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It had been two weeks since Newton’s ‘capture’ and since the Thresher had left orbit, taking with her Ryan York and his team. Two weeks since Molly had walked into the Mannings’ Estate and collapsed in tears in the living room, as the stress, the adrenaline, and the implications of what had happened finally caught up with her.

Molly had never appreciated Manning as much as she did when the woman had come to her aid, guiding her to the bedroom she had been occupying, helping her out of her bloodstained clothes and into one of the house’s large bathtubs, with no questions asked. The only inquiry being whether she was hurt. Molly had always known that she had judged Amelia very harshly when she had first came on board of the Dresden. Since then, with every passing year, it was more and more apparent that the woman was one of the closest friends the couple had. Calvin had not been wrong about her.

With Cal’s discharge from Sacred Heart and with Newton gone, the couple had finally moved back from the Mannings’ Estate to their own home, and routine was almost back to normal. The only difference being Lucas’s prolonged stay at the hospital, and the temporary changes in the administrative chains that that represented for Holloway Heavy Industries. Not that Lucas wanted it that way, but more so that Molly was keeping him in a strict ‘no work’ regime.

For Molly, life had suddenly become more peaceful. Too peaceful in her opinion.

It had been on one of those days, when Molly had returned home from a late visit to her uncle, that she had found the a smartly dressed young man waiting for her a few steps away from her and Cal’s house, partially hidden next to some bushes.

Over the years, Molly had gotten used to the same young man that Intel would send her way whenever they had a change of plans for her. Yet, this was a different person — different young man, yet almost the same smart attire. It meant that likely he was Intel too, but as far as Molly was concerned there was no apparent reason for the change in handler.

“Captain Holloway. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said with a smile as she approached him. “I’m sure you’re wondering what happened to your usual contact.”

Molly raised an eyebrow. “As a matter of fact, I was. What do I owe the pleasure of your visit?” There was no intention at even pretending that she found the meeting pleasurable at all.

“Starfleet Intelligence wanted to make sure this reached you.” He handed her a PaDD. “You’ll find that this is a bit of a different channel than your regular one… hence the different messenger.” He seemed too proud of it.

“Thank you.” Molly said nonchalantly taking the PaDD and slipping it into her coat pocket without looking at it twice. “I’ll read it at my own convenience.”

“Not a problem, Captain. We’ll be in touch as needed.”

Molly nodded as she walked past him and through the garden’s gate. “Have a good day.”

“You too Captain.”

Walking up the steps, Molly waited for the young man to leave, before she grabbed the PaDD again and read it. As it lit up, the words formed on the screen

TO: Captain Molly Grace Holloway, Senior Field Agent, Starfleet Intelligence
FROM: Admiral Lady Denise Alexandria Marie Harrington, GBE, Director, Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Command

Captain Holloway,

I first wanted to thank you for your assistance in the apprehension and termination of Ashley Newton, head of the rogue faction known as the Syndicate. Your help in finally taking down one of the most dangerous foes the Federation has bore witness to in many years has not gone unnoticed. Your bravery and strength in the actions following the attack on Mr. Lucas Holloway and General Calvin Harris are in the finest examples of an officer of Starfleet and of the Intelligence community.

I am pleased to inform you that you are being awarded the Medal of Valor with crossed palms however, as with your previously awarded Medal of Honor, it will be awarded under seal as the nature of your mission is classified at the highest levels. That said, both the Director of Starfleet Intelligence and the President of the Federation send their congratulations on this momentous award.

Furthermore, the events regarding Ms. Newton’s apprehension have been Black Classified and sealed by the Federation Council. No charges of any kind can or will be brought against you or the team responsible for the apprehension. While not ideal, under the circumstances detailed in the Senior Officer’s After-Action Report, you are not, under any circumstances, considered responsible for Ms. Newton’s demise. While I will stress that this was not the manner in which we had planned to dispatch Ms. Newton, the Federation is substantially safer today than it was on her last day alive.

