged inside her. She looked at her husband and then walked away.

Ragna McKenzie

Seamus watched his wife leave and then sighed. He looked back at the reporter. “So this whole ‘interviewing thing… you’re nae good at, are ye?” he said with a shake of his head.

“Look, ye are tryin’ tae stir somethin’ that nae needs ta be stirred. That’s twice now ya’ve referenced assassins and murder. Do ya think that’s all the colony is? Bunch bloodthirsty near’do-wells that kill everyone they don’ take a shine tae?” He shook his head and leaned back, looking at her with a combination of irritation and disappointment. “The people of Oed, and I’ve read about and talked to more than a few now, aren’t like that a’tall. They are for the most part decent folks who just want ta live their lives and be left alone to do what they need ta do. The figures ya speak of… the ones they killed? Seems they all had some things in common. Corrupt. Inept. Uncaring. And lass… I’m Scottish. Our whole history is made up of the same thing happn’in ta the same kinds of bastards. And I’m no bastard, so I’m fairly certain I won’t have any problems with blades in the dark, now will I?” and he laughed. “I’m going to Oed to help give the world back its nature. Nobody loses in that effort. It provides life, it provides jobs, it provides places to go and see and live in. I dunnae care if someone never wants ta leave the city… they still want parks and places to sit and relax and be at peace for a brief moment. Ya cannae name a single succesful civilization that doesn’t understand the value of the natural world. Without it, ye are just left with concrete, plasteel, sickness, death, and despair. And if dat’s the vision somebody has for Oed and they think I’m standing in the way of that from happening? Well… I’m more than happy to discuss the matter in whatever form or fashion they so desire. ‘Cause the planet… and the people… deserve better.”

Seamus McKenzie, Conservation Director

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