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The day of the auction had arrived. It was Saturday so Sloan Square was already busy on the opposite end of the hospital. Immediately across from Sacred Heart a stage had been built with a giant holoscreen. Currently the screen was telling passers by how to connect their personal device for bidding and to come to the auction, flashing information about the refugees and ways to help. Every so often a flash of a photo and quick bio of the bachelorettes participating that day.

Caterers were setting up tables with food and drink, and servers were carrying trays with the same around. Chairs had been set up in various groupings along with small tables. The day was comfortably warm with an accommodating breeze. Several chairs lined the back of the stage with a stool in the middle. Speakers played music from the sides of the stage. At the last minute a canopy was raised to provide unobstructive shade for the stage.

Inside the hospital Shrine was in her element and enjoying the unease and nerves of the people in front of her. “This is going to be wonderful! Oh ten minutes. Time for me to gooooo!” she sing-songed out the door. Yavia chuckled, Sharah looked ill, and Jal’na rolled her eyes. “That woman will cause a riot, you just watch.”

Out on the stage Shrine had a microphone clipped to her shirt. Grey hair that was still surprisingly full and long was loose down her back and she was wearing a sky blue blouse with dark grey slacks. “Hello Everyone to the annual Sacred Heart Charity Fundraiser. Today we have an Earth event - a Bachelorette Auction. Now let’s make it clear we are not selling off anyone. Please make sure you read and sign the financial agreements, legal documents, and codes of conduct. You will be held to them. You can not participate if you do not sign. Each lady is offering a meal and event of her choice, date, and time. Be aware. The ladies will be joining us soon, so get some food or a drink and grab a spot.”

“Hey Alice! You’re single. Why aren’t you a bachelorette?!” The crowd followed with support for the question. Alice Shrine smiled sweetly like anyone’s grandma, “Oh honey I’m too old for such things.” The crowd died laughing.

Alice Shrine

Backstage, Eela stood in the third dress she had grabbed from their shopping adventure (though she hadn’t modelled it). A simple V necked black bodice with elbow length sleeves hugged her upper body disguising her brace quite nicely and the silk skirt flared out to mid-shin in green, gold and white, the colours showing abstract bird wings. She planted a hand on her hip and turned to the other women backstage, whispering, “And what the hell does that make me?!” rather indignantly. She was, of course, older than Shrine and this was not helping her feelings of being foolish to being doing this in the first place. But she also knew she had support in the crowd and that alone made her see it through. Well, that and she was impeccable with her word.

In the crowd, Dash strolled up to a familiar face and grinned, looking sharp in a grey suit and patterned teal and white shirt. “You too, huh?” he said to Cort.

Cort matched the grin, a hand in the pant pocket of his navy blue suit. “I wouldn’t miss this, way too much fun. Besides, as much as I want to tease her, she’s really nervous, so I’m here for moral support. And while I’m at it I might get a nice time out with someone myself. What I’m curious about is if you have competition.” No one had actually acknowledged aloud whatever it was that was happening between Dasca and Jones but if there was ever a time, Cort figured now was it.

Dashiel laughed. “Oh, I dearly hope so. Otherwise, they’re fools and I’ll just accept I’m the lucky one.” And he meant it too.

~Eela, Cort & Dash

“And keeping everything modest, professional, and without reproach while in public; I’m sure.” said a familiar voice from behind them.

Governor Hyrushi.

He was in a tuxedo… and a very nice one, at that. His presence was absolutely noticed and heads turned… some even because of his position as Governor, but not most. He did look… well… he looked good.

They both turned and took in the Governor. Cort bowed his head and Jones gave a deep nod. “Absolutely,” Dash said. He was sincere too. This was all supposed to be fun but not at the expense of anyone.

He regarded the two men with an expressionless face that somehow still managed to make them feel as if they were being judged… and held accountable for just thinking of anything ‘less than acceptable’. He walked past them towards the drink table and said “Best of luck, gentlemen. And remember… it’s for charity.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Dash and Cort waited till the strikingly dressed man had left their proximity before exchanging an accusingly look at the other as if certain they had triggered the remarks. Dash just shrugged and looked up to the stage where Nurse Shrine was kicking thing off.

~Cort Belanger & Dashiel Jones

A series of large, black sliders arrived and out stepped armed and armored figures.

House Duroc had arrived.