Finally, I wanted to extend you an invitation. At the recommendation of Command Field Agent Colonel Ryan Patrick York, I would like to invite you to join our organization, as we could not pass on the opportunity of bringing talent such as yourself into the fold with the Federation’s most elite counter terrorism and espionage community. This will not require any perceptible change in your day-to-day life. If interested, please contact me directly via this secure message, Monday-Friday 1500-0000 FST. You will be connected to me immediately.

Admiral Lady Denise Alexandria Marie Harrington, GBE
Director, Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Command

Molly sighed. In other words, Section 31 was scared of her and would rather have her working with them than against them. Even though she could read between the lines, and even though they cited Ryan as her recommendation (surely to try and entice her further), she found herself actually considering the offer. The truth was, she needed a change of pace, and she was tired of being nothing more than a glorified data collector, as she had been for the past few years. With another sigh, she stowed the PaDD and unlocked the main door to the house.

As Molly walked in, Boomer’s steps made themselves known, and the large dog came in to greet her at the door. Smiling as she patted the black Labrador on his head, she took her coat off and hung it up, fishing the PaDD out in the process. The smell of freshly cooked food wafting to her nostrils, meaning that Calvin had been cooking dinner.

Putting the PaDD on the back pocket of her slacks, Molly crossed the house, heading to the kitchen, with Boomer in tow. And sure enough, Calvin was in full chef mode when she got there.

“Hey old man, I’m home.” Molly said with a smile, as she greeted the former Marine with a kiss on his cheek. “Shouldn’t you be resting? It’s fine if we get food off of the replicator every once in a while.”


The kitchen was full of scents, fresh bread in the oven… the bubbling marinara on the stove along side a sizable pot of fusilli big enough to guarantee leftovers to take to work tomorrow. There was a fresh tossed salad in the crisper visible through the massive refrigerator’s right glass door. The table had been set and a warm fire was crackling in the hearth.

Cal laughed heartily as he gave Molly a gentle swat on the backside. “I’m fine Molls. After the workout those monsters from my ward put me through the night of Tenkiller’s concert, I’ve found I actually enjoy being back on my feet… calmly enjoying life.” Taking the sauce spoon, Harris took a small amount of red sauce from the pan on the stove and after blowing on it, offered it to Molly. “Here Babe… I know you’re more picky on spicy than I am, so I didn’t go crazy and add any… damn sissy New Yorkers…” He smirked, raising the spoon for inspection. “I picked up this recipe from Amelia’s cook the other day after you raved about it at dinner the Tuesday before we came back here. I thought it would go well with the bread.” He then motioned to the oven while awaiting Molly to taste the robust marinara “What’dya think?”


Molly smiled. “I’m so sorry you have been so harshly forced to move… it makes it look like you were in an accident or something…” The sarcasm was very clear in her tone, and the smirk now obvious on her lips, before settling back to a smile. “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

Trying the offered sauce, Molly gave Calvin a thumbs up. “It’s perfect! Sissy New Yorkers, huh?… you know that we know Italian food better than you rednecks down South, right?” She gave Cal a playful wink. “I’m sure Amelia would agree with me, that spice only ruins the flavor.” Molly chuckled. “Thank you.” She looked lovingly at Cal. “You didn’t have to ask for the recipe. I appreciate it.”

Sitting down at the table, Molly removed the PaDD from her pants’ back pocket, making sure she wouldn’t sit on it. Placing it on the table beside her, she glanced at it for a moment, her expression turning somber. “I need to talk to you… but you have to promise me not to blow it out of proportion…”


Harris was half way across the space between the kitchen and dinning room, Boomer at his heel and the tray with hot bread, sauce, and pasta in his hands. He raised an eyebrow as he moved to the table to sit down the tray, his eyes locked like a hawk’s on the Starfleet issued personal PaDD by her hand. Calvin took a slow, deep breath before rounding the table to his seat and lowering into it like he thought the damn thing would explode. Closing his eyes, Harris took one more breath before asking flatly. “I would assume this has to do with York… and why you’ve favored your non-dominant hand for the past two weeks?”


