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McBride nodded slowly. “Well, expect a massive learning curve then. There are between twenty and thirty thousand officers and crew stationed between the surface, orbital platform and the Centurion. Obviously you’re not the only Starfleet mental health professional on staff, but it means you have an actual department to run, rather than the standard team even a large starship might use. What will your strategy be for making this shift?” he asked curiously.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

“That’s… A lot of people,” Mika muttered. No! That wasn’t helping this captain’s view of her, she was sure. She needed a real plan. “Well… I’ve run a medical department before, so I’ll assume it’s like that but bigger. I’ll look at the current case load and then at the specializations of my staff to make sure that patients are matched with the counselor that can best help them. I need to review caseload numbers to make sure no one is overwhelmed. Then I want to coordinate with the colonial psychiatry head so we can determine how we can work together and best serve everyone.”

~ Lt Mika, CNS

He nodded again. “We have a special arrangement with Sacred Heart Hospital, so Starfleet officers can access health services there. However we’re trying to not overburden the civilian services and handle what we can here at the Complex. We’re going to be increasing the medical space and turning the first aid room into a proper, if small, infirmary. I can make sure there is dedicated office space for you and your staff to have the appointment you need to.”

Mika nodded, “Of course. Thank you.”

McBride went quiet again, considering the officer before him. “I’m going to be honest, Lieutenant, I’m a tad concerned. Your record speaks of someone who can’t stay put for very long. I don’t know the reasons for it, but here on Oed it’s not going to work. I can’t have someone on my senior staff managing a contingent this large who only intends to stick around a few months. We need someone willing to be here for a lot longer, who is really to roll up their sleeves and get to work, because as it stands Starfleet is losing the game of public perception and we could really use people who want to help us fix that.”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

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Mika shrugged, and then looked up at the Captain. “My orders are my orders, I go where starfleet wants me to go. I have had a lot of positions in my time in starfleet, and there is benefit to that. I have worked in all sorts of different situations and with different types of people. Oed is obviously, very different from my past assignments, both in size, and type of work. I have no preset expectations of what working here will be like, none at all. Honestly I… moving so frequently, I haven’t had opportunity to really stand out or move up. Staying in one place for a while is what I keep hoping for…” She sighed a little sigh and then steeled herself and looked back up at the Captain. “But I feel my duty history makes me more adaptable, more easily able to evaluate new situations and act accordingly.” She smiled, her best ‘confidence’ smile, “Captain, it will take time to make the shift, but it won’t be a problem. I’m sure of it.”

~ Lt Mika, CNS

He offered her a smile. “Okay then,” he said, hoping to convey that he believed her. Mostly he wanted to make sure they didn’t have ambivalent officers in positions of responsibility here. That would be a recipe for disaster for everyone.

It did convey that, mostly because medical and psych tended to make one good at picking up on those things.

“Now, you’ve arrived after Captain Dasca and I conducted our senior staff briefing so we’ll need to catch you up. Namely that the way the chain of command works here is that I am the commanding officer and in charge of all the day-to-day affairs of the Starfleet contingent and Captain Dasca as Lieutnenant Governor is our Commander-in-Chief. She’s a retired officer so isn’t active duty here but she still deals with all the high level decisions and dealings with Starfleet Command. I suggest you find time to meet with her when you can as you may not run into her as naturally if she were active duty and required to do evals. Bring your concerns to me but if it affects the colony at large, by all means loop her in as well. She wants to be kept informed as much as possible.”

“I will make sure I do.” Mika replied and smiled.

“Any questions so far?”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

“How many people live here? What is daily life here like? I’m guessing from what you said, my time on duty will be busy. Is it always like that?” She rattled off a few questions that had been bouncing around her head. “I hope I’m not taking up too much of your time,” she finished and then smiled again.

~ Lt Mika, CNS

He grinned at her. “Not at all. That’s what these intro meetings are for, right? Oed Five has roughly 4 million people including the Starfleet officers assigned here. Most days you’ll be working out of the Complex here, organizing your team and dealing with patients in your own right. Some days you will be asked to be on the Centurion as we do patrols and training exercises. It might be a tiny ship, but it’s powerfully armed and we are a part of the Oed System’s defence.”

Mika nodded. It was a lot of people, but judging by what she’d read, she wasn’t too surprised. “In all parts of medicine, I like to remind my cadets, where would we be without our patients? Approach it with a positive attitude and even the busy days go a lot easier.”

Jonathan rested his arms on his desk. “I’m not going to sugar-coat it, Lieutenant, this is a busy post. People assume a backwater world will be boring but I assure you not only is a lot going on here all the time, but with the number officers and crew stationed here, we all have a lot to juggle. But I don’t want anyone burning themselves out, get settled and find your balance. Get outside the complex and our apartments and go explore. Oed’s an intriguing place.”

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

Mika grinned and leaned back. That was exactly what she had assumed. Apparently, she wasn’t alone in that assumption. Yet, she still felt as though she wouldn’t know how boring it would be, till she really got into it and going. Positive attitude, Mika. That’s not it. She chuckled and nodded, if Fayth really was here, there was no chance she’d let Mika get away with not exploring. “I’m sure I’ll get my fill of the sights.”

~ Lt Mika, CNS

“Good,” McBride said with a crisp nod. “Now, any other questions I can answer before you go and settle in?” he asked. His experience here so far with the newcomers was that they learned more jumping into the mire than him talking over the facts. It was time to experience Oed and let things roll from there.

Captain McBride, Starfleet CO

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