Three Isn't A Crowd If You Don't Want It To Be

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Jessie loved watching the real life video from anywhere, but she was dedicated to the feeds from anywhere on OED. She had taken a bite of her pita gyro sandwich when she looked back at her vid screen and spit it out all over her coffee table.

She pulled out her comm, =^=Elaine! Elaine are you watching the Wild Fork?=^=

Elaine’s long suffering sigh was heard, =^=No Jessie, I’m not. I really don’t care who you just saw. I’m tired.=^=

=^=But Elaine it was Ya…=^=

=^=Good night, Jessie=^=

No one else would answer, even after she left several messages after the second time she saw them. Jessie cornered them all in the nurses locker room the next morning with a recording and wouldn’t stop shoving it in their faces until someone looked. Elaine finally did, “Okay okay let me see,” she glanced at the screen. It was the same limo they had all seen pick Yavia and Dr Fayth up in. The door opened and the three people of interest stepped out, looking stunning. “Okay so he took them to dinner and he looks hotter in that suit and hat than in his uniform. So what?” Elaine started to walk away. “NO look!” Jessie sped the tape forward, yanking Elaine back to her. Elaine nodded for a moment and then her jaw hit the floor. “Waitwaitwait! Let me see that again?” That reaction got all their attention. “Ilena! C’mere! Did you know?”

“Know what?” The Betazoid nurse asked.

“This!” Jessie squealed. Shrine had a feeling she knew and was the slowest to make her way over. Once she was, a bouncing impatient Jessie finally played the vid again.

On the screen the throuple exited the restaurant. They weren’t just being escorted on his arm, his arms were tightly wrapped around then, and their’s seemingly interlocked behind his back. They approached the car where he opened the door for them. Then Major General Charles Tenkiller of Oed CCDA kissed nurse Yavia Crockett of Sacred Heart like she was desert. Nothing they all hadn’t seen outside their apartment already, but they all sighed and grinned anyway. Then, oh then he pulled Dr Sharah Fayth, acting Chief of Staff and Star Fleet chief Medical Officer, into his embrace and kissed her like he had Yavia. And she kissed him back like he was the only man worth noticing. He handed her into the car, climbed in and closed the door.

The locker room was stunned silence. Then Jessie and Elaine gave some kind of annoying girly screech. Temple and Shrine shared a long knowing look. Jal’na banged a locker so hard she dented, “That man is a truly mighty warrior!”

Ilena looked at the clock and smirked. “They should be here in about 15 minutes, and I don’t know about you all but I need answers.”

Jal’na and the nurses

An Hour Earlier

Yavia walked up behind her, and slipped her arms around Sharah’s waist and pulled the slightly shorter woman up against her. “Come on Sharah, take the day off, Sweetheart. It was a long night.”

Sharah’s hands rested on Yavia’s arms and she watched her blue eyes in the mirror. Sharah snorted with laughter and heat flooded her, “Sleeping in after a long night like that would be great. We, the three of us, need to better plan our date nights.”

Yavia grinned and kissed her neck, “That’s not what I meant and you know it. It’s okay to take a day for yourself. Let yourself steady out.”

“Yavia, luv, I can’t. This is my life, it’s how it is. I can’t ignore my duty just because I am me. Besides I feel good actually, and you would know if I didn’t.” She squeezed Yavia’s hands and turned and kissed her cheek. “You scanned me with the tricorder yourself. I’m okay to go to work. And you’ll be the first to know if I’m not.”

“Alright, alright, I’m just worried.” Yavia could feel the protest forming inside Sharah. “Oh no, none of that. I love you, and I’m allowed to worry, so deal with it.” She grinned at her in the mirror and then turned to leave, “I’m calling for a car. I’m not walking.”

Sharah grinned and finished getting ready. The two women slipped into the backseat of the car when it arrived, Sharah in her uniform and Yavia in her scrubs. The closer they got to the hospital, Sharah’s brow furrowed. She was getting pings of attention on her, but she assumed it was just because people at the hospital were needing her to do something for them when she arrived. Two blocks from their destination, Sharah suddenly grabbed Yavia’s hand. Shock and maybe mortification flowed off her. “By the four gods....”

Yavia turned, concerned, “Sharah, what’s wrong, do you need to go home?” Sharah was silent a moment her gaze far away even as her cheeks turned red. She looked at Yavia, not sure if she would laugh or not. “They know…they saw the live feed from The Wild Fork. They saw us…and their waiting in the lobby.” Yavia’s eyes went wide, “Oh really? I’ll take care of it.” Sharah wasn’t sure if that was a good thing, but there was no stopping Yavia. They exited the car as it stopped and they made their way up the stairs and into the lobby.

Shrine and Ilena were “reading” patient charts by the desk, Elaine was arguing with Jessie trying to keep her excitement in check, Temple was talking to the guard by the door, and Jal’na was standing with arms crossed over her chest blocking the lifts with a very toothy smile. Yavia steered Sharah straight past the desk and toward the stairs. By the time they reached the 3rd flight it was all Sharah and Yavia could do not to laugh as the other women determinedly followed them up the stairs. Sharah and Yavia exited the stairwell on the fourth floor and headed down the corridor where Sharah’s office was.

Without warning, Yavia pulled Sharah into her arms and kissed her like TK had kissed both of them the night before. Then she pulled back, “See you after your meeting, Sweetheart,” and Yavia turned her around and through her office door. When the door shut she turned and paused. Her brows raised as she looked at the 6 women who had followed them. “What?” Yavia made her way past them and back toward the lifts. It took exactly 5 seconds of a second stunned silence before they all spun on heel and chased after Yavia. Answers…they needed answers.

Yavia and Sharah

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