Molly raised an eyebrow. “Yes and no.” She stated matter-of-factly, not bothering to mention Ryan or her right hand. She knew for a fact that both men had spoke after she had left the Thresher. Calvin had been one of the ‘folks’ Ryan still had to ‘meet with’ before he could leave orbit, and Molly had nothing else to add about that subject. “I was offered a job… and yes, had Uncle Luc’s shuttle not been attacked, and had I not been involved with Newton’s capturing, I wouldn’t even have been considered for it, but that’s as related as it gets.” Molly chewed on her cheek and eyed the food getting cold as she pondered her next words carefully. “It’s a Starfleet job, and I am going to take it.” She paused, letting Calvin take in the words.


“Starfleet…?” Cal raised a cautious eyebrow, carefully gauging his next words. “Molly, honey… aren’t you retired?” There was definite focus on the last word. His lips pursed, Cal paused… thought for a moment then added. “I have always supported you in your career, Love and I’m going to continue to do so.” With a sigh, Harris added. “And we can talk about this like adults, Molly… please…” He motioned to her plate. “… eat something. Dinner is getting cold.”

Talking about it like adults. Molly refrained from rolling her eyes. She sure hoped so, but she wasn’t the one throwing temper tantrums when they had serious conversations. With a soft sigh and a small nod in understanding, she started taking fusilli from the pot and into her plate.

After another pause, Cal asked. “What about HHI… does Lucas know you’re gonna be leaving?” He seemed more curious in his tone than concerned.


“Oh… I’m not going to be leaving.” Molly clarified as she poured a few spoonfuls of marinara sauce over her pasta. “So Uncle Luc…” She stopped in her tracks as she reached for the bread. With a sigh, she placed the bun next to her plate and clasped her fingers together trying to ease the conversation in.

After a momentary silence, Molly finally continued. “I know you are not going to like what I have to say, but I want you to understand that what I did, I did it because I had to. Not because I didn’t trust you. In fact, I did it because I thought it would keep you safer. Both you and Uncle Luc. It turns out I was wrong. But…” Molly paused before continuing. “… Uncle Luc doesn’t know, and he can’t know.” Her gaze was intensely on Cal. “I hope we are completely clear on that front before I say anything else. You need to promise me that in no circumstance will you ever tell him. Both for his sake and mine.”

“Fine…” Harris said flatly, sounding more as though he were speaking to a subordinate than a spouse. “… and I respect that, on all counts. That doesn’t, however, mean I’m going to like it. But I promised you to have this conversation like adults and I stand by that. My lips are sealed, Molly. Now please… get to point.” The last words were curt and sharp, but it was very clear the man was minding his temper. “Please.”

“I never really retired from Starfleet.” Molly paused, trying to gauge Cal’s response to her words. “In fact… Intel urged me to take the position at HHI. After the attack in New York City, they wanted to keep eyes on the ground. They knew that weapons were involved and they wanted to make sure that nothing fell into the wrong hands. And if they did fall into the wrong hands, they wanted to know the moment it happened. I was the best person for the job. Not to mention… inside information about any new technological developments in ship building or ship weaponry is something that is useful for Starfleet to have. And well… you know my uncle’s stance on working with Intel…”

The fork in Calvin’s right hand began to slowly bend, his jaw clinched and his breathing deep & focused. There was anger in his eyes in a manner Molly had never seen and for the briefest of moments, it looked as though the man might scream at her… or worse. Then, it passed. Calvin closed his eyes and took a slow, deep breath. After a moment, he opened his eyes and muttering something under his breath… carefully straightened the near mangled fork before his blue eyes found Molly’s once more. The anger in them gone, though hurt was still clearly present. “And you know my stance on Intel as well. They use people, Molly. They don’t give a damn about anyone… me, you, York… none of us! And yes…” Harris was doing a good job of keeping his tone level but the speed of his speech was noticeably increasing. “… you bet your fracking ass Lucas won’t find out, not from me at least! I have no desire to be the struck down messenger. But I know one thing for certain Molly Grace, he will never speak to you again if he ever finds out and I hope you know that! Your Uncle has done everything he can to keep those manipulating bastards out of your family’s company and I don’t think he’d take very kindly to you personally offering them a proxy seat at the goddamn table!” There was a pause, Harris caught his breath and nodded toward the PaDD. “And, exactly what is that, my Love?”