At the fore was a figure many in the colony were familiar with. A kind of unofficial guardian who, for reasons known only to him, had adopted Oed V as his second home: Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc. Klingons are big… but Urg was really big. Over seven feet tall and almost five hundred pounds, he towered over the crowd. He was not exceptionally handsome, but there was an air about him that garnered respect He gestured and most of rhe figures vanished back into the sliders, ut a few fanned out and took up positions to provide security, talking to Oed police and private security, coordinating and cooperating in an obviously pre-planned execution.

Urg shook a few hands, spoke to a figure here and there, and walked onto the crowd. His gaze fell on Cort and Dash. He walked to them and extended what was probably the largest hand either had ever seen. “You are the aides to Lieutenant Governor Dasca and Ambassador Mathis.” he said with a finality that, even if they weren’t, they would probably agree. “I am Lord Duroc. If House Duroc can be of any assistance to you or your employers, do not hesitate to ask.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

Eryn slipped out of the daek grey slider as Mastik opened the door for her. The illusive artist was stunning in the simple knee length satin little black dress and white leather jacket. “Zhank you, Mastik, go enjoy.”

The beefy Orion snorted. “Not likely Ms Eryn, but thank you anyway.” Mastik nodded to the large Breen standing at her side and then moved the car away. Eryn shrugged and slipped the sunglasses on her face. She made her way through the crowd as people mingled. She took note of all the security measures, who was present, who was absent, who looked like they might cause trouble. But today Eryn was there to enjoy the event and to act for a private bidder. She connected her wrist computer to the auctions interface and signed the appropriate forms. She took a glass of white wine from a passing waiter and for a moment it brought her back years ago, to another lifetime. Her green eyes scanned the crowd. “Vhat do you zhink of such nonsense, Vonn?” Eryn mused as she sipped the wine without truly enjoying it.

Eryn Romanov

The sickly green light from somewhere in the depths of the helmet lit the narrow visor took in the crowd and the various entires and exits without moving. “A celebration of excess and frustrated sexuality wrapped in the trappings of an outdated and horrific practice, Miss. Also, they don’t have pigs-in-blankets. High class… sure.” the voice said flatly.


Shrine stuck her head in the door, “Alright you lovely ladies, let’s go. Come on, it is tiiiime!” she sing-songed as she propped the door open to lots of grumbling and nervous smiles. At exactly 1000 hours Shrine moved back to the stage. “Alright our esteemed guests. I hope everyone has signed into the foundation site and you are ready to bid.” She glared at the door and finally Yavia decided to lead the way. Sharah certainly wasn’t going to do it, and Jal’na looked positively bored like she might be standing there asleep. “And here are our brave ladies.” They were dressed in a kaleidoscope of fashion, from relaxed to formal. Once the ladies were all seated, Shrine turned back to the audience and pointed to the large holoscreen above the stage. “Your bids will appear here, a 3 second countdown will begin after a bid is not contested for 10 seconds. At the end of the countdown if no further bid is given, the bidding is closed.” Shrine turned and smiled at Mika and motioned her to the stool next to her on center stage.


Mika moved forward to the stool and smiled her best, friendliest, warmest, stage smile. She wore the black tank top with butterfly lace across the back along with white loose leggings that had a lace design just below the knees. She’d paired them with a stylish pair of somewhat athletic black shoes. Her hair was pulled back into a clip. Though she didn’t usually, for the event she’d done her makeup in a fancy style.

This was not something Mika would usually do, and she found herself nervous, looking back at Sharah as if for encouragement. Then she turned back to the audience. “My name is Tandra Mika, and I will be taking one lucky bidder to the food trucks. You’ll also get to spend time with me at the shooting range.” She sat on the stool, legs crossed.

~ Mika

Mika’s outing got the attention of several people - security officers, police, CCDA, even a couple of private security folks. The first bid came in at a nice 800 credits and then another and another. The bidding jumped several times and finally began to slow at around 6500 credits.

Bidding Board

An anonymous bid then arrived. Not credits.. cash. Five bars of gold-pressed Latium.


Four other bids were entered at the same time, but nowhere close to the value of five bars of Latinum. People in the crowd looked around to see if they could figure out who the anonymous bidder was. The board paused for almost 8 seconds and then 6 bars, then 8 bars from two new bidders.

Bidding Board

Then twelve.


The board paused, the bid blinked and Shrine grinned happily. A wonderful beginning she thought. 5 seconds passed…6…7…8…9…10 and the countdown began 3…2…1.

“Thank you Dr. Mika and our anonymous bidder. Just remember all anonymous bids must be acknowledged in person before the end of the day.”


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