“I know the risks, Calvin.” Molly stated flatly. “Which is why I told you Uncle Luc cannot know.” She paused for a moment, sadness momentarily behind her gaze. “He will never know.” She said, almost as if she was convincing herself.

“Now…” Molly finally started to eat. “I was just given this before I got home.” She said through a mouthful of fusilli, reaching for the PaDD and giving it to Calvin for him to see.


Calvin activated the screen and read, very carefully, the wording of the invitation twice before shaking his head with a soft snort. “Well I’d be goddamned! Harrington… of all people! Wow.” Calvin sat the PaDD down carefully, as if the thing would self destruct. The look in his eyes was that more surprise than anything else. After a few moments, his voice noticeably quieter, he asked. “You, of course, understand Baby… this is a personal invite to join Section 31, right?”

Molly said nothing. Instead she squinted at Calvin, expressing that obviously she knew what the invitation really was about.

He seemed momentarily speechless. “Molly… I’m not even cleared to know that Harrington is head of the SOC. Do you really feel comfortable working for a Black Clearance organization at all… much less S31. Baby… if something happens to you on those missions….” Harris’ breath caught in his throat. “… I’d get back a box of medals… and that’s it. Intel is one thing, straight up espionage is quite another. Are you ready for that kind of work? Screw the company at this point… this is way bigger than HHI. Are you sure you want to work for people that could take you away from me forever, away from Erin… Lucas… everyone that cares for you with the stroke of a pen?” Calvin looked genuinely scared for one of the first times Molly had ever seen. But his tone wasn’t challenging, not harsh or accusing. Harris was doing his best to put into perspective the job offer before Molly and, while not happy about it, was going to support her regardless.


The fear in Calvin’s eyes did not go unnoticed, and for Molly, it was the first time she truly had seen it. The pang of guilt she felt made her wonder if she was being selfish, thinking about herself and no one else. She sighed before finally speaking. Her cutlery untouched on her plate, and her food getting cold.

“They are not going to take me away, Calvin… I’m the CEO of one of the largest companies in the sector. Everyone seems to recognize me these days… There’s no way they are sending me on ‘missions’.” Molly sighed again, visibly shook by her partner’s words. “I am way more valuable to them as a connection than I am as an agent. They are scared… that’s all. They must be.” Unconsciously, Molly opened and closed her right hand, stretching her fingers in the process. “They want to make sure they have my loyalty.”

“You’re already loyal where you need to be loyal, my love.” Harris said softly then gave a gentle smile. “And anyone else can kiss your ass. You’re damn right they’re scared… with all that’s gone on, who’da hell wouldn’t be!?” After a pause, Calvin added. “I think this has less to do with Intel as much as it has to do with you going to an office building every day instead of a Bridge.” His gaze was soft as he asked. “Am I right Molls?”

With yet another sigh, Molly continued. “I miss it…” She finally admitted it. “I miss the thrill of being in space, the unknown, the rush of adrenaline that comes with it all. And now that I am back at the same old boring desk job it’s even more painfully obvious how much of a stark reminder these last few weeks were of that.” Molly cleared her throat. “Yes, Intelligence uses their operatives… of course they do. But so does Command. You were a Marine… you should know this better than anyone else. How is that any different? Do you think the Corps cared about you? You were nothing but a cog in their machine Calvin. So was I… the difference was that, with Command I didn’t know when I was being used. With Intel, it was always pretty apparent. At least to me. Maybe I am being naïve… but if it wasn’t for my connections we might never have gotten to Newton…” She shook her head. “I know that both you and Uncle Luc expect me to just retire away from Starfleet and spend the rest of my days leading the family’s company. But that’s just not who I am. You of all people know that, Calvin. I can’t do that. I can’t retire. I took the job at HHI because Command let me down again, and because I needed to be here for my uncle. I was lucky Intel was behind me. So I want to talk to Harrington and see what she has to say.” Molly looked down at her plate before adding “I need to.”


“You’re not wrong Molly, you really aren’t.” Cal began, motioning now a bit more forcefully at the food in front of her. “You’re still quite young and had a promising career in Intel ahead of you before HHI came calling.” He paused, taking a sip of iced tea and then continued. “And no, if you think I just expected you to walk away forever, you’re more naive than I thought. Your uncle, maybe… but you’re a Spacer, my love. It’s in your blood. It’s the same reason your baby sister would never cut it in the Fleet, cause she just didn’t have it in’er.”

Taking her cutlery, Molly started stabbing her pasta a little more forcefully than she had intended.

“Look…” Calvin’s warm smile returned. “… I’m not thrilled about all this in the slightest but I also love you and can’t stand watching a promising young officer waste away doing something that isn’t in her very soul.” The veteran spacer motioned to the credenza with the family pictures on it, including the large picture from Gavin & Erin’s wedding. “They are both doing what they love, Molly.” He pointed to the picture Amelia had sent Molly of she & Peter on holiday exploring a Moorish castle overlooking Sintra, Portugal. “So are they…” Then to a picture of Lucas. “… so is Lucas.” He took another sip then tilted the glass toward Molly. “It’s your turn, Baby. Your turn to be who you were meant to be.” Harris smiled lovingly once more. “And I’ll be right here supporting you all the way… just…” His tone was soft as his eyes pleaded. “… just be careful. OK?”


Molly’s gaze followed Cal’s hand as he motioned to each of the pictures, an eyebrow raising again as he finished talking. “So… you’re… okay with it? Even if it means for me to be working behind Uncle Luc’s back? I mean… The letter stated that the job won’t require any change on my day to day life… which means I’ll keep my job at HHI…” Molly sounded genuinely surprised. “And you know I can take care of myself, Calvin. Again… what could even happen to me? It’s not like they are sending me anywhere. If HHI was not a dangerous place so far, I’m sure it won’t be after this.”


“I never said I was OK with it, Molly.” Cal said curtly. “I said I would support you… there is a big difference.” He paused, sighing and running his hand through his expertly cut Marine flat top. “And that difference is I don’t trust those frackers as far as I can throw them.” Harris sighed once more. “But you are absolutely right about Command. They s on you twice, I think you staying clear of them is the best course of action. Short of returning to teach ethics or some other bulls at the Academy, your Active Duty options… Captain…” Cal smirked at the use of her rank. “… are rather limited. I also am quite aware you can take care of yourself but please, my love…” Harris nodded toward his cane propped against the table on his right. “… don’t tell me HHI & OED are perfectly safe.” He chuckled. “I was shot out of the goddamn sky in a high security shuttlecraft not even two months ago! Bad things can happen anywhere Molls.”


Molly pressed her lips together in annoyance. “It was an oversight Calvin, and you know it.” She sighed, mindlessly poking her food with her fork. “If I knew then what I know now, there is no way that missile would ever come close enough to my uncle’s shuttle. But his stubbornness to not get me involved got you both almost…” Molly’s voice faltered and she shook her head. For a moment she took a bite in silence.

“Molly…” Calvin said softly, once more silently chiding her to eat. “… the Lucas Holloway you know and the Lucas I know are two very different people, Love.” He smirked, thinking back on the near 20 year-friendship Calvin had formed with one of his father’s oldest friends within what was still darkly referred to as the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ though, the warships Holloway Defence produced were… quite literally… lightyears ahead of anything American President and Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower could have ever dreamed of when he coined the term in his farewell address three days before Kennedy took over in the White House. “Lucas Holloway is a kind, caring, deeply thoughtful human being. Likely one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. But I have watched the man grow throughout his career and have seen him go toe to toe with some of the most powerful people in the UFP… and I have seen several, foolishly, try to move him aside. Seen how our predecessors in Intel tried to move against HHI and your family in an effort to influence him to come down in their favor. Needless to say, they failed and created a very powerful enemy in your dear uncle.”

“I understand the distrust that people have about Intel.” She paused for a moment before continuing. “I also understand why you might distrust Intel but…” Molly shook her head again. “Sometimes it feels like Uncle Luc refuses my help because of my involvement with Intel.” She sighed. “And I know how much could have been avoided if he didn’t.” Silently, Molly took another bite of the pasta. “There’s nothing I can do about it though…” Her tone was more assured. “I think that offer is a win for me. I get to do something I enjoy and also get better resources to protect him, should anything else happen. It’s sad that the only way to do it is behind his back. All because he thinks that they have some nefarious intent.” Molly shrugged. Cal knew that Lucas didn’t see Intel in the same light as Molly, and it was clear that that bothered her. “Thank you for the support though.” Molly smiled. “It really means a lot.”


“Of course Molls. I love you…” He smiled warmly. “… that’s kinda what your supposed to do when you love someone.”Cal then smirked once more. “And, if Lucas ever finds out, he’ll kill us both so it’s better just to know from the start who’s team you’re on.” With a wink, Calvin continued eating.


Molly’s first smile was tentative at best, but it bloomed into a full one with Cal’s last words. “He won’t find out.” She sighed, finally eating with more resolve. “By the way…” Molly started, her words slightly muffled through the pasta still in her mouth. She waited until she had down her forkful of food before continuing. “… Speaking of choosing a side… I have a question for you. Give me just a moment.” Molly said quickly wiping her lips and getting up from the table, returning moments later with a small armored box in her hand, that she carefully placed on the table. Cal would recognize it as the secure case carrying the original Tiffany’s mahogany box containing the ring that Lucas had bought to ask Mary Holloway to marry him, and that had been resized to fit Molly’s hand.

Calvin did his best to hide the shock, surprise and visible relief at the sight of the little box… but failed. Before the man could stop himself, Cal asked in faster speech than was his normal tempo. “Where did you get that?!” Harris quickly closed his eyes and sighed. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

“I found this in the back of the shuttle under your seat.” Molly started, a neutral expression on her face but a soft tone in her voice. “I had been meaning to tell you but I never really found the right time.” She seemed hesitant for a moment. “I opened it.” Molly let the words hung in the air for a moment. “Given where it was, I assumed it was your doing… but since the shuttle had been turned around so much… part of me wonders if it really was, or if my uncle is thinking about taking the next step with Dominique.” Molly cleared her throat, the thought visibly upsetting her. “It is his ring after all… and since he didn’t get to use it the first time, it would only make sense that he would give it to the next one in line.” A smile formed on her lips but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. “He thinks I don’t know, but I’m not blind… and I am certainly not stupid.” She scoffed, pausing for a moment before finally continuing. “But I don’t want him to give her this ring…” Hell, she didn’t want him to give her any ring at all, but whatever Lucas did was very much out of her control. “So… I really hope this was your doing…” She smiled apologetically at Cal.


“Her hands are bigger than yours, my love.” Calvin said as a matter of fact. He then took a deep breath, a sigh escaping him. “More importantly, that ring has been in my possession for the better part of two years. I had meant to…” Harris looked up into Molly’s eyes… his owned rimmed with tears. “… I had meant to ask you a dozen times, but it never felt right.” Calvin then stood, his bad leg still a little shaky. Reaching to Molly’s hands, he took the box and gently lowered himself onto one knee. Fumbling with the box, Calvin looked up at Molly. “This ring has only had the option of one hand for over twenty years. It’s only been resized once… and only because your mother’s hand was a full size bigger…” Tears ran down Cal’s cheeks as he smiled up at Molly. “… than yours. Lucas and I agreed… there’s only one person whom should ever wear this ring.” Calvin then took another steadying breath before his blue eyes found Molly’s. “I have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you. You are, quite literally, the best thing that has ever happened to me. You have been my sidekick… my partner… my lover… and my best friend for some of the best years of my life. The only thing missing is a ring on your hand… to complete a connection I’ve felt in my very soul for years now. Molly Grace Holloway… will you do me the immense honor of becoming my wife?” Calvin then opened the Tiffany box, holding the spectacular 2 carat diamond solitaire meant originally for Mary Holloway and offered to slip it on Molly’s hand.


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